Les Brown – Laws of Success

Les Brown – Laws of Success

Les Brown - Laws of Success

This Is My Book Review of Les Brown’s book – Laws Of Success

At Christmas this year I received Les Brown’s book from someone. They must of known that Les is my favorite motivational speaker. In fact he was the first speaker I really started watching all the time on you tube. Last year, the wife and I went to a speaking seminar to go see him live but unfortunately he got sick and wasn’t able to make it. Luckily there were other great speakers, but clearly we went for Les. If you haven’t heard of him check him out on You tube, I’m sure you will like him.

First I’d like to point out that this book is a extremely easy read. The font is relatively large and only has 154 pages. I would think it’s one of those books speaker’s sell off to the side when they speak. Since I’m such a huge fan of his, a lot of the content was the same as what he says online and you could kind of laugh knowing what exactly was going to get said!

There’s Greatness Within You

Now this is kind of his main punchline and generally gets the point across. I keep saying it and asking our son whats in him. Les was raised in sub par conditions and his mom worked like crazy to keep the house and family afloat. He has a twin brother who was labeled as the smart one, Les was labeled as the dumb brother. One day in grade school the teacher stopped him after hearing that and told him don’t let anyone’s opinion of you, determine who you are. From that day on Les lived by that remark and transformed into the man he is today.

Challenge Yourself

Les recommends everyone to challenge themselves. Get over their fears and commit to do something new. One challenge he brings up is reading 30 pages a day of any self help publications. In the blogging world we are always reading everyone’s content, so this may be easy. I want to commit to reading at least 10 pages of my book a day too!

I hate Heights, yup I know. Crazy. I have only been on 2 roller coaster’s and when I go on the CN Tower glass floor my knees buckle and I have to crawl. My son gets a good chuckle from it as he jumps all around me. haha. I’m trying to get over this fear, last year we went to Portugal and there was some glass floor over the cliff (like the grand canyon) and I could walk it at least. I have challenged myself to another crazier coaster as well as one of those tree top hikes in the forest this summer.

Good People

There is a lot of key points to the book to better yourself. I’m sure you have heard that you become who you hang around with. He really pushes that in one chapter and tells you to cut the fat. Clearly some family members you can’t get rid of, but just don’t hang out with them as much. Friends should generally be always pushing you and encouraging you with what ever you want to do.

Find a Mentor

If you don’t have anyone in your corner, cheering for ya find a mentor. Look for someone that is who you want to become and ask them for advice etc. You can find them online and learn a lot but its great to have a real connection with someone. If you don’t know anyone, try going to seminar’s your interested in and networking with people to find someone you connect with. If you find a mentor just make sure you work hard on what they help you with, no point wasting their time.

Personally I asked a client of mine a couple years ago if he would help be a financial mentor to me. He said yeah but I really didn’t do much from it. Once in awhile we will have a beer and bounce some stocks or resp stuff off each other, but I never took it to the next level. Also if you are successful in some area, you could become a mentor to someone and hopefully help them out.

Find What You Love to Do and Do It

You need to find what you like to do and just do it. So many people say they will in a couple years because the time is not right. He talks about just taking the jump and letting your wings come out. We need to have faith and don’t let FEAR stop ya.

  • F – False
  • E – Evidence
  • A – Appearing
  • R – Real
Multiple Streams of Income

This is not a finance book, but he does mention how important it is to have multiple streams of income. Hopefully by being a reader on my site or others you realize the importance of this and see how fast the snowball does grow. Do not let the money you make by working be your only income. He states that his number one thing he hears against multiple streams of income is that the person cant create all these streams at once. So people won’t even bother. I personally am like that, it took awhile for the solar panels to finish and now that they are, I can start looking into what the next passive income vehicle will be. Focus on one, while watching the others. When that one is done, move on to the next.

Enjoy Your Life

A couple chapters are about serving others, volunteering and brightening up the room. Life is short, enjoy it! Don’t sit around complaining and bringing the people around you down as well. Smile, laugh and love. If you do this surely the people around you will as well. If they don’t move to the next person. haha


As I stated earlier this was a very easy read. If you don’t read much and haven’t watched all of Les Brown you tube videos this book is for you. Hes a fantastic speaker, who you can learn a lot from. I got a couple things from the book but found a lot of it a broken record from online. If you haven’t heard of Les, and want to better yourself. I’m sure you would get a lot from this book, or check him out online. As always if your interested in purchasing the book, please click the link below to amazon. Thanks for your support.

There’s greatness in ya, Have a fantastic day.

Laws Of Success: 12 Laws That Turn Dreams Into Reality


6 Responses

  1. Great review Rob. I’m not really familiar with Mr. Brown, but it sound like he provides good advice. Tom

  2. Seems like a good book Rob. I haven’t read it, but I’m a big fan of getting motivation where ever it can be found, whether that be from You Tube, a friend or even a book. Like Tom, I’m also not familiar with Mr. Brown but I might have to go check him out.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Port.

      I think you would really enjoy Les. Clearly he’s in your ballpark based on your motivational quotes.


  3. Mr. Robot says:

    Great stuff, thank you for sharing it. I like Les a lot as well. Next to him I’m inspired by Eric Thomas and lately Simon Sinek. Check them out as well if you don’t already know them.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Mr

      Eric Thomas is definately up there for my top motivators. I listen to him alot. Sinek is ok but doesnt have that excitement in his voice, like the others.


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