Mid September Thoughts

Good evening! (well good morning since I will probably publish this until tomorrow morning)

September Thoughts

This post will just be about what I’m thinking about currently in the stock market as well as what I’m watching or wishing I could buy at the moment.

september thoughts


The market keeps on chugging on and stocks keep climbing. The TSX ain’t the hottest market out there but its starting to put out again. I read a post awhile back stating that September is historically the worst month for stocks. I find Mondays my portfolio tends to pull back but not today.

Recently some of my stocks have really been doing well. Of course the financial ones got the boost from the decision to raise interest rates again while Utilities and Reit’s have pulled back a bit on the news.

My stocks making me smile these days…..

Aecon has soared on the news that the company is looking into options to sell the company to create some great shareholder value. Being one of Canada’s top construction companies, the shares are getting valued ranging from 20$ to up to 25$ a share, based on various analyst’s predictions.

Cineplex got me worried there for a bit once it pulled down another 6% the day after I bought them. I’m now up 4%. I think this one will be volatile until star wars. After that I will seriously look into selling this stock. Personally I prefer going to the movies in the winter so their numbers should be way up then.

Potash Corp of Saskatchewan slowly is making its way up. 2% on Friday and another 3.5% gain just today. The Canadian Competition bureau approved the proposed merger between them and Agrium. This is big news but doesn’t finalize the deal. Rbc even bumped their forecast for potash corp to 20$ us. I like this merger and keep debating adding to our position. The merger is now delayed to later in the year so we will see if the price pulls back again.

Short term Nightmares?

Boardwalk Reit has been getting killed. Awhile back I added a bunch of their shares at around 42.60? Either way its now at 38.60. As much as I want to dollar cost average this one its a decent holding for me at 4% of my portfolio. I don’t want to add to that at the current moment. I think next quarter it will rebound since most of their reno’s will be done and rented out.

Canadian Stocks I Like Right Now

Currently in my portfolio I don’t feel there’s a bargain to add to a specific position. While I’m trying hard to not add another holding to our Canadian portfolio, there are 3 stocks I find really tempting right now and am keeping a eye on.

High Liner Foods – I have made a post before about wanting to buy them but started a position in general mills and boosted my consumer defensive position way up. So I stepped back. Well high liner is even cheaper now sitting at 8 cents over their 52 week low @ $13.45 per share. They also offer a unheard of %4.10 dividend yield for a defensive company. They have raised their dividend the past 9 years too!

Algonquin Power and Utilities – Last time it was around 13 bucks I himmed and hawwed then it shot up roughly 50 cents. Now its below 13 bucks @ 12.95. I love the renewable’s and the water aspect of it is really tempting. I also like companies that pay in usd. My biggest drawback is how much acquisitions they do. While some people would love this I would be more comfortable if they paid some of that debt off first (especially with these rising interest rates). We will see how low this can go.

Intertape Polymer group – The amazon effect? This company loves tape and makes a tonne of it. For some reason their sales went down and the stock has really pulled back recently . It offers a 3.59% yield currently and sits just 7 cents above its 52 week low @ $18.04 This one has a lot of potential in the long term but being a new dividend company makes you wonder how solid that dividend will be.

US Stocks I’d Buy Today.

We currently don’t have much cash in our RRSP or I would definitely be making some purchases. I feel the US market has a couple great ones I’d buy today.

I watch It for The outfits!

L brands – They have been recovering slowly from their low of 35$ a share not to long ago. Still under 40 bucks @ $39.86. I feel this is a bargain. Oh and a 6% yield to boot. They also like to give a bonus payment every year to say thanks for holding their stock. Winter’s coming. Victoria’s secret and bath and body works will be packed again. My girl always loves their candles and I always like getting her something for me =() The Victoria’s secret show is scheduled for November 28th. I will be tuning in for sure! Get ready to collect some profits.


Genuine Parts Co – A Dividend king! A undervalued one to boot! 61 years of dividend increases…. Sitting at 7 bucks above their 52 week low and 15$ below the 52 week high @ 86.86 per share. It offers a %3.11 yield dividend as well. People will be driving cars or other vehicles for awhile. They will also need parts to fix their cars.


Well That’s my rambling. Hope you learned about a stock you weren’t watching. Curious though would you add another position to your portfolio if you had over 20 positions already? Or try to keep that diversification down? Also what stocks are you watching? Maybe you got a idea for me!

Cheers everyone, to another good month


12 Responses

  1. Kitstownie says:

    Why do you have slutty and gore pictures on your web page?

    • Hey kits sorry if i offended you. I thought the chugging one fit the topic. The victoria secret girl doesnt seem slutty at all to me. As for gory pictures its just a pic of freddy kruger. For the paragraph titled my nightmare lol.
      Again sorry if i offended you.

  2. dividendgeek says:

    I am finding it harder and harder to find value. Seems like almost all stocks are overpriced. I would definitely add to my portfolio … even if I had 20 stocks in it already.

  3. Cris says:

    Indeed is getting harder to get good deals right now. I like to buy companies under the book value and with decent fundamentals. (P/E. P/B, debt /equity, P/S).
    I own HLF a nd I am thinking to add more… they had some recalls in the spring and the previous CEO (who run the company for 15 years) is back… I am confident that everything will get back to normal.
    I am looking to buy more Reits and I am debating between H&R, Riocan, Melcor, Smart and Boardwalk…

    Genuine parts might be ok but L brands for me is big NO… the book value is negative so…

    A few canadian companies to watch: ACO.X, Domtar, Cenovus, HWO, TECK, POW, PWF…
    Also, for emerging markets I will look to FIH.U and FAH.U.

  4. Jay says:

    Thanks for your update! I just added some exposure back to XIU.TO yesterday because it looks like things are starting to firm up again for the TXS. The move in the Canadian Dollar is also hard to ignore. The chart of EWC for instance (TSX, dollar hedged) looks like a much stronger uptrend. Interesting times to say the least!

  5. Leo T. Ly says:

    To fully diversify, it’s the sector that I will be paying more attention to rather than the number of stocks. I would try to balance my portfolio with the sectors that fits into my strategy rather than buying stocks in all sectors. For example, I try to avoid the airline industry.

    I know that some people will argue that Air Canada had been doing well the last couple of years, but if you did a bit deeper, how many times have they been in trouble and needs a bailout? Not touching that sector.

    • I agree completely. I hate to invest in companies that got bailed out. Its true about diversifying sectors. Right now im low health care and basic materials but cant find a good deal atm with a decent dividend.

  6. PCI –

    Genuine parts is interesting, great dividend legacy payer there, will be on my keen eyes..


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