Happy Easter


Happy Easterhappy easter

Good Morning and Happy Easter to all!

Oh man, do I ever love the holidays. It’s always a great time with family and I love the way the kids get so excited for Easter, Christmas and Halloween. Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year. This weekend has been very busy. We had my family Easter on Friday followed by a wedding last night. (which was great, right on the water) I was the d.d though, My wife doesn’t drink too much and wanted to with her friends. Fantastic have a great time. A couple drinks later she thinks she can double fist sex on the beach drinks, Needless to say we left at 10:30. Which was o.k since I’m not much of a dancer (unless its slow songs or I’m the one drinking) Today we will go to her family for another Easter egg hunt (our sons third this weekend) and hang out with them.

I wanted to give thanks to all of you. The site has been up just over 2.5 months now. The comments really inspire me and make me feel like I’m doing a good job. I really feel the community aspect, its awesome. Everyone keeps asking when I’m going to get some U.S stocks or etf’s, I know I should diversify more but you are holding me accountable. You make me better! Its funny you tell people about your website and they kind of brush you off. Then you say how many views you have and they light up. Oh shit its for real, but do you have followers and people commenting etc? Yes and Yes. Now they want to check out your site. haha


The Maple Leafs won a big game last night, the massive underdog’s of the playoffs and standing toe to toe with the best team. 2 Overtime games now and the series is tied 1-1. Anderson has been solid, but losing Polak last night will hurt. He is definitely one of my favourite defense men. Oh yeah and the Blue Jays won their 2nd game of the year! haha What is going on? I miss Edwin he was my favorite blue jay but Morales is hitting the long ball. I jumped on the Raptors bandwagon since its playoff time. It should be a easy series but they dropped the ball last night and lost, they will rebound nicely tho next game.

Anyways that’s what I have been up to. I know its not finance related and was debating this post but personally I enjoy reading a bit about everyone’s life while reading their blogs.  My smile is huge, life is great. Have a fantastic Easter Day! What are you up to today? How do people react when you tell them about your website?

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  1. Leo T. Ly says:

    Happy Easter to you too CanadianPassiveIncome. I also love the long weekends. My wife’s sister’s family came over for a kids sleepover last night. The kids had a blast. Two days of relaxation, so today is Reno day for me. Gotta do the upkeep to keep the income properties in good shape.

  2. dividendgeek says:

    I miss being with my family so much. The quicker I achieve FI, the better. I really want to spend time on things that matter to me.

  3. You must have been celebrating last night with the OT win over the Capitals!!! Toronto has definitely outplayed the Capitals so far and it looks like the Capitals playoff curse may continue. Which is unfortunate for us DC folks since it’s been quite the drought in the sports championship world 🙁

    • Dam yeah you guys must be going nuts. They beat us in the season. All these leafs injuries are going to hurt though. Losing Roman Polak is a pretty big loss. The capitals are a great team the series isn’t over yet! I expect them to come out hard tonight

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