Money….. Ssshhhhhhhhhh

Money….. Ssshhhhhhhhhh

Over the past couple years I like to talk about money. I really want to help people, talk about certain stocks, see what others are looking into or buying and different passive income sources. Sadly talking about money is so taboo. Why is that? Its like sex some people can talk about it while others quickly want to change the subject.

Manly Man – Men in tights?

Recently I went out for a regular poker night at a hockey buddies place. Our group ranges in age between 25 – 55 to give you and idea that it’s not just a certain age bracket. One of the guys works for kraft- heinz so I asked if he got stock benefits and what not. Suddenly 2-3 of us were talking about stocks while the other 6-8 were sitting there looking at us weird. I started talking about CVS, how I think its a great buy at the moment with its recent pullback, good yield and great dividend increases. One guy stopped everything and said your like the monopoly guy knowing all this. They all laughed and the conversation quickly went in a different direction.

Now I already know how people tend to not want to talk about money but a couple of us were really shooting the shit. It was clear only the 2-3 of us really knew a thing about investing. This week at hockey after the game one of the guys pulled me to the side and started asking me a bunch of questions and admitted he didn’t know much. He didn’t have much saved up for his retirement either. A lot of his money these days went to his kids schooling because he didn’t fund his kids resp. No one in his family talked about money with him, so he was kinda clueless. Now I will start helping him and be his cheerleader off to the side.

Money Chats

With all my hockey buddies we talk about sex and that stuff but money oh no way! I truly boggles my mind. I understand if you are broke and strapped for cash so you try to avoid it, but what if you didn’t? Surely you would learn a thing or two. No one’s great at anything overnight, it takes time. I feel I’m good at our finances but not yet great. There’s still tonnes to learn for me, especially Options.

A couple of my real close friend’s, I can talk about money or different income idea’s with. The others clearly don’t want to learn or talk about it. Can’t force anyone’s hand. You can just hope they see the changes in your life and start to ask a couple questions and learn.


I openly listen to the Dave Ramsey Podcast on my phone speaker in my jacket at work. Employees are now used to it, some like it some hate it. haha. Sometimes clients will overhear the podcast and ask me what I’m listening too. Occasionally they are really impressed, its good to see someone learning about money they state. (Then we might talk a little about what they did to get their million dollar home) I feel some clients get offended – this guys listening to a show about money while working for me. He’s only in it for the money. I’ll be honest for some people I am, some people look down on landscaper’s. He’s all dirty. Ewwww. Hahaha!

Money..... Ssshhhhhhhhhh

Sunshine and Rainbows

I always talk about finances with my family and friend’s. Just like the ladder some people quickly shoot it down. I can’t do that, must be nice, living the dream, all sunshine and rainbow’s eh? I feel by at least starting the conversation it might open their mind and let them know when they are interested, I’ll gladly help them or talk about finances.

This online finance community is a fantastic way to talk to people, bounce idea’s off and learn. I’m glad I decided to join it. I love reading all of your posts. Check out some great people in the community here.

I really wish money wasn’t so Taboo, I think the world would be a different place. Do you notice the same things? Is there certain people you can really engage about finances with?


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  1. Sarah De Diego says:

    Great that your friends know that they can come to you for help.

    I don’t have anyone IRL that I can talk to about money. It’s okay because I’m friends with them because we have other things in common. Although, it would be nice to share and talk about money sometimes. Reading blogs like yours gives me my “money fix”.

    Besos, Sarah.

    • Hey Sarah, reading your comment kinda makes me feel like a dick. I hope I don’t come across like that. I love my friends and like you said we have other things in common would be nice to add finances to the mix the odd time. I agree with you though these blogs keep the “fix” in check haha!

      • Sarah De Diego says:

        Dear PCI,

        I didn’t read your post like YOU were not being a true friend (in fact the opposite as clearly people know that you are there to support!), it was more for ME to justify why I have my friends even though none of them share my love of money. I definitely wish that they had some/any interest but they don’t. Life goes on 🙂

        Besos Sarah.

  2. Chuck says:

    Older generations still don’t like talking about money, but I find anyone under… 40 or so are more open to the idea of discussing different topics within personal finance. Go RAPS!

    • Hey Chuck, welcome by the way. Always enjoy seeing new faces. I’ll openly admit im not much of a basketball fan, Ill jump on the raptors band wagon when it comes by though. I bumped into Corey Joseph before though, hes nice and seems like a cool guy! I watched them in the carter, mcgraty era though. Leafs and jays are my sports. haha. I got to check out your site, that’s something I need to improve on! Interesting observations I find approx 60 year old clients love to talk finances with me. Cheers

  3. John R says:

    PCI ?

    “I really wish money wasn’t so Taboo, I think the world would be a different place. Do you notice the same things? Is there certain people you can really engage about finances with?”

    “Taboo” – no! finance is not taboo, it’s that some folks are more comfortable with it than others. Newbies or the novice are shy or scared about it, that just need a little help & encouragement.

    “The world a different place – no! absolutely not & not just because someone is a blue collar worker, shirt & tie/dress student or retiree, rich or poor.

    “Certain people you can really engage about finances with?” – no! its simply different level of interest or how its presented. First before engaging I need to find out what ‘finance topic’ interest them, if any. Its get to their level, then move forward one step at a time.

    • Hey John, its true about it being taboo and people being shy or scared of the topic. You can try to help or talk about it but some people really are not interested in my opinion. The world a different place – I definitely think so. If everyone saved just a certain percentage of their income, everyone would have more money, more charities would be funded and good deeds would probably be more common. Banks would be a whole different business. The engaging finances with people you are absolutely correct though. Cheers!

  4. dividendgeek says:

    Money is important but not the only thing that is important. The entire reason we strive for FIRE is to live a life without worrying (talking) about money 🙂

    I checked out your 4-part Youtube video, you should do add more video

    • Thanks geek, those are some old videos. I enjoyed doing them though, maybe I should check them out again! I know money isnt the only important thing, Maybe I came across wrong in this post. wah wah

  5. Money is definitely a taboo subject for most people. When I was growing up, money is never mentioned in our house. My parents, even to this day, still play the lottery every few days. They have no retirement savings and live of Canada Pension and old age security.

    Some relatives think putting money in the stock market is gambling. But, they think putting money into an RRSP is not gambling lol.

    • Hey thanks for the backup I.P. My dad didn’t talk much about it either but did tell me to save, which I Chose to ignore. He wasn’t a fan of the stock market though, he lost money. Clearly he sold on a crash, wah wah. Lucky for your parents and mine the c.p.p. and o.a.s is still around. I really don’t think that will be around once we retire. Unfortunately people don’t see the similarities of mutual funds and stocks/index funds. Alot of people think RRSP’s are the shit, TFSA’s are wayyyyy better. Cheers!

  6. Interesting write up PCI. Unfortunately, they don’t teach the subject of money in the school and therefore, so many people don’t understand how to keep or grow money. I’m like you. I love talking about money, maybe too much. A lot of time, the subject comes up in conversations with new people I meet. I don’t try to convert anyone to DGI or anything like that, but its a subject I’m very interested in. I wish it wasn’t as Taboo either.

    • Hey port yeah blows my mind they dont teach it in school….. makes u think whos really running the schools. I clearly remember a banker coming into our school to talk to us one time.. ohhhhh got to check out your new post i love me some motivation!

  7. Leo T. Ly says:

    Money is a pretty sensitive topic and it can get touchy when you have a conversation with people close to you. For me, I am very transparent and I openly share my finances. I don’t have anything to hide.

    I think that most of the time, when people are talking about money, there is some sort of judgment or comparison. Ultimately, it will lead to resentment and jealousy. For me, when I talk about finance, I don’t judge or compare myself with others.

    When I have a financial conversation, I want to learn what people do to be financially successful and see if I can apply to my situation. If others asked me about my methods of accumulating wealth I have no issues sharing with them.

  8. Cris says:

    I must agree with you PCI, for some people talking about finances is an uncomfortable subject.
    Indeed, there are many people these days which can not do too much about it and leave this subject and savings to government faith. The life is so expensive and stressful that they can not think of saving…

    What I can not agree is about the ignorance of educated and resourceful people.
    It is really normal not to have knowledge about financing/saving/investing but when you insist in considering this topic not important or treating it with ignorance I can not understand.
    I know so many families who just don’t want to learn and understand some simple financing topics.
    How many people do you know that do not understand the difference between RRSP and TSFA accounts, difference between registered and non-registered accounts?
    I tried to open this discussion with some good friends and instead of trying to learn they treat me with ignorance or even worse.
    Unfortunately this is a reality and instead of breaking some relations just go over and enjoy some other common interests.

  9. Hey PCI,

    and i thought the “money” topic was easier to address in Canada or the US. Here in Germany it’s very similar as you described. In the schools there is nearly no education concerning economy, investing, money etc… and a lot of people here think that stocks are for gamblers/speculators, but they don’t know a thing about investing. The only thing they think of as an investment is a brick and mortar home for a few 100k …sometimes good friends ask me about certain stocks or strategies… glad i found the DGI Community!


    • Hey solutions very interesting that its the same on the side of the pond. Would be interesting to hear the chinese viewpoint as they have some of the highest savings rates, if i recall right. The community is huge, ive learnt aLot from it

  10. I agree. I think that is the reason so many people get into blogging. The personal finance community is huge and there as so many like minded individuals to talk to. Nothing money related is off limits here and it is pretty refreshing.

  11. Pellrider says:

    I believed plumbers were not making good money. Just realized that plumbers are actually making good money and can have their own money. People who look down at landscapers are mostly ignorant, like myself. You cannot judge any one because of their chosen career or business. I think, everybody in Canada is rich. Some people chose to live within limits and to make the money grow. Others chose to spend it all and to depend on government. It is like taking a flu shot. some people opt to get it to reduce chances of getting sick . Others talk about how it is bad for you and depend on the system to help them out when get the flu.
    Please continue talking about money. You have readers who are interested in your ideas.

  12. Robert says:

    It’s a shame that we do not talk about money openly in society given that there is so much opportunity in this day and age to make some good money if only we do our homework and take some calculated risk.

    We see that there is a big pandemic in North America today that because people do not talk about money 1) they accumulate ever-increasing debt 2) they accumulate little or no wealth at all for their retirement 3) these individuals with high debt and low/no wealth blame everyone – the government, the banks, their bosses, their 80-year old neighbor – except themselves.

    If we were to talk more openly about money in our society, not only would people be wealthier, but they wouldn’t be bitter, anxious, and have to make excuses.

    • Hey Robert, nice name! Haha. Welcome always nice seeing new faces. Great comment it is definitely true. One thing that really bugs me and i notice.more and more is people always blaming others and never putting it on themselves. Sadly it is too common in todays society as you stated.

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