March 2023 Passive Income – 36% Growth

March 2023 Passive Income

March 2023 Passive Income – 36% Year over Year Increase

  • 3 sources of passive Income
  • $1,072.17 from dividends
  • 15 stocks/units dripped in March
  • Trailing 12 Month Portfolio Return -1.00%

    S&P 500 12 Month Total Return -7.73% for March 2023

    S&P/TSX Composite Index 12 Month -5.84March 15 2023

April 22nd….. Man am I ever falling behind.

Better late than never though right? The market seems to have moved on from the banking crisis and keeps chugging on. It continues to amaze me that interest rates have shot wayyyy up and yet alot of interest sensitive stocks are still at prices from before the hikes.

The world is a crazy place though. As much as I think a recession is coming people are still spending money at incredible levels. As a landscaper we are booking into October already and looking at jobs with 300k plus pool houses and 80k driveways. Meanwhile the poor are getting poorer. From what I understand here in Canada, foodbanks are in the highest demand they have ever been. Pretty sad state to be honest.

The wealth gap is getting larger and larger and I don’t see that changing. I feel for the people who are struggling now but it also highlights how important it is to invest for your future. Cost of living will only increase, you really can’t afford not to be saving.


Time is going so fast I really can’t remember everything exciting we did in March.

I know we went to disney on ice. It was a blast, my daughter loved it and so did the rest of us. Spoiler alert – They did talk about Bruno =)

My sons rep soccer turned it up a notch and now is going 3 days a week and our puppy has now started dog training.

I also sold off my previous big fish and revamped my 180 gallon fish tank. Ill try my luck with a planted tank once again, but love the look of it already.

Alright, Let’s Get To Our March 2023 Passive Income

Raises/ Cuts

I dont think there was any raises or cuts in March, but April has brought a couple so far.

Total Added Income from Dividend Raises in 2023 – Negative $97.46

Still bruising a bit from that algonquin cut….


August 2022 Passive Income

March 2023 Dividend Income

10 Companies paid us this month.

StocksMarch 2022 IncomeMarch 2023 Income
RIT ETF66.76 (3 Drips)sold
Manulife Financial59.73 (2 drips)sold
Smart Centres33.76 (1 Drip)sold
Microsoft11.78 usd33.32 usd
Stanley Black and Decker021.50 usd
Home Depot020.90 usd
Johnson & Johnson71.02 usd75.71 usd
LMT89.60 usd66.00 usd
Canadian National Railway70.3286.11
Suncor157.50 (3 Drips)216.32 (5 drips)
Brookfield Renewable92.24 (1 Drip)151.57 (3 Drips)
Fortis94.16 (1 Drip)129.95 (2 Drips)
Enbridge251.98 (3 Drips)270.69 (5 Drips)

15 stocks/units Dripped in March.

Breaking the 1k mark. Very nice as it feels like we haven’t done that in a little while. I like the mix of US  stocks and Canadian we got going here and actually plan on beefing up that home depot position this month. (Although I liked it more at 285 than 300… )

If your interested check out our Previous Dividend Income Reports.

Our Drips (Dividend Reinvestment Program) added a very nice $38.16 in future dividends. Gotta get that drip!

March 2023 Dividends

Other Income

Private Investment Payment – $1000.00

1k a month, very nice!

Solar Panel Income

In February (We always get paid a month later) our solar panel system generated 252 kWh. Since we bring in a fixed rate of 28.8 cents per kilowatt hour, Hydro One deposited $72.86 into our chequing account this month.

Last February the system generated $70.27 so we are basically in the same ballpark. Pretty amazing.

Total Income for 2023 – $112.12

System Installed January 2018

Total System Cost ——–$32,396.46

Total Income Received ——–$12,284.41


Amount to Break even —- $ –20,112.05

The sun is shining these days! Should be good next month =)



March 2023 Passive Income

Total March 2023 Passive Income – $2,145.03

March 2022 Passive Income – $1,569.13

A great 36.70% year over year growth rate. Adding it all up and seeing the real numbers is super motivating. Let’s go!

March 2023 passive Income

Totals For 2023

Dividends Year To Date Total – $2,241.91
Other Passive Income Year to date – $3,875.96
Total Passive Income for 2023 —– $6,117.87
Year End Goal – $26,000 (23.53%)

Over 2k a month on average in the first quarter, gotta love that. We need to bump those numbers up a bit to hit our goal, but solar should do that this summer.



March Stock Purchases

We took advantage of the banking turmoil and made a couple purchases in March.

Bell Canada – We added 29 more shares of Bell early march at $59.83 per share. I thought we would now have enough to get 3 drips per quarter but the price shot up and unfortunately we only got 2 in April.

Td Bank – We continue to rebuild our position in Td Bank adding 41 shares at 79.16 per share. I sold this position back in the fall as I thought the banks would be in trouble by early spring. I was kinda right.. I bought these cheaper than I sold them but National is still way up.. One thing to think about though. The financial crisis in 2009 showed cracks in the banking sector but didn’t really crash until 6 months later.

Will that happen again? who knows….

Total added forward dividend income – $269.67


Bitcoin has continued to do very well for us since we started buying in the fall. Just remember all these scandals and stuff is always these crap coins… Personally I’m only sticking with Bitcoin. I put 20 bucks a week into this investment, money we can afford to lose. (for some reason we didn’t put much into bitcoin)

Total invested – $430



I decided to go with shakepay because it is regulated in Canada and you shake the phone daily to get some free sats (bitcoin). I shake everyday and with over a 100 day streak, I’m now getting about 15 cents a day in free bitcoin.

A 100 dollar deposit gets you 10 bucks and 10 for the referrer. Feel free to use my affiliate here if your interested in trying out the crypto space. Or if your a fan of the site and wanna toss me some btc my Shaketag is @hutz8

I appreciate the support.

Financial Goals Update


Etf Monthly Minimum Purchase of $250

  • This month we added 0 more units of xaw etf.
  • Questrade* is great because it offers free etf trades and cheaper stock trading options than most Canadian brokers. $250.00 a month would kill us if we needed to pay high trading fees.
  • * Note the questrade link is a affiliate link and at no additional cost to you, I would get a little payment if you were to sign up. You could get $50 in free trades by using my affiliate link though.

We didn’t add this month as put the dollars into td bank.

March 2023 Passive Income Conclusion

A great month overall. The income continues to grow. How did you make out in March? Do you think inflation is starting to cool down?


You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough – Mae West

4 Responses

  1. Norm says:

    A 180 gallon tank, that’s impressive Rob and it’s looking great already. Aquariums are so damn cool just to sit and watch, very relaxing. Sadly I haven’t made the effort to maintain one in about 15 years now. Would be cool to see a updated pic later on as the ecosystem matures.

    Great to see your dividends over $1,000 per month. Liking your buys as well, last week I decided to put a buy order in to pick up more BCE when the price is right, and TD is on my buy list for all of 2023.

    Not a bad idea to hold off on XAW every so often. Since selling all my shares early in 2022 and redeploying the cash elsewhere, haven’t repurchased any XAW and not sure I ever will. Feels like there are better opportunities to invest in.

    • Rob says:

      hey Norm

      Gotta love a good fishtank! will do as it grows for sure.

      nice buys, I recently added to our texas instruments holding when it dipped to 161. I feel like thats a decent price to buy more. I hear ya about xaw, right now I feel the market is offering some nice opportunities for certain sectors. I plan on holding off on xaw atm.

      All the best Norm, always appreciate your comments.

  2. PCI –

    Nice work, can’t wait to see what Solar does for you in the shining months!


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