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Would You Change your past?

Back In Time..

I was reading Mustardseed’s new article and it got me thinking. If Doc Brown came to you and the delorean could go Back In Time would you and what would you do differently.

Deep…. yeah I know. Probably the million dollar question. I seriously don’t know. Could be just like the butterfly effect (great movie) or hot tub time machine! Every little thing you change in the past could drastically change the present.

I know there are some things I would drastically change financially. I made great money when I was 15, landscaping on the weekends and working full time during the summers. If I would of started investing even a small percentage of that income back then, our finances would of been drastically different. Instead I blew those cheques on the sickest $200 air Jordan’s and some of the priciest clothes. Just to impress the ladies ( as a side note I was tanned and pretty fit from Laying all that interlock, I probably didn’t need those clothes) Life was good!

I do wish I started investing way younger. Motley Fool just posted – A $10,000 investment in CN 20 year ago would be worth $394,000 today with the dividends reinvested. ( Motley Fool – I read them daily by the way, check em out) Dammmmmm! I had a good time when I was younger but $394k shit! haha

When I was roughly 19 one of my best friend’s was looking into buying a townhouse and wanted to go half and half with me. I turned it down

A) because I didn’t have my finances in order ( we just finished high school, I think)

B) There was other issues, I felt would complicate things.

Shortly after he ended up buying that unit for roughly $120,000 and some monthly condo fees. Me, him and another friend all moved in. I think I paid roughly $400 per month all inclusive. At the time he was probably profiting a bit, but not much. We had a sweet bachelor pad tho! It was the place to be on the weekends. Slowly life changed for us and we all moved to our own places now and he rents it out to a elderly couple. 14 years later, his mortgage is almost paid in full and the units in the area sell for approximately $340,000 now. Wah Wah.

Little Learning lessons

My Mid 20’s

I met my wife back at that place, maybe if I was a owner I would of done stuff differently. Or wouldn’t of went out that night we met. That would of been horrible. Anyways after that we bought our own townhouse for roughly $230k in another city and lived there for 7 years. (we started reading about finances and paid off our debt during this venture)

It was time to move on to a bigger place. We found where we currently live and decided to sell our townhouse instead of renting it out and put that equity towards the principle of this house. I wish we would of kept that unit to rent out but despised the condo fees! Anyways we sold the unit for 300k and 2 years later they are selling for approx 400k. AAAAHHHHHHH! Another 100k we could of gained! Real estate is hot in Ontario and 400k for that townhouse is crazy tho, plus the $400 monthly condo fee.

Anyways Life is honestly pretty good, we live in the country now and definitely wouldn’t change a thing in that regards. Clearly we missed out on some nice financial gains if I did stuff differently but would I of met my wife and had our son? I dunno messing with the past can seriously mess up the present. If there are any young bucks reading this START NOW, you will be seriously glad you did!

Hindsight’s a bitch, but they are great learning lessons. I feel our financial journey is just beginning. I’m still learning, and the future looks bright. Now I’m curious. If you could go back what would you change? Or would you even change anything?




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  1. Leo T. Ly says:

    If I can go back, I would have studied a bit harder and pursue a different career that I am moe passionate about. However, it’s hard to say that I will enjoy it the same way if I need to make a living off of my passion.

  2. Garret says:

    Real estate in Toronto is definitely ridiculous. It’s all the rich Chinese buyers who are paying cash. There was a story about one house that was swamped with 60 offers, and half the “buyers” hadn’t even bothered to look at the house!

    • How true it is. One of our cousins rents out a apartment. He did a reference check of 2 Chinese guys who were down here going to school. They both drove bmws. Anyways he found of that each of them were getting 20,000 a month from their family in China. There is definally alot of money coming In from foreign Country’s. Thanks for coming by.

  3. Thanks for the shout and I love hearing back stories on how people got to where they are. I figure everything happens for a reason and I bet the flexibility that you had back then has really benefited you today. I mean can you imagine if you didn’t meet your wife b/c you were staying in b/c you couldn’t afford it. Sounds like things are working out well 🙂

  4. First off, I love all the movie references haha. As much as I would love to go back and do things differently, it’s those lessons and experiences that make us who we are today. So just have to be thankful for what you have, learn from your experiences, and use that knowledge to progress forward. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Financially there’s not much I’d change. Much of what I did worked out either by design or dumb luck. I’m now cashing in on the smart and accidental decisions of 15 years ago. Anything at hasn’t gone my way has ultimately taught me a lesson that I now employ. Without those lessons I would not be as successful today, or I’d have a higher likelihood to destroy what I’ve built.

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