Shaw, Pot, Zdy – Oh My!


No, not that pot!

This week I continued the dividend buying spree adding to our positions in Shaw, Pot and Zdy. I thought I was done for the week yesterday but felt Shaw was handed to me on a platter today at lunch. I guess if it keeps pulling back like today I’ll be adding more soon enough.

Shaw Communications

It pulled back 5% today, I really don’t see why. The companies doing better and firing on all cylinders for their wireless division. If you compare this quarters #’s vs last year it is way lower but that is because of the sale of its media division to Corus entertainment taking place last year. I feel Shaw is making strides to be a contender in the cellphone space. This is something Canadian’s really need as our phone bills are too high. (atleast compared to U.S) When you look at the big 3 Telus, Bell and Rogers all their stock prices are way higher so there is nice room for capital gains if Shaw gets to their level.

Today I purchased 100 stocks at a all in cost of $2900.45 with a yield of 4.11% This currently adds $119.40 in yearly dividends. I want to get enough stocks in the future to generate a monthly drip, so here’s hoping the downward trend continues for the time being.

Potash Corp of Saskatchewan


This one has so much potential. With the planned merger with Agrium to finalize after all approvals this summer, I thought it would be a good time to add to our position. The merger makes a lot of sense and will save 500 million combined by working together. It also makes “Nutrien” (the proposed name) the worlds #1 potash miner and #2 nitrogen fertilizer producer. While potash has been in a huge slump I feel its a great buy at the current levels, as we keep developing and the population increases we will need to farm the best we can to support the demand. The yield sucks currently but it used to be good. I think the merger will help pump it up a bit and hopefully the prices of potash accelerate.

100 stocks at 2,211.95 with a 2.44% yield. Pot pays 10 cents per quarter in us dollars so this will add roughly 40-50$ to our yearly dividend total

Zdy BMO US Dividend ETF

While trying to add to our U.S position we added another 61 shares of zdy. Our current position was down 2.5% so was nice to buy these at a lower price and dollar cost average down. Nothing special here, a good etf for U.S exposure and currently our only exposure to tech. I’m playing with the idea of using this etf as a float and sell it once the dollars reach 6-7k and switch to us funds for a tech stock, and then rinse and repeat. We will see what happens its just an idea, all depends on the price of this etf and the deals in the tech sector.

So 61 shares at 28.69 per share. It brings in 7 cents per month so another 51.24 per year.



Well there we have it, another round of purchases. This week we added $215.64 in forward dividends. Dam that’s sweet!

What do you think? What are your thoughts on potash and shaw?


BTW If your Canadian, Happy Canada day! 150 years…….. Man I love being Canadian enjoy the festivities.

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  1. Leo T. Ly says:

    Happy Canada’s day PCI. I held a few hundred shares of Potash for a few years now. I have recently sold out my position at a loss, but I bought Agrium. Since they will pretty much be one company anyway, I can use those capital lossss to offset the gains that I have during this year. This is how I pay less income taxes, legally.

  2. John R says:

    Nice update report…

    on SJR.B TSX, I see this as a $25 stock paying that 4%+ dividend. Nice one to hold.

    On POT & AGU soon to be Nutrien, I’d wait until they merge before buying in, let the dust settle.

    On ZDY, If it were me, I would look at ZPW to add in equal quantity to ZDY to balance any swings in ZDY while you still collect dividends on both…eh!

    Do you still have CJR.B Corus, if so, if it was me I’d have either CJR or SJR but not both?

    Happy Canada Day

  3. Nice purchases I own POT and am thinking about adding more before the merger as owners will get the Agrium dividend after the merger. I also own ZDY and am very happy with it so far. Keep up the good work. Happy Canada Day 🙂

  4. Although I’m not that familiar with any of the stocks or the ETF, it’s nice to see you adding shares to your portfolio PCI. That’s an impressive forward dividend total.

  5. MrSLM says:

    Had TSE:POT a while back and sold it around when the dividend was slashed heavily, don’t like the cyclical nature of it. I’d take a wait and see on Nutrien, but I’m pretty conservative.

  6. PCI –

    WOW! Finishing off the month on a killer note. Love the thoughts on Shaw, very interesting and if the yield and fundamentals are strong & safe, keep averaging down – as well as your similar moves with the US Div. ETF. Finishing up on a strong note, that’s for sure.


  7. dividendgeek says:

    How about VXUS?

    You are concentrated in Canada & USA. Emerging, Pacific & European markets?

  8. Microdividends says:

    Braver man, I’m down over 20% in my POT holding over the years, hoping they’ll recover. The dividend cuts aren’t helping either. Hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel after this merger.

    I need to do a bit of research to see if Agri is picking up, and demand for Nitrogen, and Potash increase. Population growing, and people have to eat right?

    I’ll be adding to the position in the future also, just waiting for some sight of catalyst.

    • Lol micro. I hear ya. Its basically been sideways since I bought it. The dividend cut hurt for sure but long term I think it will be solid. Especially as the companies keep merging!

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