March 2017 Dividend Income

March 2017 Passive Income Update

Woot! Woot! This month was a great dividend month. Definitely my best quarterly month. March’s income has passed our total dividend income for both January and February. It’s also the first month We have gotten over $100. Winning!

I recently switched our tfsa to drip automatically. RBC doesn’t offer partial shares in drips, only full shares. Currently we only have 2 companies who’s dividend is high enough to repurchase a share, Aecon Construction and Brookfield Renewable. The remaining just go’s into cash like it previously did. I made the switch because we have decided to start accumulating in a RRSP account.

A) It would be great to get a sizeable return come tax time.

B) Diversification is key, right now we are 100% Canadian Equity’s. Although I’m Really Debating the current exchange rate. Losing over a quarter of my money for the conversion sucks. Although if I sold at current rates I would get it mostly back and dividends would be in u.s dollar.

C) I need some tech stocks!!!!!! Canada doesn’t have much. They are mostly in the u.s. (thinking microsoft, ibm or cisco)

D) With markets near all time highs I keep thinking maybe RRSP is the way to go. Since it gets taxed when we withdraw in the future vs the TFSA which is already taxed. (Maybe should load tfsa up when market pulls back a bit)

Dividend Income

Dividend Income
  • Enbridge      ——–            $21.57
  • Riocan         ——–              $7.05
  • Altagas        ——–              $5.30
  • Russell Metals ——            $17.48
  • Extendicare       —-              $3.12
  • Sienna Senior     —-             $2.40
  • Auto Properties   —-           $3.62
  • Boardwalk Reit  —–            $5.44
  • Manulife             —-              $6.15
  • Shaw                 ——-           $2.15
  • Brookfield Renewables —- $63.17 (1 drip)
  • Corus Entertainment —— $9.79

March 2017 Total   = $147.24 (%1278.65 higher yr over yr)

March 2016 Total   = $10.68 (Previous Dividend Income)

Totals For 2017

  • Dividends Year To Date Total – $276.90
  • Other Passive Income Year to date – $ 250.00
  • Total Passive Gains for 2017 —– $526.90
  • Year End Goal – $2000.00 ——–%26.34 so far

We increased our net worth 1.24% over last month



We purchased an additional 112 shares of Aecon (Are) for $1926.51. This total brings each share to a all in cost of $17.20 (Including the trading fee)

  • I really like Aecon and it’s full of potential as the government wants to spend billions on infrastructure. I did a write-up on it last month, find it here.

We also added $1000 to our emergency fund this month.

March doesn’t have as many purchases as we are currently in the process of stripping off the existing siding of our house.  Then we need  re-sheathing and insulating, followed by new siding, soffit’s, eaves and new front door. Its one of the biggest projects with this house and will be fantastic when its completed.


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  1. dividendgeek says:

    Looks solid! I wish you the best to reach 2000$.

  2. dividendgeek says:

    Please take a look @ Vanguard Canada (). They have some solid ETFs with exposure to US markets.

    NASDAQ US Dividend Achievers Select Index:

  3. Leo T. Ly says:

    To get exposure to the S&P 500 index from a Canadian investment perspective, I bought XSP. This ETF mirrors the performance of the S&P 500 index and it’s hedged to the Canadian dollar so there is no currency risk. Check out this ETF.

  4. cris says:

    I will say that the best ETFs in canadian dollars for S&P500 (best on the total return ratio) are (in this order): ZSP (1.85% dividend), HXS (no dividend), XUS, VFV (keep it in RRSP to avoid the tax on divided).
    Also, the best ETF in canadian dollars for technology is:ZQQ

  5. Congrats on crossing the century mark. I still remember the first time I crossed $100 in a month. It’s a great feeling.

  6. I think getting exposure to american stocks is a good move. Canada is very energy/financials driven and has barely any exposure to IT(2% or something) so you’re really missing out on potential growth there.

  7. Woah, woah woah. Congrats on crossing the $100 mark for the first time. I remember how excited I was when I hit that mark and it was motivating as heck for me. After that, I wanted all months of mine to be over $100 and I was not going to stop until I reached there! Cannot WAIT to see what you have up your sleeves!


  8. Pellrider says:

    Just want to point out : The link to the Aecon in the paragraph beginning with “I really like” is not working.
    congratulations on your achievement.

  9. That is a monster gain from year to year. Now if you can continue on that trajectory you will be rich making it rain like Lil Wayne 🙂

  10. ^ This, haha! Solid Month! I just passed the 100 mark this month for the first time myself. Glad to see others making great progress as well. Although your YoY% growth is insane! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year has in store.

  11. Looks like an amazing rate of progress from a year ago. Congrats on the dividend income and thanks for sharing


  12. Doug says:

    Awesome job. You planted those seeds and now it’s showing. Keep it up.

  13. That’s a massive YOY gain! I really like some of the companies in your portfolio too. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Of course, like you, I put my dividends right back to work and reinvest as they come in. When building a passive income portfolio it s really the best thing to do. Thanks for sharing.

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