July 2017 Passive Income

July 2017, Passive Income Reportpassive income


Hey everyone, hope you all had a fantastic July. I tell ya I had a great time this month. I had friends over a couple times for swimming, drinks and bonfires. We went camping with friends at Longpoint provincial park for the Canada Day long weekend and just came back from camping with the family at one of my favorite campgrounds. Fanshawe conservation area in London. As I get older I find I’m starting to become a “birder”. Fanshawe has tonnes, including breeding bald eagles and lots of ospreys. I went fishing on the kayak and caught a couple decent walleye too! That to me is what its all about nature, friends and family! How was your July? Do anything cool?

Well its that time of the month…. Records were set, and the money we have been investing is now paying dividends……. (see what I did there?) This was the first time in this set of quarters we broke $100. I think the under 100 months are now done!



Dividend Income

13 Companies paid us this month.

  • Telus ——————- 17.24
  • Shaw ——————      2.17
  • Corus —————–       9.79
  • Restaurant Brands —–     4.90
  • zdy etf —————–      3.29
  • Riocan ——————  18.80
  • Auto Propertys ———    3.62
  • Boardwalk Reit ———-    5.44
  • Altagas —————–     5.25
  • Sienna Senior ———–     2.40
  • Aecon ——————    24.00 (One Drip)
  • Extendicare ————– 15.12 (One Drip)
  • Td Bank —————–  70.20 (One Drip)

July 2017 Dividend Total = $182.22 (%432.80 higher yr over yr)

July 2016 Dividend Total = $34.20 (Previous Dividend Income)

Other Income

Private Investment Payment – $500.00

Bonus $500 for switching to RBC Mortgage. (I was debating including this but figured since I include cash back credit cards why not? I did nothing for it.)

Totals For 2017

Dividends Year To Date Total – $667.57
Other Passive Income Year to date – $ 1,250.00
Total Passive Gains for 2017 —– $1917.57
Year End Goal – $2000.00 ——–%95.87 so far (66.6% of year over @ end of July)

Our net worth increased .88% this month! Sweet with the market down I thought we would definitely be under.


This month just like June we continued to put a lot of cash to use.

We bought

These purchases will continue to diversify and increase our Passive Income Stream.

How was your income? Another record?


22 Responses

  1. Leo T. Ly says:

    This month turned out quite well for me. My blog started to get some traction as I am being more active on Twitter. I don’t do my net worth calculations on a month to month basis. However, I think that I am just chucking along very well as I continue to build my dividend portfolio as the Canadian market drops.

    I picked up a few hundred share of BCE and Sunlife at really great prices.

  2. Congrats on a terrific month. You are invested in some nice companies, your income will continue to grow and grow now.

  3. Fantastic year-over-year dividend income increase. It feels good to leave the under $100s behind. Congrats on the accomplishment.

  4. dividendgeek says:

    Another solid month. I like your 500$ income from private investment.

    I am happy with the how my dividend investments are paying out … Finding it hard to diversify into other passive incomes.

  5. PCI, awesome report and congrats for crossing the $100 per month in dividend income. Very impressive that it’s now going to be on a consistent basis.

  6. Congrats on being over $100 in a single month. Hope that streak continues. That is a nice list of companies paying you. That YoY% growth is amazing! Nice work!

  7. Great month, PCI. I noticed you were commenting on my blog. Thanks for the love. I will add your blog to my blog roll. You got some interesting reads. I like it 🙂

  8. Pellrider says:

    That is great to invest about $10,000 in a month. Your passive income is looking great. I am searching for other passive income ideas other than dividends.
    Congratulations on your achievements!

  9. Doug says:

    Awesome month and great YOY keep it up

  10. nice income and increase from 2016! congrats

  11. Thanks for sharing. Dividend from 13 companies – nice diversification.

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