Shake & Bake – 1 Sale, 2 Purchases – 50 shares Added

Shake & Bake - 1 Sale, 2 Purchases - 50 shares Added

What’s up everyone?

Thought I would share what I have been up to again with our portfolio. This month we sold our one of our positions and added 2 different tranches to one of my favourite holdings.

I don’t sell much, but when I do it’s most likely one of my original holdings. With time things change and I rather focus on great brands/ companies hopefully with a great dgi track record. (Ill give some companies a pass in this environment)


This sale has been a long time coming.. A long time! When I look at our portfolio this is always the #1 stock that I wonder why I have it. I’m talking about Altagas. The company is a good company for sure, but they cut their dividend for me awhile back and I kept them thinking they would bounce back.

The position is down for us and was worth roughly 500$. I hate having such small positions and yet I couldn’t get myself to purchase more shares in them. The yield is over 4% and yet I wouldn’t increase my stake in them.. So you got to ask why continue to hold them?

Overall I was down like 40% on them but collected dividends over the years and all told I’m probably officially down 30-35%. Obviously I wanted to hold until I break even yet again but eventually we just need to more forward. It’s not a stock I’m excited about, in fact the oil & gas industry as a whole isn’t too exciting. I also keep thinking if I were to buy another energy stock it would have to be tc energy and I would have to get rid of some non core stocks.. Well here we go.

So we sold 30 shares of Altagas and brought in roughly 500 bucks but lost $28.80 in forward dividends. You may be thinking wow only 30 shares, that’s nothing. True but when I started investing in stocks my minimum purchase was 750$. I made one purchase in them awhile back and never added.


This week we increased our holdings in Restaurant Brands International twice.. I have wrote about them a couple Times. They have treated me very well from a dividend growth point of view. Their 3 year dividend growth rate is 47.10%. Of course this isn’t sustainable and will drop drastically, but clearly they want to reward their shareholders.

Their payout is pretty high at the moment but I think that is due to weakness last quarter due to covid. Popeye’s had a great quarter and next Monday their viral chicken sandwich is being launched in Canada..

I love the 3 brands Tim Hortons, Burger King and Popeye’s and tend to go to bk whenever we feel like a fast food burger. They have been expanding at a pretty good rate but will slow down in this environment as they watch their finances. In my opinion they do have lots of room for growth moving forward though.

Of the 3 brands Tim’s continues to be the laggard, hopefully they can fix this soon. From what I see though the drive thru’s are backed up once again, but I do wonder how much the work at home thing will effect their sales. I guess we will see next month when they announce earnings.

We bought shares twice this week

  • Wednesday 29 @ 72.80
  • Friday 21 @ 71.41

In total these purchases added 104 usd in forward income and now we hold 111 shares which should allow the stock to drip a new share at current prices each quarter.


Well that concludes our recent moves for the month. Overall this shakeup will add roughly 100 bucks Canadian a year. While it’s unfortunate to sell stocks at a loss, Our investing time frame is long term plan. I rather have our portfolio full of great stocks than holding losers until they break even..

Curious what do you think of these moves? Qsr doesn’t seem to be in many dgi portfolios, but I think they are full of potential.

keep on stacking those dividends and increasing that cash flow!


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  1. I think a lot of people are not owning QSR because it is majority owned by 3G Capital, which a Brazilian based. I have owned QSR for a while and would like to add to the position. Owned Tim Horton’s stock at the time of the buyout by Burger King and the formation of Restaurant Brands International. Sold the Hortons stock for a good profit and bought QSR shares within about 6 months.

    I think Tim Horton’s should bring back in-store made donuts. There specialty drinks need to taste better. I had a pumpkin spice ice cap yesterday and could hardly taste the pumpkin spice.

    I want to buy more shares of QSR. As long as Restaurant Brands International doesn’t buy Second Cup, I think it will continue to do well.

    • Rob says:

      hey Pursuit

      Yeah I remember the days when you would go into the shop and smell the fresh donut smell. Those days are gone, but yeah would be cool to see that back. Ive never been a fan of those flavoured drinks. ice caps or coffee’s for me.

      Never heard of them wanting to buy second cup, don’t see why that would make sense.

      cheers Pursuit

  2. DG Capital says:

    Hey Rob,

    Great pickup on RBI, really loving what they’re doing. Popeyes has so much growth potential. I’ll definitely be lining up to try out that chicken sandwich come Monday lol.

    DG Capital

    • Rob says:

      hey Dg

      haha no line ups for me.. Ill wait a week hopefully the hype dies down. Lots of people on twitter saying its worth the line though! Its true I do think Popeyes may have the most room for growth of the 3 brands. It was a solid pick up by them

      cheers man!

  3. DividendsOn says:

    All I know is that Warren Buffett sold off all his shares in QSR sometime between April and June. I was surprised to see John Heinzl of the G&M announce on Aug 28th that he had added more shares of QSR to his portfolio. Ahhh well, we’re all different. That’s what makes a market. All the best.

    • Rob says:

      hey Yeah saw he sold off.

      At the same time Warren doesn’t have the best track record these days.. Hes had soooo much cash for years now. swore he wouldn’t buy airlines and did and sold at a loss..

      I’m sure he will do alright but I’m not following all his moves..

      on the other hand Ackman has been buying a lot of qsr as he thinks there is alot of room for growth.

      I tend to agree!

  4. I figured they might try to buy Second Cup to compete with Starbucks. The companies are similar. The funny thing about Second Cup is that they struggle to make a profit any given quarter. RBI is being smart and not even considering it.

    Here some people on BNN’s market call mention Domino’s Pizza has a possible buy for RBI.

    • Rob says:

      Yeah I dont think 2nd cup would be a good move.

      I would like to see a move into the pizza scene but thought they should of considered papa John’s when there was all that drama and they could of gotten them cheap.

      I love Dominos but dont think they will come cheap!

      Guess time will tell.

  5. DividendsOn says:

    Hey Rob,

    That was kind of a one sided response. In your zeal to list Buffett’s failures you neglected to mention any of Ackman’s investment bloopers of which there are-a-plenty. Fair is fair. I’ve been following Buffett ever since I first read about him in the early 80’s, and I never under-estimate him as an investor.


    • Rob says:

      oh in no way was I trying to bash Buffett. Obviously he has done fantastic. Just dont like the idea of following all his investment moves.

      Most investors get losers, it’s part of investing. Just hope there is more winners!

  6. DividendsOn says:

    In regards to your brief mention of TRP. Wish I could purchase more, but I’m already close to my 5% portfolio allocation limit for this company.

  7. German says:

    Nice trade off, ALA out – QSR in and more! RBI recently rolled out a plan to transform Burger King into touchless dining experience. They are adapting to the pandemic very fast. The restaurant business is tough these days, but RBI will only flourish.

    • Rob says:

      hey German

      I saw that. Pretty interesting tech and a little bit of the dominos pizza idea.

      should be great for them and would make things really easy for uber eats drivers etc.


  8. Very interesting discussion, I also plan to buy TRP shares in the near future. I look at the comments and your report and I think that I am on the right track))

    • Rob says:

      hey Illia

      Trp is a great company. And look how hard it is to make new pipelines these days.

      Also sports a lower patio ratio than enbridge. I think it’s a good buy under 60$ and plan to start a position in them soon enough.

      cheers and welcome to the site!

  9. Great article as usual Rob ! I love $QSR dividend yield % too, I started a position during the crash in March, on the top of collecting dividend, I’m doing a 30% return since then, I’m very satisfied! This company is for me a canadian company due to Tim Hortons portion and as canadian, we all love Tims, people will return to get their donuts & coffees for many years to come, more increases / more dividends ! 🙏🍩☕️😀

    • Rob says:

      hey Dividends

      Fantastic stuff! you grabbed at the perfect time.. The 3 brands offer so much choices and im sure the div will continue to grow.

  10. Tawcan says:

    I think these are solid moves. Makes sense to sell Altagas shares. 🙂

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