Life’s A Filmstrip

Are you deeply in debt? Life not where you want it to be? Is your income lower than you would like? Single not looking to mingle? Are you following these great blogs posting about their massive passive incomes and yours isn’t at par?


Too often I log into face book and see 2-3 (normally same people) complaining about their life. It sucks why do I always get the short end of the stick etc etc. It drives me nuts! I have deleted people off my friends list for that reason. I don’t know what people expect to get from it. I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction. You get what your thinking about. (The Secret is a great book or movie about this). It can go both ways. Good stuff constantly happening or bad stuff keeps coming.


Life is essentially a filmstrip, continuing from one slide to the next. Unfortunately unlike the digital cameras we now have, we can’t just delete a bad picture or scene. We can learn from every bad experience though, and that’s some of the best experience your can get. I stepped on a nail. O.k next time I won’t step on one, it hurt! Tony Robbins in one book of his talked about C.A.N.I. – Continuous and nonstop improvements. It’s definitely something I always try to keep in my head. One little thing to help improve whatever you want to work on each day adds up. Keep that in mind because you can change your life in whatever area you choose.

Set Some Goals and Write Them Down.

You can also create a dream board (from The Secret). Basically this is a bulletin board you put somewhere you would see it everyday and create a collage of pics/sayings/goals you want to achieve. It’s amazing what this does for you. I recently pulled ours out from the closet, I didn’t use it since we moved here 2 years ago. All our previous stuff was still posted on the board including our goals from 2 years ago. I had a goal to have a net worth of X, well lets say you can do the alphabet a couple times to multiply that number to where we are currently at.

rl stine

I read quite a bit now. A couple years ago I didn’t read at all. To give you a idea the last books I read before I started really reading were most likely R.L Stine books back in high school and middle school. hahaha I wanted to learn about money. I was sick of working so much and not having much savings and too much debt. Page by page, day by day. Soon enough book #1 was finished it began, give me the pen protector and those coke glasses cause I loved books. Maybe the 2nd or 3rd book was Dave Ramsey’s – Total Money Makeover.

It Was Time To Be Debt Free!

When the wife and I started our debt free mission it was easy and fun knocking out these debts and canceling the creditors. We had the bigger picture in mind, soon enough we would be debt free and would have all this extra money each month. It didn’t happen in a day a month or even a year, but day by day we were progressing. Slowly but surely. Just like the tortoise and hare.

Roughly a year and a half later, Boom debt free! Now what? Little by little we keep chipping money into our investments. Our dividends keep increasing. Its fantastic following other finance blogs to see everyone posting their monthly incomes and cheer them on as they grow. Everyone started at a $0 portfolio, but month by month their investments grow.(well most times)

The movie that is MY LIFE / YOUR LIFE isn’t over. Some of us are 3/10’s of the movie some are 6/10’s. Either way the filmstrip keeps rolling, Day by day we make the choices of our future. If you want to change something or better yourself.        DO IT,  just remember progress doesn’t happen in one day. Wish you all the best!




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  1. Leo T. Ly says:

    I do agree that life is like a filmstrip… to a certain extent. The filmstrip is like the past that we can’t change, but the future is like a digital camera and we can change if we wanted to. We can edit the movie by choosing which part that we want to be a part of the movie and which part we don’t.

  2. Great message here. And it is true, you can always create a different slide in the future. How many great movies started with the same plot it started with anyway? It looks like you and your wife were able to sit down, have the tough talks, and develop a plan that works for the two of you. Sadly, the people on Facebook that you reference for some reason are hesitant to have those difficult conversations that will turn their lives in a positive spin.

    Thanks for the read tonight!


  3. Some friends got together from college this weekend and it’s always so interesting to me how people ended up. We were all at one time poor broke college students and now we’re in completely stages of life. Each of us has worked hard but have been rewarded differently. Some became teachers and have the reward of teaching the next generation while others are in silicon valley change technology. But like I said it’s super interesting to see how life turns out 🙂

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