How To Increase Passive Income A Lot

Increase passive Income

How To Increase Passive Income A Lot

Do you want to Increase passive Income? Who doesn’t? Passive Income is the holy grail of being financially independent. Last year we managed to Increase passive Income totals by over 12 thousand dollars. I’ll gladly show you how we did it.

Money is a interesting subject. Some people get excited when they hear the word, while others can get very anxious. It is not everything, but can open a lot of doors and create a tonne of opportunities/ experiences. It can completely change someone’s life for good, but sadly for the bad as well.

One simple accident could severely change your career, or even worse end it all together. That is why I’m a huge fan of multiple sources of income. Passive income’s are a great way to branch out since they don’t require much of your time once they are created. Supplying you with a steady income weekly, monthly quarterly etc.

How We Increased our forward Passive Income by over $12,000 In One Year

In this post I want to talk about how we went from 3 sources of income to 6 in 2017. Our forward passive income at the beginning of February 2017 (When I started this site) was right around $1,160 dollars. This was all just dividend income. Currently, (less than a year later) we have a forward passive income of $13,619. A $12,459 difference. Yup, you read that right. It can be done. Let me tell you how I did it.

Increase passive Income

Income Sources

Ok you might be wondering, he said he had 3 sources of income last year. Why does he say all his passive income is from dividend’s. When I started this site the beginning of last year we had our 2 jobs bringing in incomes and dividend’s. Representing 3 different sources of income, with only the dividend income being passive. Last year saw a bunch of new moves and we added 3 more sources – A private family investment that pays us monthly, Ads and Affliates from this website and we installed a 10 kilowatt solar panel system on the roof. Check out more about them here. Our Sources of Income.


To give you a quick idea of numbers, here’s how we come up with our current forward passive income of $13,619.


We put a lot of money to work in the stock market last year purchasing dividend paying stocks. When I started blogging we had $22,000 in our portfolio generating roughly $1,160 a year in dividend’s. Throughout 2017 our portfolio kept growing and now has about 125 thousand in it. We increased our forward dividends for the year to $4,619 dollars. Clearly the average dividend yield went down as I started buying more secure stocks. Our Portfolio currently yields 3.72%

Private Investment

We decided to invest with our family who does pretty well with real estate and other en-devours . With this investment we put down $50,000 and generate a 12% rate of return. We get paid $500 a month to do nothing but trust them. 500 x 12 = 6000.

Solar Panels

The government of Ontario offered a micro-fit program for awhile now. (2017 was the last year) This was to entice people to go green and start installing solar panels on their property. We signed up last yr and just recently got hooked up and installed on our roof. The total cost was around 32 thousand but will generate roughly 3 thousand a year on a 20 year contract. After that we will negotiate a new contract.

I wont talk much about ads and affiliates or cash back credit cards but those would add to the total as well. So those 3 incomes total $13,619. The dividend’s are tax free as they are all in rrsp, resp and tfsa accounts. The private investment and solar income will be taxed.

So How Did We Do It?

Honestly I have stated it so many times, this online financial community of bloggers is fantastic. I can’t take all the credit for the growth or the moves I made. The comments everyone makes keeps you going. Its nice reading other bloggers about what stocks they are buying and why. How they are handling their finances and of course how are they doing it! Some of them are bringing in massive stacks of cash. I want to emulate them, show me the way. Here’s hoping this post will help some of you as well.

Join the community, start by getting on twitter and following some people, commenting on their posts and ultimately start your own website. Goals and targets are a lot more compelling when you know there’s a bunch of people watching you. I feel the website is one of the best things I have ever done by the way! Click here to find out more – Why Everyone Should Have A Website.

Cancel Mutual Funds

One of the very first things I did was cancel all our mutual funds. Yes all of them. They had high management fees (2.5 – 3 %) and really weren’t doing too much. My sons resp for example returned 6% in 2016 while the stocks I held returned over 35% with the dividend’s they paid included. That was a massive difference and when I asked them why that was, they told me when Trump got elected the fund went all bonds, thinking the market wouldn’t like it… Well they missed a tonne of gains but they still got their management fees. (The 2.5-3%). In total we transferred approximately 18 thousand over to our own direct investing stock accounts. RESP and RRSP. Noone Cares About Your Money As Much As You. (If you like fund’s, Etf’s offer the same benefits with a drastically lower management fee.)

Increase passive Income

Refinanced Our House

I know this one isn’t for everyone. Personally I was even hesitant. Dave Ramsey raised me!(well financially) Pay that off. But Rich dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki says otherwise. He loves to state buy assets and use other people’s money, generating a higher return than what your paying in interest. Previously at our old house, I threw all our extra income at our house and created a lot of equity but I wasn’t investing. The family (we invested with) would approach me to invest but I would always shoot them down. After seeing fellow blogger’s (Especially Leo) and realizing that interest rates are low and I could get a better return in other investments we refinanced. We pulled out 150,000 in equity. We didn’t pull the max we could. Both of us (me and wife) felt that would be enough for what we wanted to do with it.

Most people after they refinance would go out and blow it, buying new cars and toys. We didn’t. That money was already earmarked to Increase passive Income.

$52,000 to open and max out a tfsa. (buying stocks) 50,000 went to the private investment. Leaving us with 48,000 which went to the Solar Panel system and a brand new roof. All the remaining money got funnelled towards rrsp, resp or the other tfsa account. There might of been a camping trip or a dinner out with that money too!

Added Cost of Living

Now of course that refinance added to our cost of living. It basically brought our monthly payments up another $400 a month, which easily gets covered with the new investments. It also completely eliminated all our banking fees, since we switched our mortgage over to our bank. Saving us 120$ a year. Since we weren’t desperate to move it there too, they gave us a great rate of 2.59%.

At the time I really debated if this was a move I wanted to make. A year later I see it created a lot of great opportunity’s and would recommend it if you are financially secure. I think that is key. As Robert states, buy assets  don’t waste it. All income from this refinance will cover the 400 dollar difference and the remaining will be reinvested into some passive income.

Hard Work

There is nothing special to all the other money we have put towards passive income sources. Just hard work, live below your means, Enjoy life and invest the rest.


I understand a lot of people don’t have $150,000 in equity they can just pull out of their house. While the income was created over the last year the equity took a couple years to generate. Anyone can do this, I’m a average Joe. This new passive income will be put to work and will continue the snowball, hopefully generating more and more in years to come.

I hope you learned something from this post and do your best to Increase passive Income sources for you and your family!

All the best…..


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  1. dividendgeek says:

    WOW! You went from 22,000 to 125,000 in one year? That is awesome investing and dedication to saving mate. I have done okay but no where close to what you achieved. I like your yield too. Most of the dividend investors have yields around 3-4%. Mine is closer to 2%. Not all mutual funds have high MER. Index funds tend to be cheap and perform really well. Vanguard Canada has a bunch of well diversified ETFs which are cheap. All my investments are in Vanguard index funds. Looks like your investments where in actively managed funds. AFAIK, Markets going up or down was definitely a coin toss. Your growth in one year is phenomenal mate. Looking forward to your 2018 performance.

    • Hey geek thanks alot! Vanguard seem like good etfs. My 2018 gains wont be close to this years. With the wife on mat leave our income is drastically slashed. We also wont be refinancing, but on the plus side all this forward income will be reinvested. Propeling the gains.

      Always appreciate the comments
      Cheers Mate!

  2. JC says:

    That’s fantastic PCI! A $12k increase in your passive income in just 1 year is huge. I’m considering a refi for our own house although I don’t know if we’ll cash out any of the equity. It’ll be tempting but we don’t have nearly the amount of equity as y’all did to make it worthwhile unless we get a fairly generous appraisal. Although maybe it’ll be tempting depending on the interest rate. One of my goals for this year is to start researching a refi. I think it’d be pretty simple and straightforward except my work history was interrupted with the slowdown in the oil field and I haven’t been back to work for a full 12 months yet. So I’m thinking mid year might be a good time to start looking into it. Either way though y’all did a fantastic job in 2017.

    • Hey jc thanks alot! I would say start researching aNd calling around. Start with one company since you dont want to many dings on your credit score. The lack of consistency with work may make it harder though. Its worth a shot and great if you can atleast lower your interest rate.
      Wish you all the best in 2018!

  3. Income Master says:

    Good choice getting out of the mutual funds. The fees and costs are insane and eat away at any good gains.

  4. Congratulations on a great financial year in 2017! That is some incredible progress on your passive income. You are right that the online financial community is a great source of ideas and support. I also started my blog last year, and I agree with you that it was a good decision. Best of luck in 2018!

  5. Leo T. Ly says:

    Thanks for the shoutout Rob.

    Great job of getting the loan and direct it to your passive investments. The interest cost for the private investment loan and the solar panel can be used to offset the income that you earned at tax time when you file your taxes (in case you haven’t talked to your accountant yet).

    Man, I would love to find out more about the 12% private investment. If it’s stable and the risk is reasonable, I want in lol.

    • Hey Leo np, thank you.

      First off i wanna say sorry i accidently hit remove love when reading your comment and got rid of your backlink. My bad. Dunno how to get it back.

      As for taxes we are goinf to hire a accountant this year probably would be worth it. The investment is definitely nice. Ill talk to them.

  6. Pellrider says:

    You were able to get $150,000 on equity! Good for you. I don’t know much about refinancing. The current rate is locked at 2.5% . I just started paying more to finish off the mortgage faster. Great achievement in increasing the sources of income. Good luck in 2018!

  7. Congrats on a very successful year PCI and on that massive increase in dividend income. I completely agree that it’s important to have multiple sources of passive income. You never know when one income stream will dry up.

  8. Brent @ AAI says:

    Nice work. With rates super low still, if you were able to get a lower interest rate and take money out to invest you did great. That mortgage payment will stay the same while your investments will continue to grow. That’s how you leverage wisely. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  9. Nice work. Thank you for sharing. I share all points you mentioned and I am also a huge fan of multiple sources of income. Currently we have passive income from four sources and looking for others. I fully agree to NO mutual funds. We also refinanced our rental property and put these money to work for as through private mortgage. I am wondering myself but within three years of investing we expect receiving 18,000 in passive income in 2018. Have a great 2018!

    • Rob says:

      Hey allincome
      Sounds like you are doing fantastic. Always great hearing stories of people winning. You got 4 different sources of passive income. You are winning!
      I’ll be coming by your site to check out your story.

  10. Mr. Robot says:

    That is one very impressive year. I wish were able to refinance our house but the penalties are making that impossible here.

    Congratulations on crushing 2017 and I’m looking forward to following you along in 2018!

  11. Hi Rob!

    What a great story! That’s awesome that you were able to pull this off within a year. I love the idea of passive income as well.

    My fiance and I are trying to find ways to gain from both growth and passive returns. We recently bought a rental property last year and so far it’s been pretty good. From time to time, there are a bit of hiccups so it’s not 100% passive where no work is required. As for you, the fact you get $500 per month (12% return) where you do ABSOLUTELY nothing is fantastic!

    P.S. I didn’t know about the solar panels….. but that’s pretty cool!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Panda

      Thanks alot for the comment. Yeah the private investment has been great so far! The solar panels are nice but i need to invent something to get the snow off them, so they produce in the winter!

      Thats awesome about the rental, my goal is to have one by 2021 but would hope real estate values drop a little by then.

      I got a buddy with a couple rentals, there is some work to them but he has done very well with them.

      All the best

  12. Terry Pratt says:

    Real estate investment typically entails capturing the wealth of others unable to retain their own wealth.

    i.e. you’re not really creating wealth as much as you are redistributing it to yourself.

  13. Tracy Ma says:

    Wow, nice job!! Great stuff about the solar panel investment. That’s an interesting investment!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Tracy

      Welcome, always love seeing new faces to the site.

      Thanks, sucks they are always covered by snow but will be great come spring

  14. Hey Rob. I just saw this post – sorry for the late comment. Congrats on some excellent financial moves. You benefited from a terrific rate on the refinance, and a good time to buy stocks on the dip. And it doesn’t hurt to invest at 12 percent per year!

    I did a recent post on HELOC arbitrage, as I was contemplating something similar (pulling money from my home equity and putting it to better, more profitable, use). But for me the numbers didn’t really work because my rate is much higher.

    You are motivating me to check out solar panels. I live in hurricane alley, so it’s a bit trickier here. But lots of my neighbors are enjoying free electricity, and it’s time I joined them!

    I think these moves will pay off handsomely for you.

    • Rob says:

      Hey fireman.

      First off thanks, it definitely seemed to work out well. Now id like to point out I refinanced vs a heloc. A heloc would of been 5% and would of changed the whole situation…

      the 12% rate of return is great no question about that!

      Solar is fantastic set it and forget it. Hurricane alley maybe kinda risky though as the wind may catch under the panels. Of course they are fastened good just never faced hurricane winds!

      All the best man

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