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More Stocks – QSR

There is nothing better than seeing a pullback in a stock that you would like to buy more of. Luckily that happened with Restaurant brands International. This bundle of 3 great companies is fantastic and with 3G’s leadership the sky is the limit.

Now I know here in Canada, Tim Horton’s really doesn’t have the same reputation it used to have. I have heard people say 3g destroyed the brand etc etc. I think 3g has finally stepped to the plate and started resolving these issues. (Besides that recent franchisee who disclosed confidential information and lost his 4 Tim Horton’s restaurants.)

I know people personally who need their daily “Tim Horton’s coffee”, The drive through’s are still packed and business seems good.

While this stock still comes with a little drama, the potential is really there. Popeye’s  has just entered its first major master franchise development agreement in Asia. The Philippines! My wife is a Filipino and they do like their chicken and rice. Tim’s entering China should be good, but also seems like it could be really competitive.

Personally Burger King is my favorite of all the burger fast food places. And I have stated it a couple times. There is nothing better than buying stocks that you use yourself. Might as well own a piece of the business your buying something from anyways!

So we got 3 solid brands, all offering something different. Maybe they will add a pizza franchise soon enough, although I don’t mind them paying off their debt either. (Just seems to be a couple cheaper pizza brands in the market at the moment)

The Purchase

Less than a month ago the stock was trading over 81 bucks a share. After their last earnings report, I think people wanted more (Although the results overall were still good) and the stock plummeted. Is this the bottom? I dunno, but I’ll gladly pay around 74 bucks for a share.

I bought 13 shares for $74.54 each last week before the ex dividend date.  In total it will add 23.40 usd to our forward income. Since our Canadian dollar is so crappy at the moment this offered a yield of over 3.14% which is absolutely solid!

The price to earnings ratio was at 12.3 times. Man that’s cheap for a company with so much potential and with solid leadership.

Qsr has a 52 week high of $88.36 and a 52 week low of $67.55. So at the price I paid, it’s 15.64% off its high and %10.64 above its low. So a little cheaper than the middle.

While they aren’t a dividend aristocrat or anything, they have a solid history of raising their dividend since 2014. Including their massive 114% raise this year! I think its safe to say the ownership is a shareholder friendly company.


Good progress against ‘Winning Together’ plan to drive improved comparable sales at TIM HORTONS®
BURGER KING® continues system-wide sales growth and crosses 17,000 restaurants worldwide
POPEYES® achieves double-digit profitability growth through accelerated restaurant expansion

Source – RBI’s most recent press release (August 1st, 2018)

I think the recent pullback is just a bump in the road and a great opportunity to add to our positions. (or start one) There seems to be a lot of potential, its got a cheap p/e ratio comparing to others in the same industry and Fast food generally holds up pretty well in a recession. Not saying we are having one soon or anything, but the defensive nature is a nice bonus!


What are your thoughts on the purchase or qsr in general?

As always please do your own research before making a purchase.



18 Responses

  1. Tim Horton’s coffee seems to be tasting better in the last month or so. At least it seems that way. Salted carmel Ice cap is good.

    My father has been going to Tim Horton”s every single day since 1991.

    I did not add to my position but it is tempting.

    • Rob says:

      hey Pursuit

      wow thats crazy about your dad, reminds me of tims old commercials.

      I always find tims coffee hit or miss but im no regular client. Most of the time ill just stick with my maxwell house instant coffee.

      cheers man!

  2. Brian says:

    Anytime you can buy on a pullback on something that you see daily is a good buy. Tim Hortons has market in Canada and if they can bring that to China also that would be massive as Canada is small compared to China. The other two businesses look good from my perspective. Good buy

  3. Thanks for your post. Yeah QSR looks good and will be my next buy. I hold DPZ from the same sector and it is one of my best holdings.

  4. I think this will turn out to be a terrific buy. Tim Hortons recently came to the UK and I know a number of people that love the coffee there.

  5. Each time you can buy on a pullback on something that you see daily is a superb buy. Tim Hortons has marketplace in Canada and if they can bring that to China also that might be large as Canada is small in comparison to China. the other agencies look precise from my perspective. good deal

  6. Leo T. Ly says:

    Out of the three brands, I still believe Tim Hortons has the best potential. The lineups are crazy in the morning and late afternoon for the ones that are close to me. It’s definitely a good buy when there’s a pull back.

  7. PCI –

    Love the purchase, STRONG brand loyaloty NO DOUBT. I think if they add a pizza chain – that would be the tipping point for them to be a phenomenal stock. Congrats!


    • Rob says:

      hey Lanny

      thanks man, I definately could see them adding one in the future. Maybe they want to focus on hammering that debt down but some chains are just too cheap at the moment.

      We will see what happens =)

  8. Nice buy, those are some solid brand names. Always nice to add extra forward dividend income to your portfolio at attractive prices!


  9. Rob, we bought 85 shares of QSR and I mentioned your insight into Burger King in my post I hope it is Ok. Thanks.

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