Our Income Sources

Our Current Income Sources

They say the average millionaire has 7 different income sources. In February 2017 when I first created this site we had 3. Work, Work and dividend’s. By becoming more conscious of different opportunities we currently have 6 different Income sources. Time to start thinking of a 7th source!

income sources

One of Our Jobs

1 – My Salary (Job) – I’m a landscaper by trade, love my job. I’m on salary now and get winters off to do whatever. Normally a trip, renos around the house and other jobs for extra income. Some years I do snow removal as well.

income sources

2 – My Wife’s Income (Job) – My wife is a dental hygienist, working full time.

income sources

3 – Dividend’s from our Stock and Etf Portfolio – By purchasing shares in existing dividend paying companies, you can create a very solid passive income. Check Out Our Portfolio here. Dividend’s Currently add over $5000 to our yearly income.

income sources

4 – Private Investment – We invested $50,000 into a family private investment – investing in various endeavors. This gives us a 12% return on capital, bringing in $500 per month or $6000 per year. Read more about the investment HERE.

5 – Ads & Affiliates – There’s some ads on this page as well as affiliates. Right now I have made $200- 250 in adsense and about 40 bucks from amazon……… haha

income source

6 – Solar Panels  – December 2017 we finally finished hooking up our solar panels. They are on the roof of our house. It consists of 30 panels and will generate 28.8cents per kwh. The whole system will bring in roughly $2500-  $3,000 per year for a 20 year contract. read more HERE.


Well there ya have it, now that the panels are installed we currently have 6 different income sources. Who knows what the 7th one will be, but I tell you there will definitely be more than 7 by the time we retire. I tend to always be on the lookout for a great passive income at the moment.

9 Responses

  1. Steve H says:

    Hey bud, I am very inspired by your blogs as I am a dividend kinda guy as well. I wish to get started on blogging and wondering what web hosting/domain provider you use? Also, was it easy to integrate Google Adsense? Lastly, what is the total annual cost to run this website?

  2. Income Master says:

    Good work, the more income streams the better! I’ve been looking into solar panels at the moment too.

  3. GYM says:

    Hey $0.18 on Amazon is great, I haven’t made any on Amazon yet and I just want to make something so that they don’t deactivate my account!! That first Google Payout is the hardest to get, just like the first $100,000 in net worth is the hardest to get! 😉

    • Rob says:

      haha how true is that! I remember those emails. I actually think they cut me off one time and i had to repeal it. Soooo many people bought stuff at Christmas from amazon, I didnt even think of it at the time but if they go there through your link and buy whatever you get a cut. I have told some friends that but unfortunately after christmas! I believe ya about that google payment, as traffic grows so does the ad revenue.
      All the best Gym!

  4. Chris says:

    Considering getting into Rental Arbitrage some time in the future. It lets you get into the rental market without requiring a huge capital outlay.

    • Rob says:

      hey Chris

      I seriously have very little knowledge on this subject.

      For us I’d like a rental or maybe just p2p lending. I would have to read more to get into this kind of area.

      All the best

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