June 2019 Passive Income

June 2019 Passive Income

June 2019 Passive Income Update

Hey Everyone, Its time for one of my favourite posts. Our June 2019 Passive Income Update.

Its crazy to think that 2019 is now halfway done. Time continues to fly. June was another fantastic month.

  • Our son finished senior kindergarten and is now moving on to grade one.
  • I jumped on the Raptors Bandwagon and we won it all. Congrats to the raptors! It’s your turn leafs………
  • We went camping at MacGregor point provincial park. This year we decided to try the group site (there was about 18 of us) and was pretty segregated. We didn’t see anyone unless we went on hiking trails or the park store. Yes even park wardens. Party Time! It was awesome, Highly recommend this park. Also wasn’t many bugs there, which was surprising because with all this rain bugs have been brutal this year.
  • Went to a friend’s stag n doe and was the corn hole champ! (bean bag game) Won myself a new matthew’s leafs Jersey and won a couple other things in the raffles

Other than that enjoying the beers with friends and Hanging with family. Life’s good……


Raises or Cuts

Nothing happened in this category this time, which is a nice improvement over last yr when corus cut their dividend.

Total Added Income from Dividend Raises so far in 2019 – $161.75

Dividend Income

12 Companies paid us this month.

StocksJune 2018 IncomeJune 2019 Income
IBM28.26 usd29.16
Highliner Foods21.75sold
Canadian National Railway28.2133.33
Richie Bros Auctions33.70sold
Sienna Senior2.40sold
ZDY Etf7.67sold
Auto Property Reitsold
Altagas 5.482.40
Boardwalk Reit2.42sold
Russell Metals17.48sold
Shaw30.42 (1 Drip)sold
Corus Entertainment 19.57 (3 Drip's)sold
Extendicare16.52 (2 Drip's)17.48 (2 Drips)
Riocan 39.48 (One Drip)28.92 (1 drip)
Enbridge 233.50 (4 Drip's)159.41 (2 Drips)
Inter Pipeline027.79 (1 Drip)
Brookfield Property 092.40 (3 Drips)
Brookfield Renewable 67.25 (One Drip)98.23 (2 Drips)
Dream Global Reit020.60 (1 Drip)
Canadian Utility's60.57 (One Drip)82.85 (2 Drips)

14 Drips this month. Always love those double digits!

June 2019 Dividend Total = $601.21

June 2018 Dividend Total = $621.28 (Previous Dividend Income)

Our Drips (Dividend Reinvestment Program) added $22.27 to our yearly forward dividend’s this month.

June 2019 Dividends


Arg! A negative growth rate…. The new cars continue to hurt these year over year charts. These months of the quarter in particular with the sales of shaw, russell metals, and richie bros auctions. There is a $80 difference right there…. Too many moving parts, but the game is a long one. I’ll be back soon enough!

Love getting that first 3m dividend though.

Other Income

Private Investment Payment – $500.00

Nothing new here, just our regular monthly payment. (I don’t even have to edit this part every month) Steady Eddy…….

Solar Income

In May (We always get paid a month later) our solar panel system generated 990 kWh. Since we bring in a fixed rate of 28.8 cents per kilowatt hour, Hydro One deposited $285.12 into our chequing account this month.

Unfortunately this is also lower year over year. The weather wasn’t to kind to us the start of the year, but June looked a lot better weather wise! Also passed the 10% return mile mark. That’s nice =)  Total Income for 2019 so far – $923.03

System Installed January 2018

Total System Cost ——–$32,396.46

Total Income Received ——–$3,438.99


Amount to Break even —- $-28,957.47


June 2019 Passive Income

Total May 2019 Passive Income – $1386.33

Total Passive Income Increase over last year. – $121.73

Yup that’s a little demotivating. Lower solar income and dividend’s year over year hurt this. The solar difference was 100 bucks though. 20 bucks less in dividends really is minor when you factor in what 2 new car payments would be. The sun is shining these days, it will get better.

Totals For 2019

Dividends Year To Date Total – $2,845.38
Other Passive Income Year to date – $4,489.19
Total Passive Income for 2019 —– $7,334.57
Year End Goal – $15,500 ——– %47.31

June 2019 Purchases

As always we continued to make our money work for us. Last month we added to our position in Abbvie by buying 15 shares before their massive acquisition. I still have mixed feelings about this move but its growing on me. This purchase adds $64.20 usd to our forward dividend’s.

Goals Update
  • I want to read 10 books this year. I stopped reading as a man thinketh and started reading Chris Hogan’s – Everyday Millionaires.  (It’s not bad, but I still don’t understand why in 2019 they still push mutual funds) 3/10 all yr.
  • Get A Will – DONE. You can read about that here.
  • Picked up some Garbage – Grabbed a bunch while hiking and at the beach camping. Also enticed my son and his friend to clean up the park after soccer for ice cream after. (They would of gotten ice cream anyways, but it was cool to see how excited they were to clean all the garbage)
  • Charities – Committed to donating $50 a month to The Nature Conservancy of Canada. In a year will either contribute more or let my wife pick a charity she feels strongly about.
  • Increase Dividends by $1,100 this year. With New Purchases, Drips and Dividend Raises this month we added $86.47 to our dividend Portfolio. So far in 2019 we have added $606.26 (%55.11 of our goal.) (Lost $446.94 on sale for car, but want to keep this separate)
  • Reduce Screen Time before BedRoom for improvement. Id say 50/50. These phones are addictive!

A fantastic month of activity’s, but our June 2019 passive income report sported some lower numbers. I saw this coming…. You can either beat yourself up or pick yourself up and keep going. I choose the latter. While it’s unfortunate to see negative numbers compared to last year, the momentum is there. Look at all those drips!

Taylor Swift told me to shake it off, I guess I will….. haha!

How was your month? Do any camping? Did you grab any Abbvie on the cheap?

Wish you all the best, Cheers!

“When You Stop Chasing The Wrong Things You Give The Right Things A Chance To Catch You”

– Lolly Daskal

34 Responses

  1. Nice work, PCI. I wouldnt worry about the slight decline in yoy income. You sold some poor performance companies, which is the most important thing to do.

    Looks like summer is in full swing and you are having a blast. Keep it up!


    • Rob says:

      thanks Road

      Yeah it looks (and was) a tonne of sales yr over yr. I like the look of our portfolio a lot more these days. Long term Ill be glad i did it.

      Summer is always a good time. Sun’s out, guns out!
      cheers man

  2. Looks like a fun month man. We’ve got the bean bags set up at the cabin (and Frisknock) too!

    Campsite looks great – but you need to UP your beer game…Coors and bud? Come on man! You’re better than that!

    best of luck in July.

    • Rob says:

      haha your hilarious!

      I dont drink bud (thats my friends) I do drink coors though.

      If im planning on having a good time it doesnt make sense to just drink craft beers, after a bunch its cheaper to just drink coors. Also i like a good ipa and they tend to have higher alcohol %. so the coors kinda water it down and i dont crash as fast… haha!

      Never heard of frisknock. may have to look that up.

      cheers Jordan!

  3. dividendgeek says:

    Good stuff Rob. I had a drop in dividends in Q2 as well. Much smaller then yours.A suggestion, for consistency purposes could you also mention the % of private investment you recouped? I remember it was 50,000$ investment. Can it be scaled i.e. more money = more revenue? Perhaps you could do more with it. Such, guaranteed returns are hard to come by.

    I was looking through Canadian tax system. Seems like dividends are taxed at marginal tax rate and long term capital gains is not. Would it be better to hold growth stocks then?

    • Rob says:

      hey geek

      Thanks man. As for the private investment. I can include how much we have gotten back already moving forward.

      I could always add more to the investment, and this is something we keep debating.. The returns have been good but nothing is entirely guaranteed. I like to stay diversified and also would like to see how the investment does in turbulent times. (As its mostly real estate)

      As for taxes, right now all our stocks are under registered accounts. Once we max these out. Ill have to look into it more, but from what understand canadian dividends are taxed favorably in un registered accounts.

      cheers man

  4. Great month PCI, even with the slight decrease. Since I’m re-balancing my portfolio, I am expecting a decrease next month. But the snowball keeps growing larger and in the long-term it will all be fine! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Rob says:

      thanks Dynasty

      Yeah there have been alot of moving pieces. Should be good moving forward lkke you stated.

      cheers man

  5. If you take the car out of the portfolio scenario you would be higher than last years total. Look at it as a dividend purchase you made, you never had to go into debt to buy the car so that’s pretty cool. Overall good month and love your solar income! See you next month my friend

  6. Jim says:

    Just sold my Highliner on this little uptick. I was disappointed by their divvy cut. How did you figure in April they were going to throw down a cut?

    You’re doing great with your income streams. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep it up.

    • Rob says:

      hey Jim

      nice. Seems like highliner has some challenges in the future, things weren’t changing to fast. Management kept stating that they would reevaluate their capital allocation strategy by the end of q2. So I figured a dividend cut was going to the be the thing they do to reduce debt.

      Sometimes you get things right… haha
      cheers Jim

  7. MichelleVV says:

    Great post PCI! Sounds like you had a lot of good times in June! Always interested to hear about the income of the solar panels, I like how you are tracking with the breakeven point in mind. Next time I see you I’ll ask you more about “DRIPs”

  8. Passive Cash says:

    No worries, like you said…it was expected after closing several positions. It will be exciting investing that capital in new positions with great companies. Or you can talk your neighbor into letting you install solar panels on his roof.

    • Rob says:

      hey pc

      Yeah exactly. I wish we could. The microfit program is no longer taking any new systems, and you can only have 1 to your name =)
      Gotta max these registered accounts and then look for the next alternative passive income stream.


  9. Tawcan says:

    Nice work! I’m hoping the Canucks will get the cup before the Leafs or we’ll never hear the end of it on the West Coast. :p

    We broke the $2,000 monthly milestone in June, supre excited about that.

    • Rob says:

      wow congrats Bob! look forward to your next report.

      The leafs look better than last year if they can keep marner.

      Heres hoping!
      cheers Bob

  10. PCI –

    I hope your solar income bounces strong this month, which I am sure it will. Keep saving and investing my friend.

    Congrats on the Raptors, as well, I know the feeling about GSW in the finals : )


    • Rob says:

      hey Lanny

      me too. These lower months will hurt the overall yearly return of the panels. Ahhh well cant return them now! haha

      Looks like kawhi has decided to move on along with danny green.. 2 tough spots to fill before the next season.

      cheers Lanny

  11. DivInvestor says:

    Nice work so far in eliminating your debt and starting the dividend journey. Dripping dividends gets the ball rolling. But I think you could improve your dividend income quite a bit by adding banks and utilities. BCE, Emera, etc, pay great consistent dividends. I never dripped much but used all dividends each quarter to buy a new stock. Keep on your path and enjoy the journey.

    • Rob says:

      hey div

      Thanks! Last month none of those companies paid dividends though. I have them all actually! Working on that bce position still though.

      cheers mate

  12. Jo says:

    Nicely done! Just curious if you hold any TELUS shares? I ask because I do and their dividends are great!. I’m eyeing BNS atm, they pay pretty good dividends as well.

    • Rob says:

      hey Jo

      Yes I do and they are my favorite canadian teleco.

      Also have a full position in bns. Love their potential.

      You can see all my holdings on my dividend page in the menu.

      Have a great day!

  13. Hey Rob,

    Great job with the totals.

    Good to see you on board with increasing your BEP position. I think that’s a great stock and fits well with your renewable/solar panel side income.

    Take care,

    • Rob says:

      hey Ryan thanks man

      I love bep and the brookfields in general.

      Renewables are the future and bep seems to be doing it right. haha

      cheers Ryan!

  14. Hi Rob. Bummer about the YoY dip in income, but I’m sure it will be a short term thing.
    Good to see that 1st MMM dividend, huh? Is MMM still on your watchlist despite the recent mini recovery?
    Congrats on your corn hole victory. Good to see you enjoying the nicer weather.

    • Rob says:

      hey Paul

      thanks man. Yeah 3m is still on my radar but i have absolutely no usd at the moment. I think ill let the dividends do their thing for a couple months and then just in the us side of things again. (after my recent abbvie buy)

      Grab some cdn $ stocks these months.

      Hope your enjoying the summer as well.
      cheers Paul

  15. German says:

    Yeah new car purchases hurt the bottom line, but they keep the butt warm!! Dividends will stabilize with new purchases and DRIPs, just give it a few months. Keep of hustling!

    • Rob says:

      Hey German

      so true especially in the winter with the seat warmer.

      No regrets it will come up again.

  16. Evan says:

    I can’t believe that in 18 months you are 10% paid back on your system (without taking into account the money you didn’t pay for electricity)!! That is awe inspiring. I am in the middle of buying a new house but I’ll 100% be looking into getting solar. Only problem is that I don’t think our power company is anywhere near as generous

    • Rob says:

      hey Evan

      Thanks man! The system definitely pays for itself, although we do pay for our power on top of it. (since we get paid more for all power we generate than what we pay to use power)

      Best of luck on your new house purchase, and hope your solar project works out for you.
      Cheers Evan!

  17. John says:

    Awesome month Rob! I hold a fair number of those names and would love to add CNR and BEP in the future.

    I definitely understand the feelings around the new car. One of my relatives bought a tesla model 3 recently and I visited them earlier in the spring. I came away from that trip wanting to look into buying a tesla myself lol!

    June was a good month for me as well. Portfolio income is highly variable in month three of each quarter, as I hold pretty large positions in international developed/emerging index funds that only pay dividends semi-annually (XEF, IEMG/XEC). Still, it was a record month and quarter for me: the first time passing the $1,500 monthly and $2,500 quarterly mark. No semi-annual payments next quarter so the total will be much smaller, but in the annual picture it all works out.

    Looking forward to another 6 months of dividend increases!


    • Rob says:

      hey John

      Thanks man. Cnr and bep are 2 of my favourite stocks. (cnr is probably my #1 stock) A Tesla would be sweet, they look awesome and electric would be so nice! Love what Elon has been doing.

      As for you, congrats on your record month and quarter. Sounds like some nice etfs positions. I should get a international etf sometime soon, to further diversify.
      Gotta love setting new records. They really help you keep going as you see that momentum grow.

      cheers John!

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