First Tech Stock

First Tech Stock

Good morning.

This morning I was analyzing what deals are out there and our current diversification. Our tech sector has been under 1% of our portfolio for awhile and honestly it’s been driving me crazy! haha While most of our cash is sitting in the TFSA for Canadian stocks we have a bunch of cash sitting in our chequing account for the future solar panels. Rather then having that sit idle for a couple months we decided to put $5500 to work in basically a loan to ourselves.

We generally add $1000-2000 per month to the rrsp account per month but after the  conversion I don’t want to make a us stock purchase cause I prefer all trades to be 1500$ plus to minimize the trading fee cost on investment. So rather than add the 1000-2000 per month, I’ll keep it in our chequing account until the $5500 is paid back in full.

Our US exposure is about 10% of our account and as mentioned earlier our tech sector is lower then 1%. So we decided to get 2 birds stoned at once and pump up those numbers.


We started a postion in Cisco. No not Sisqo the hit singer of Thong Song ……. let me see that thonnnggg!

First Tech Stock


We started a position in Cisco adding 132 shares to the portfolio. This should ensure a drip which I love. The stock is currently 10.78% off its 52 week high and gives a 3.75% dividend yield. This investment should bring in $153.12 in forward dividend income which pushes us over the 3k a year mark! Sweet! It’s past dividend raises have been pretty healthy too. I have watched some of you making the purchase and it got my attention. Thanks again!


I feel Cisco is in great position for the future as the internet of things will just promote more networks. The Canadian dollar has strengthened lately in relation to the US dollar and this really increases our tech sector position. All in all I feel its a fantastic buy. I just wish I made the move before the x dividend date but hey I’ll get the next one!



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  1. Leo T. Ly says:

    The tech sector of my portfolio is also underweighted too. This is due to my mistake of holding on to blackberry and see its value continue to decrease in the recent years. I wanted to invest in Apple a couple of times and sold a few put options, but the stock price never dropped down to the strike price. I just kept the premium for free. I am still trying to invest in tech stocks, but I am looking for opportunities.

    • Canada needs some big tech players. I think cisco is a good opportunity at the moment and definally offers a nice teild as well. I really feel apples best days are behind them. Steve jobs made apple! Haha

  2. Doug says:

    I’m overweight in tech but if something is still on special next couple times I buy I could pull the trigger. Never want to pass up a chance to add a good stock. Of course a few stocks are on sale right now. Going to make a buy this week. Apple still has some life left look at what the stock will do when the iPhone 8 comes out I think it will head close to 170.00

    • Hey Doug good points. A deal is a deal. I keep thinking what id do if enbridge pulled back alot even tho its like 13% of my portfolio.

      Ill watch apple but i dont think anything really new is coming out on the phone. But some peopls are just hardcore apple. I tend to get my cellphone based on camera and price so huawei might be big competition in the cell world soon enough. They got good cameras. Cheers

  3. Jay says:

    Thanks for sharing! Agree with your comment that Canada has a lack of bit tech stocks – especially dividend paying stocks. Constellation Software is the only one in my portfolio at the moment. Thanks again.

  4. PCI –

    DAYUM! Let me see that CISCOOO CISCO!!!! haha, Great purchase and damn good price, bought them once and am considering purchasing again. Hope this re-balancing other industries within your portfolio as well. Like you said it, that’ll be one helluva drip.


  5. Hey PCI,

    good job! – you got in lower than i did…but in the long run we both will see the rewards.


  6. John R says:

    congrats on your Cisco purchase.

    On that CGNX mentioned by Jay above, agree it’s not too good for dividends (DGI) – but what a nice pick, especially if it’s a swing trade that will increase in price, or other things that can be done with that stock.

    Otherwise, say buying 100 shares at $89, then selling the Feb 2018 ‘at the money’ $90 covered call, picking up the option premium of $9.50/share. Add to that a selling a ‘out of the money’ naked PUT Feb 2018 at $65 strike price, picking up another $2.20/share in premium money.

    This lowers your initial purchase tof $89 – covered call premium of $9.50 + $2.20 Put premium = $89- $11.70 = $77.30 (money at risk).

    Profit (before commissions) if you get called on the $90 covered call is $90 in your pocket minus $77.30 money at risk =$12.70 profit. That is $12.70/$89 investment = 14.27% for the 7 mths or 24.46%annualized.

    Then there is the vertical spread if folks believe the stock wont be too volatile – this lowers the investment, increases the percentage return… so many ways. Nice pick Jay.

    Most stock trading investors wouldn’t do this, sticking to ‘Buy & Hold’ without an exit strategy or sell/stop loss price.

  7. John R says:

    On CSCO, I did some digging & looks like a nice pick by you. Expected one year target $36, with a ‘Buy’ recommendation at it’s current price. Should do well for you.

  8. Fantastic buy, looks like a nice healthy dividend stock. Well done!

  9. Great buy. I’m happy to be a fellow shareholder. CSCO has it’s haters, but I like the company. Great company and a good dividend. Nice job.

  10. PCI I think you made a great purchase. You beat me to it. CSCO was one of the stocks I am seriously considering adding to my portfolio.

  11. Congrats on your first Tech Stock! Our family does not own any shares in CSCO but it is certainly on our radar after seeing a few buys from the DGI community lately.

    Thanks for sharing and best wishes! AFFJ

  12. Duncan's Dividends says:

    I’m definitely underweight tech at the moment as well, but Cisco is on my list. I just deployed quite a bit of capital the last three months so I’m waiting probably until September or a massive pullback to deploy more of it. Great pick up though!

    • Thanks Duncan. I havr been thinking the same thing. Do i make more purchases or wait for a pull back. The tsx has been slowly going down the last couple months. Is a crash nearby? Noone knows…..

  13. I’m still laughing at your song reference haha. But I think it is a great buy. And it will add a substantial amount of dividend income to your portfolio. Wish I had that much free capital to throw into a stock. Nice to see you making some big moves.

  14. Great buy. I’ve been an owner of Cisco for quite some time now. Still up nearly 29% in my Roth. I might have to look at buying some more too. The only issue for me is that I try to avoid owning a stock in both a Roth and taxable account. Not that it really matters (other than for REITs), but that it just seems to keep things easier to keep track of if they are consolidated into one account. I have a few exceptions when good value presents itself and this might be one of the times.


    • Thanks Scott, I hear ya. Since me and my wife can both have a tax free savings account its hard. I want to have different companies in both portfolio’s but they tend to overlap. Drips would be wayy simpler if we just held all in one account.

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