What Is Your Mindset?



How do you start your day? I like to start my day off by laying in bed listening to a quick you tube motivational video. Honestly I love the push they give. Why not me, they can do it why not me? Your mindset can really determine a lot of things. We all have bad days and good days. I have had a person tell me that their life isn’t sugar plums and gum drops like mine. I tell ya if something has got me down I’m not going to post about it or whine to others. No one really cares, about my problems or yours. We need to be or make the change to fix or become what we want. Excuses are only good for the people making them.


I have a friend who really gets fired up about the 1% who have an unbelievable amount of money. No one should have that much money, they are evil, why don’t they donate it all, how come everyone doesn’t make the same amount of money. It would be fair. NO I definitely don’t believe it would be fair. I work. I work hard! So many people work harder then me and they deserve more then me. Lots of people don’t like hard work they just want more money. (Think mcdonalds when they all wanted 15$ a hr for a student job)  What about all these new innovations? Would they be created if the person made the same amount of money as the person just sitting there smoking cigs and watching reruns of judge Judy?


I mentioned to my friend he really needs to watch the way he thinks. As much as he believes this he has created this mindset that the rich are bad and he will never be rich because he has such negative thoughts of people who have money. It took him a couple minutes and then it clicked. Oh yeah I can see what your saying. Watch what you say and think, little things can make a big impact.

Make Someones Day!

We were at a wedding 2 weeks ago and I noticed this women with these really cool glasses. When she walked by our table I stopped her and told her how much I enjoyed her glasses, so colorful and they were really unique. I probably made her night in that moment. The rest of the table questioned me if I do that a lot and remarked how I can talk to anyone. I tell ya I don’t do it enough, everyone likes compliments. Smiles are contagious and they make my night too.

Life’s What You Make It

People probably think I’m a lucky guy. Good job, basically a dream house, fantastic wife and kid, we go on vacations yearly and I’m in good health. I really don’t believe in luck, the only time I really gamble is poker with friends and on the cruise boat. (those coin pushing machines and penny slots for those fun games) I have prepared for where I am. Slowly but surely, one foot after the other. Finances has been the easiest to track but everything else happened by planning. Ok, the wife was luck we met on new years at a bar in hess village. In my drunken stuppor I spilt her cranberry vodka all over her white shirt and we hit it off. I’m not a religious guy but something made us meet that night.


Put On Their Shoes

Treat others like you would like to be treated. Currently we are getting our siding of the house redone. The contractor is a small company like myself. He currently is maybe 1/3rd done our house (its looking sharp) but he asked me if there was any way he could leave my house to do a roof on a custom home for one of his great clients. (who gives him alot of work) The house wasn’t supposed to be done until the end of May. Obviously this isn’t ideal, we don’t want them to leave. But if I put his boots on for a second I can understand the stress he is under. We told him to waterproof what he has done and go finish that roof and come back. He was ecstatic and is now giving us a $1700 discount off our job! WTF haha that’s awesome. He said we just made his day he didn’t know what to do, upset and possibly destroy the relationship he has with that home builder or give it a try and ask us.

Little things can make a massive difference. Look at that simple delay put 1700$ in our pocket and relieved quite a bit of stress for the contractor. Watch your mindset and be sure to put a smile on someone else’s face. My favorite motivational speaker is Les Brown. Do you have one? If so who? Anything different you do to start the day?

There’s Greatness Within You! – Les Brown



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  1. Leo T. Ly says:

    It’s a great idea to be courteous and nice to others. This works both ways and I am glad that the result of your courtesy ended up saving you $1700.

    I don’t have any specific motivation speakers that I follow, but I often use famous quotes to help me get over the hump like, “positive attitude leas to positive results.”

  2. That’s awesome that you treat others like you want to be treated. I feel like a lot of people say that but don’t actually follow through with that. I definitely need to get in the habit of complimenting more people. I know how good it makes me feel so I definitely need to start doing it more.

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