Passive Income – August 2019

Passive Income – August 2019


August is not even done yet and he’s throwing down his Passive Income Post. I got a rain morning and received my last dividend for the month, so why not?

August was another wonderful month, not as busy as July, but that was very nice.

  • I spent a weekend playing with the kids and weeding all our gardens. May sound boring but weeding to me is pretty relaxing, especially with the radio in the background. My son is like a Frisbee superstar!
  •  Went to African Lion Safari with just our daughter. Daddy – Daughter time. This was really fun as she loved the animals and shows, but fell asleep half way through the bus ride……..
  • It was my wife’s birthday this month so we dropped the kids off at my sister’s and stayed at Pelee Island for the night. We rented a tandem bike and cruised the island and then relaxed at the winery. It’s been awhile since we were kid free for a night, so that was a nice change.

This long weekend we have no plans, other than relax. Maybe have some friends over for a bbq and fire one day and check out the Toronto Air show on the weekend. I love that stuff!

Raises or Cuts
  • BNS raised theirs 3.44% this month. This adds $2.88 to our forward dividends. Bns typically raises twice a year and boosted theirs earlier in 2019. In total they raised it 5.88% this year, so far.

Total Added Income from Dividend Raises so far in 2019 – $164.63

July 2019 Passive Income

Dividend Income

12 Companies paid us this month.

StocksAugust 2018 IncomeAugust 2019 Income
Proctor & Gamble17.2117.90 usd
Abbvie052.43 usd
National Bank of Canada22.3224.48
Altagas 5.482.40
Sienna Senior2.40sold
CVS Healthcare15.5015.50 usd
ZDY Etf7.67sold
Boardwalk Reit2.42sold
Corus Entertainment20.14 (5 Drips)sold
Shaw30.61 (One Drip)sold
Emera51.42 (One Drip)55.81 (One Drip)
Dream Global Reit020.73 (One Drip)
Interpipeline028.07 (One Drip)
Riocan39.72 (One Drip)29.16 (One Drip)
Extendicare16.68 (2 Drips)17.64 (2 Drips)
General Mills63.21 (One Drip)65.17 (One Drip) usd

7 stocks Dripped in August.

August 2019 Dividend Total = $346.80 11.47% growth rate

August 2018 Dividend Total = $311.10 (Previous Dividend Income)

Our Drips (Dividend Reinvestment Program) added $9.22 to our yearly forward dividend’s this month.

Passive Income - August 2019


A 11% plus growth rate. I’m happy with that. Double digits are always fantastic. The snowball keeps growing.

Other Income

Private Investment Payment – $500.00

Nothing new here, just our regular monthly payment. (I don’t even have to edit this part every month) Steady Eddy…….

Solar Income

In August (We always get paid a month later) our solar panel system generated 1,179 kWh. Since we bring in a fixed rate of 28.8 cents per kilowatt hour, Hydro One deposited $339.55 into our chequing account this month.

Slightly lower than last year, but got to love the months over 300 bucks!

Total Income for 2019 so far – $1,658.00

System Installed January 2018

Total System Cost ——–$32,396.46

Total Income Received ——–$4,173.96


Amount to Break even —- $–28,222.50


Passive Income - August 2019

Total August 2019 Passive Income – $1186.35

Total Passive Income Increase over last year. – $33.11

Again not a massive increase, but with the purchase of 2 new cars in the last year, you got to be happy with those results.

Passive Income - August 2019

Totals For 2019

Dividends Year To Date Total – $3,688.58
Other Passive Income Year to date – $6,231.41
Total Passive Income for 2019 —– $9,919.99
Year End Goal – $15,500 ——– %66.13

June 2019 Purchases

With all the market turmoil there were some good deals out there in the market this month. We decided to double our position in 3m by adding another 6 shares. This added $34.56 to our forward income.

Goals Update
  • I want to read 10 books this year. This month I finished reading Neil Pasricha’s Book – The Happiness Equation. It was a absolutely fantastic book, I highly recommend. I started reading the 5 love languages this month after hearing so many great reviews of it.  5/10 all yr.
  • Get A Will – DONE. You can read about that here.
  • Picked up some Garbage – Nothing special, saw some garbage and threw it out.
  • Charities – Committed to donating $50 a month to The Nature Conservancy of Canada. In a year will either contribute more or let my wife pick a charity she feels strongly about. (It comes out every month – set it and forget it) Also donated an additional 50 bucks to the Amazon fund.
  • Increase Dividends by $1,100 this year. With New Purchases, Drips and Dividend Raises this month we added $46.66 to our dividend Portfolio. So far in 2019 we have added $738.26 (%67.11 of our goal.) (Lost $446.94 on sale for car, but want to keep this separate)
  • Reduce Screen Time before BedPretty good month on this front. Lots of reading.

The market is all over the place, but the dividends keep on coming in. While this month is always our lowest month, there is some growth there.

Got to love seeing our total passive income stream is so close to the 10 thousand dollar mark already. Investing really is that easy if you just stick to the plan to pay yourself first.

How was your month? What Have You Been Buying or Doing?

Wish you all the best, Cheers! That concludes our August 2019 Passive Income Report.

“Don’t Judge Each Day By The Harvest You Reap, But By The Seeds You Plant” – Robert Louis


24 Responses

  1. I’m a numbers guy, I love markets and I love reading about compouding, income or dividend growth. However you add such a nice story around this post. Great to see you’re enjoying life and relaxing while doing (boring to others) chores. I like the charity goal you have for yourself and it’s a noble thing that you upped it with the current crisis in the Amazon area. Overall nice numbers (again, how boring.. hah1) and good luck in September!


  2. German says:

    Great progress, Rob! The snowball growth effect is doing its magic. Despite some selling this year, you’re still growing at double digit rate. Congrats on BNS div raise. Banks delivered good quarters and most of them have raise the divies! Nice! Looking forward to your September report which should skyrocket!!

    • Rob says:

      hey German

      thanks man. Yeah those banks keep doing their thing. I was debating selling my entire national bank position and moving it to bmo after their pullback.

      decisions decisions.

      cheers German

  3. Nice overview and it sounds that you had another great month Rob!
    You reminded me how I had to weed our gardens when I was a kid – it was horrible 😀 However, I guess it would be much different now when audiobooks and podcasts are available 🙂
    It’s great to see that you managed to squeeze an increase in passive income over last year even with those car purchases.

    • Rob says:

      hey Broke.

      Yeah podcasts are huge. Im always playing them while working. Got to love this digital age we are in.

      Its pretty incredible to see us already surpass the loss of all those sales.

      consistancy is key. the plan is working.


  4. PCI –

    Great, all around. 11% growth. Dividend increases. AND you are back over $300 for the solar panel income. In a few years, what is your plan with the solars? Any maintenance or fees you may have to spend in year 3, 4 or 5? Curious on that!


    • Rob says:

      hey Lanny

      thanks man.

      On the solar front things got warrantys for about 20 years. We also got a new roof before, so heres hoping theres nothing that needs to be done. Just collecting cheques!

      cheers Lanny

  5. Investor Trip says:

    Nice progress. Things are sometimes slow during the summer months. As long as your dividend income keeps increasing, you are doing just fine.

    • Rob says:

      hey Trip.

      Welcome. The summer months are great for life in general, but as an investor it dont matter much. Just less cash to deploy in the markets.

      Its all about that income to me atleast.


  6. John says:

    Hey Rob,

    Month 2 of each quarter is definitely a low key dividend month for me as well, still I think I have achieved some ok YoY growth numbers through the position in IPL I added earlier this year. Looking to add RY and possibly EMA in future to further smooth things out (November will hopefully be a wicked month)! I don’t have your awesome passive investments to add to dividends, so I guess I just have to ride the wave of variable payments lol.

    (Also, I think a header in this post got mislabeled as ‘June 2019 Purchases’ when presumably it should be August???)


    • Rob says:

      hey John

      Thanks for pointing out the header thing I’ll fix that.

      Emera has been absolutely killing it this year. Maybe if this storm hits as hard as they say it will, emera will offer you a better entry point.
      I have debated adding to our bmo position after their recent pullback. There’s quite a bit of stocks at decent value at the moment, so deploying money seems harder to settle on what to buy. Meanwhile i need to focus on our kids resp account now and bell is trading at 52 week highs….. arg!

      haha cheers John and congrats on your growth as well!

  7. Wow, blowing out the August dividend report in record time, Rob. Now you get to enjoy the weekend!
    Love the double digit YoY growth. That’s not always easy to do when the portfolio continues to grow.
    Like the recent MMM purchase, too.
    Steady as she goes….

  8. Rob,

    Congrats on the impressive month. Keep it up!

  9. Nice job, Rob! 4-digit passive income in one month is amazing. Great that you’re spending time with your family. African Lion Safari is cool! And that’s a nice list of stocks that paid you. I own Riocan and would love to add a few more off this list. I want to own PG at the right price.

    • Rob says:

      hey Graham

      Thanks man, I love African lion safari. Slowly but surely the portfolio grows. Pg has done very well for me, id love it to dip down again so I could beef that position up for sure.

  10. Divcome says:

    Those are some great diversified sources of income. Congrats on the great month! Added to MMM position as well in August. Like the other companies you have paying out this month too.


    • Rob says:

      hey Div

      Thanks! I’d love to add another source of income, but the businesses I keep looking at seem a little steep at the moment. Nice buy with 3m, I like them but wonder where their floor is. They keep setting new lows and I keep throwing money at them. =)

      Time to check out your month.

  11. Doug says:

    Good job over 1,000 in passive income is great keep it up.

  12. Great month Rob. I like how you track your goals. Time flies and it sure helps keeping you focused on the right things. But you’re also doing the things right: an income with 4 digits. Man, that’s still past the horizon for me.

    Wow, inspiring to read about your progress.


    • Rob says:

      hey compound

      thanks! I really enjoy keeping track of the goals monthly, definitely keeps them in the lime light.

      Very cool to hear I’m inspiring you. I used to think 1k was a long ways away and here we are. Just got to keep going month by month. The steam starts to pickup and it gos faster and faster.
      All the best

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