Technology and Finances


Technology and Finances

Good Morning.

Recently we have been working on implementing a time tracking app at work. This will allow us to monitor all aspects of work. How much time we spend loading or unloading the trucks, driving time, planting trees etc etc. Clearly technology helps us a lot these days and I look forward to seeing where we will be in the future.

I think technology will be both good and bad. As we improve the use of robots will definitely become more mainstream, eliminating a lot of jobs. It will also create a whole new career going forward to maintain and develop them. Did you guess see that new google assistant demo? Crazy stuff! You honestly would have no idea the person on the line is not human…

Anyways this post is about Technology and Finances. I use various apps and tools to help improve our financial game. Here is a little bit about what I use.


I really don’t go onto the computer too much (I don’t have a laptop) except to work on the website and sometimes to analyze some stocks as its a bigger screen. Other than that though its basically all on my Samsung phone. These are the financial app’s I use.

RBC Mobile – This is my primary app. I bank with rbc so naturally this one is good for me. My boss is oldschool and we still get cheque’s weekly. The app makes depositing the cheques effortless. Take a pic of the front and back and enter the amount of money. Then deposit, hold onto the cheque for a week and then toss it. This is the main reason I use it and have never had a problem with it.

It also has a lot of data monitoring with it, called Nomi insights. Its actually pretty cool but also kinda scary how much it tracks. Basically keeps tracks of all your expenses and mentions you most likely will have a gas bill coming out next week etc etc. I don’t use Nomi much but do quickly scan through it once in awhile.

Seeking Alpha – This app is great for reading about various stocks. There are a tonne of contributors (myself included) and its a great place to have a conversation in the comment sections. I need to change my settings because the notifications are always going off which can get annoying…… haha that’s a easy fix though.

Podcast Addict – Basically a podcast app which you can subscribe to various podcasts in. This one is great. I love listening to podcasts at work or on the drive to or back to work. I basically listen to ChooseFi and The Dave Ramsey Podcast but if you got another that I should be listening to by all means let me know!

You tube – One of my most used Application’s. I love myself a motivation video to start the day. Its great to throw one on while you brush your teeth or eat your honey nut cheerios to begin the day off right.

Get Rich Or Die Smoking – I quit smoking some time …… last year or the year before? Anyways this app helped a lot. Honestly! You input what you normally smoke a day and how much a pack costs. It will then monitor how much money your saving and you can set financial goals to help you toward quitting smoking. I generally set 50.00 targets and when I hit that mark move 50 bucks from chequing into a investing account. I tell ya, it adds up quickly!

Unfortunately my old phone broke so I lost track but I have probably saved over $3000 which now works to help my future vs killing it. The app also has a chat room to talk with others who are quitting. There is also health stats based on how long you have quit for. I found this helped a lot. Ive knocked a lot out and am working to the 2 year mark – Lung Cancer risk reduced by 50%. Again I may be passed this because old phone broke but I forgot. Unfortunately I still have the odd smoke when drinking with friends, but its a huge improvement from my past. If you are smoker and would like a little help quitting try the app and give it a try.


Well that is all the App’s I currently am using at the moment. I know the American’s have Robin hood which maybe a cool app, but Canadian’s cant use it from what I understand. I also love myself a good online calculator and find myself always going to It is a great site for what I tend to figure out regularly.

Curious what are you using? Got any great app’s I’m missing and should look into? Any good podcasts you enjoy?

Have a fantastic day


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  1. Personal Capital man. It is the best for net worth tracking. I also like Seeking Alpha for the articles. Although maybe I am a little biased now since I see my articles pop up on there from time to time haha.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Daze

      Ive heard about personal capital before but thought it was us only. I should check it out.

      Yeah ive seen your articles!
      Haha cheers Daze

  2. Hey Rob, I here so much about Personal Capital like Daze mentions. I don’t use it, but want to give it a try. Congrats on quitting smoking. I am sure it was difficult. Tom

  3. Income Master says:

    I use the podcast addict app too on Android. Most of the podcasts that I’m subscribed to are on Spotify but there’s a few others that haven’t made the move yet so Podcast Addict is useful for those.

  4. Dividend FIREman says:

    Hey Rob. Great post – mobile technology is simply amazing. I am a trial attorney, and I am on the road all the time. I practice almost exclusively from my iPhone, using various apps and my firms email interface. The technology has really made me much more productive, and I make much better use of my time

    In terms of finance apps, I use the apps provided by my brokerage firms, and online banking apps to do all of my trades and transactions. Each of these apps offers a lot of very detailed information and analytical statistics.

    I have tried both Personal Capital and Mint. I ended up not staying with either one, because I got spooked by the idea of one company having all of my passwords. Also, I could not link all of my accounts with either service. I think they are good, but they still have limitations.

    If you don’t have Venmo, you should try it. It’s a great way to transfer money among friends and people you know.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Fire

      Its pretty crazy how much a certain tech item can almost give you a unfair advantage…. I think I’m with you on that call. I wouldn’t like the idea of one site having all my passwords and access to all my info. I guess in that regard I will stay old school and fill out the net worth forms myself.

      Cheers man!

  5. PCI –

    Cool ways to share – the get rich or die smoking is pretty cool, I’ll have to share that with a few family members and friends.


  6. Leo T. Ly says:

    Like you, I like to use the apps from my financial institutions to do my banking. I rarely go into the branch now. Most of my banking, I either try to do it with my app or online banking. It’s a huge time saver.

  7. GYM says:

    I love how you can deposit a cheque with a picture now! It was fun to go to the bank and deposit the cheques manually though, gave a good excuse to get out the door. Congratulations on quitting smoking- that’s a hard feat to accomplish– I hear it’s harder than quitting drinking!

    • Rob says:

      Haha i dunno have never tried to quit drinking! I love having some cold ones with the neighbours….

      Its true going to the bank was nice to socialize and get ya out of the house.


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