Investment Free December

Investment Free

Halfway through the month of December and we still haven’t made a stock purchase. What’s happening? Well this month has been a busy month for us, as I’m sure it has been for you. While I love Christmas, it is most likely the busiest month of the year and the most expensive.

Ice Rink

I had to shut the yard down and start our ice rink, get those stakes in the ground before the major frost. Well I got it done right before the big snow storm here. I knew our lawn had a slope to the property but definitely underestimated it. The rink went way over budget. I needed a tonne of 2×10’s to make up the frame and stack on top of each other. The liner itself cost 150 bucks… I thought the rink would of costed maybe 400$ total but it quickly shot to about 650 in materials…. (Rink is 28ft x 45ft) The good thing is boards and everything can be reused next year, and if I’m lucky the ice rink liner as well. The rink is now flooded and I will be lacing up tomorrow to break it in.

Christmas Shopping

It feels good, We are officially done our Christmas shopping and actually went under budget. Recently I did a post stating that the average Canadian would spend 650$ on gifts this year. I thought the wife and me would spend 900 total, she really busted out and kept that number to between 7-8 hundred. Personally I still haven’t done the amazon thing but I know a lot of people that do. I like the malls, the people and the atmosphere of Christmas.

Baby #2

Baby number 2 is supposed to come the beginning of January 2018. We are excited, its a girl. So we will have a boy and girl – The Million Dollar Family people keep saying. The bank account doesn’t agree, we aren’t there yet but that’s what we are gunning for! Anyways the wife just finished working on Friday and will start her application for maternity leave. This will drastically reduce our income for the next year, obviously 2 incomes is a lot better than one. We decided to pump up our savings vs investing.

Mini Vacation

We used to go away every winter. Somewhere warm and sunny. We haven’t in 3 years now…….. Remember the Zika virus transmitted by mosquito’s? It wasn’t my thing, we were trying for baby #2 and didn’t wanna mess with that. So we stayed here in the cold. We did do mini vacations though. We went to great wolf lodge in Niagara Falls last year and absolutely loved it. It isn’t cheap but its cheaper than a flight somewhere else. We go for the night the 3 of us and just enjoy our time. Well we decided to surprise the little man and go there before the next baby and sometime before Christmas. Prices are cheaper before the Christmas Break.


Cookie Coma’s

My wife and her girlfriend’s made a day of baking cookies. They made tonnes, I eat tonnes…… Then wake up from my cookie coma. I wake and feel like crap, dam I ain’t gonna start looking at stocks now. Don’t Judge! I got one big ab =)

Tax Losses

A lot of people will sell off the stocks that didn’t perform so well this year at a loss to offset their capital gains in their portfolio for tax purposes in their taxable investment accounts. This could create a great buying opportunity for some stocks which are already down.

The Market

This market is red hot. I feel like the past 2 months have pushed my stocks to all new levels. I used to think ah this drip will be safe its got lots of room. The stocks have been going up in value so much, some stocks probably won’t get dripped next time around. I guess it’s a great problem to have but makes it hard to find a “buy” at current levels.



Bitcoin is nuts! I remember looking at it back in my precious metal days. I passed because its currency is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Its not backed by anything. World currencies aren’t either anymore, but more people value a dollar than a bitcoin. Whats going to happen when bitcoin really challenges the worlds currencies? I don’t think the elite will sit around and just watch…. Every day I see so many articles about bitcoin or other crypto’s. I think they are in a bubble and when it pops maybe the market will correct a bit as well. I do like the block chain aspect of crypto’s though.

(cough cough while getting this image I see bitcoin is now worth 25k Canadian)


With all these expenses or situations at the moment, I really haven’t been shopping the market at all. I’ve decided to sit back, throw a snowball or two at my kid and enjoy the holidays. I don’t think I’m really timing the market just watching how this month plays out. If something drastic pops up, I might have to make a investment.

Any stocks you watching at the moment? Going away for the holidays?


10 Responses

  1. I guess I’m a little late in saying this but congrats on the upcoming addition to your family. Hope everyone is doing well. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Pellrider says:

    December is a busy month. The market is going to go up because of the corporate tax cuts in America. You will still find some stuff to invest. Merry Christmas!

  3. May says:

    Congrats on the new baby. I didn’t calculate how much income I lost until I was on maternity leave of my second kid. The calculation was a big shock to me. Kids are so expensive. But they are priceless anyway. Worth every penny I spent for them.

    • Hey May thanks alot. My son costs a bit but we are lucky and get alot of hand me downs. (toys/clothes) Her on mat leave will drastically change our income next yr but by having all these savings/ investments im alot more confident financially for the next year compared to when we had our son. (Worse case scenario)

      Cheers May

  4. dividendgeek says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year mate!

  5. DivHut says:

    Nothing wrong with sitting back and taking a pause for a month. I still have not made my December purchase though I plan to next week most likely. A lot going on, that’s for sure. Crypto mania, stock market making all time highs, crazy political news everyday, etc. etc. Sit back, relax and look forward to your New Year gift.

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