Previous Financial Updates

Previous Financial Updates

Dividend Month Over Month Since I started

2018 Reports
2017 Reports

2017 Was a fantastic year for us. We increased our forward passive income by over 12,000 in 2017!

2016 Reports

Because this site was created at the start of February 2017 there is not much monthly income reports just one page with all the income on it. 2016 Year End

previous financial updates

We have decided we don’t want to post our net worth numbers as we have friends and family who view the site and don’t feel like sharing that exact info.

2011 is when I started reading about finances and did our first net worth calculator. Our net worth was -7094, we had to much debt and did own a house with equity in it but with approximately 60k in debt we still had a negative net worth. Here I will list the increases year over year as a percentage of our net worth( Ie December 31 2012 vs December 31 2011)

  • 2011 — 0% (this was the start so no difference)
  • 2012 — 881% (seems high but going from negative to positive is a drastic change)
  • 2013 — 76.75%
  • 2014 — 35.17%
  • 2015 — 37.05%
  • 2016 — 39.30%
  • 2017 — 16.77%

You would think the percentages would keep going lower and lower as our net worth increases but Ontario houses have been rising in value at incredible speeds. 2017 was the first time that number went down as a percentage. Still got to love a 16% increase to net worth though!

Well the past 7 years have been great. If we keep this up retirement will be very nice!


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