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If you are (were) like me you have been debating creating a website, but have been putting it off for years. You tell yourself I’ll do it someday, who’s going to read it?, what am I going to post about? etc etc

I created this site just over a month ago and got to say I’m blown away by all the traffic. The website has gotten over 1250 views so far. I thought it was going to be a slow start to get traffic to my site, but to be honest half of those views are me probably refreshing the page hoping someone comments or swings by. =)

No seriously tho, even half of that is great. I can start to call myself “Mr Worldwide”, just like pitbull. Based on statistics of viewers I can see people have viewed my site from Canada, U.S.A, Portugal, Holland, India, Thailand, Guatemala, South Korea, United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, Belgium and Bulgaria so far to date. It’s truly remarkable to know I am reaching people all across the world any time of day. You can too!

Benefits of Being Online

A great reason for creating a website or blog, is simply writing stuff down and knowing people following me will hold me accountable and cheer us on as we progress down this financial journey. Honestly I thought I did our finances really tight before with the net worth statements and stuff. I see all these other bloggers figuring out their year over year increases as a percentage and started to do it. Its amazing to see it in percentage form. If any of you who do that are reading, Thanks its making me better.

If I create a post or page, I read up more about the topic to solidify my facts before posting. Along the way I learn new things as well.


If you drive a smart car and wanna be green, a website is fantastic! I don’t think I will be doing monthly printouts of our finances, like I was previously. The website is a cleaner and more organized file of our passive incomes without cutting down any trees for the paper I was using.

Money, Money, Money

Speaking of green. Wouldn’t it be nice to make more? By posting about stuff you love to talk about, you can integrate various ways to make some extra money. My site has google adsense, amazon affiliate links and now a Siteground Affiliate. So far I have made a couple bucks, nothing to consider retiring on. But even $10.50 in extra income is a Extendicare stock that will hopefully pay me a dividend for a long time coming.

I recommend everyone to make a website. Why not be part of a community of people who enjoy talking about your passion as much as you do. So there you have it, these are views of why you should have a website. Just like finances, I wish I would of done it sooner.

There are a lot of web hosts out there. I used to use Ipage but couldn’t get my website loading speed to really increase. (which is important for users as well as google ranking) At the start of 2019 I moved the site over to Siteground and love it here. Its really fast and the support is amazing.

Feel Free to click the banner below and check them out. Its an affiliate link, so I will receive a little bit of money if you sign up with no additional cost to you.

I wish you all the best! Starting a website for your first time can be a little frustrating at times. WordPress is really simple though and with all the resources online you can figure it out no problem. Once you get the startup kinks done (submitting to search engines) the site is actually super easy to update!


“May the best of your today’s, be the worst of your tomorrow’s” – Jay-Z

14 Responses

  1. Congrats on the quick success. I definitely didn’t have the same success level when I started and I definitely make $10 my first month. Great job and keep up the awesome work.

    • That’s even more motivation. Look at how great your site has become. Sorry I haven’t made 10$ yet. Maybe I should re word it. Was trying to imply every dollar counts so even 10 bucks adds up.

  2. Leo T. Ly says:

    That’s really great. It seems like you have got the hang of monetizing your blog. For me, I still have a bit of work to do on this front.

    You’re right, the first step is to get started.

  3. It does make it easier to track your results and stay accountable for your goals and actions by posting them for all to see. The community seems to be ever growing with new blogs popping up daily bringing in new ideas and enthusiasm. Congrats on the blog and joining the DGI community.

  4. Erik @ The Mastermind Within says:

    Great first month. I’m excited to see where you take this! Are you part of the BlueHost affiliate program?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well – looking forward to your future content

    P.S. love the Pitbull reference

    • Haha thanks Erik. I looked into the blue host but I needed a us tax form. I honestly don’t know what that is. Plus this is primary a Canadian site so I thought a canadian provider might be better anyways.

  5. DivGuy says:

    I agree with you so much! I’m currently able to travel across Central America because I have websites. I have to work while I travel, but I can finance my one year trip with my family. I started like you: it took me 6 months to make my first $100. Everything is possible once you are online!

  6. Athi says:

    You have a new follower.
    🙂 Great blog. I moved to Canada 2 years ago as a student. Graduating next year, hopefully I could use some of your tips to save money and live frugally!

  7. Athi says:

    You have a new follower.
    🙂 Great blog. I moved to Canada 2 years ago as a student. Graduating next year, hopefully I could use some of your tips to save money and live frugally!

    • Rob says:

      hey Athi
      Welcome to Canada (altho you have been here 2 years now)

      Best of luck in school. Glad that my site can help people and hopefully learn from my mistakes.

      thanks for the follow. It’s those little Pat’s on the back that keep me going.


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