February 2018 – Passive Income

February 2018 – Passive Income

Oh Man, I love March. The spring weather starts to peak its head. The Ice rink has been taken apart and the hockey has moved onto the road. The landscaper itch, has started and I cant wait to get back at it. We went on a nice hike yesterday and I was amazed to see the swans and tonnes of other birds already. The sun has hit the skin and the white boy transformation begins. (I get pretty dark)

Of course winter pops back up just to F^&k with us. Right now its snowing, we will get between 15-30 cm of snow tonight. ArG! Onto the income……..

4 Stocks decided to Boost their Dividend for me
  • Cisco Raised their Dividend by 14%
  • Manulife Raised theirs by 7.3%
  • Brookfield Renewable Bumped theirs 5%
  • Restaurant Brands blew us all away with their 114% dividend Increase!

January 2018 - Passive Income

Dividend Income

15 Companies paid us this month.

StocksFeb 2018 Income
Potash Corp of Saskatchewan18.20
National Bank of Canada21.60
Altagas 5.48
Sienna Senior2.40
CVS Healthcare - USD15.50
ZDY Etf7.13
Auto Property's3.62
Boardwalk Reit2.42
Shaw30.02 (One Drip)
Corus Entertainment18.62 (2 Drips)
Riocan39.00 (One Drip)
Extendicare16.28 (2 Drips)
General Mills - USD62.23 (One Drip)

February 2018 Dividend Total = $269.51 (%283.69 higher yr over yr)

February 2017 Dividend Total = $70.24 (Previous Dividend Income)

Our Drips (Dividend Reinvestment Program) added $7.82 to our yearly forward dividend’s this month!

February 2018 - Passive Income

Other Income

Private Investment Payment – $500.00

Solar Panel Income – $48.96

Total February 2018 – Passive Income – $818.47

Total Passive Income Increase over last year. – 1065.24%

February 2018 - Passive Income

Totals For 2018

Dividends Year To Date Total – $576.95
Other Passive Income Year to date – $1340.23
Total Passive Income for 2018 —– $1917.18
Year End Goal – $15,000 ——–%12.78

Last year our Total Passive Income was $6328.41. This goal seems massive but by having all our assets produce the entire year and new cash injections, hopefully we hit the target!


Our Net worth went up slightly this month.

January 2018 - Passive Income

December 2017 Purchases

Well we broke the $1000 streak. Womp….. Still massive growth in a year. Since we sold off Cineplex and APR we wont be seeing those dividends anymore. This was also the final Potash dividend, It will now be a little higher and be Nutrien’s Dividend next time. The addition of Emera and Proctor and Gamble should pump these off months up in the future.

The panels are now producing and I’ll gladly welcome their income adding to these monthly totals from now on.

How was your income? What stocks are you watching at the moment?


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  1. Way to go Rob, fantastic month of February. All the best for March

  2. Nice progress. Keep up the good work Rob. Wish you lived closer, I’d hire you for some landscaping work at my house. Tom

  3. Doug says:

    Good job. Lots of great companies paying you. You got some good dividend raise

  4. You are killing it this year! Love that Cisco dividend increase, but it doesn’t beat the over 100% increase you got. That never happens. Lucky you hold that stock.

    Also, never thought I would hear a Canadian being excited about the hockey rink getting taken apart. But I love the warm weather since we seem to get so little of it.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Daze. True loved that cisco raise. Thought i could drip the stock again, heres hoping that stock stop going up in price sooo much.

      Rbi is a great stock, id love to buy more.

      Im not the best with a puck but i play a mean game of road hockey!

      Cheers man

  5. MrSLM says:

    Nice going, and yeah March is awesome. Means winter is almooooost over! 🙂

  6. Congrats breaking the $1000 mark in passive income! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Rob says:

      Hey dynasty thanks.

      Unforetunately didnt hit 1000 this month thought. Next month i should no problem!


  7. dividendgeek says:

    1065.24%! amazing mate! Congrats!
    Just a suggestion when you compare with last year numbers could you also compare each item i.e. dividends, solar, private investment etc. What is driving this mammoth increase?

    • Rob says:

      Hey geek

      I love any suggestions to improve the site. Will do.

      My dividend growth yr over yr was 283% the rest was solar and the passive income as they werent around last yr.


  8. PCI –

    284% increase with 15 companies? Not too gosh damn bad and the solar power income is looking really nice. Looking forward to the year for ya!!


  9. Hey Rob,

    congrats on that massive 283% growth rate!! Looking at your dividend income chart, i bet you crush 2018 with a head start like this.

    How long do you hold Brookfield Renewable? I’ll do some further research, but i liked them at first glance.

    Hope we’ll see some more dips in the markets over the next months, can’t wait to buy new shares;-)

    By the way: we had 15cm of snow last night here in Germany. Time for spring, if you asked me or a long vacation in the sun:-)


    • Rob says:

      Hey solutions

      Thanks 2018 should be great!

      Brookfield is actually one of my original holdings. I like the company and will continue to add to them!

      I find there is alot of buys out there currently but only so much cash to deploy.

      Trump is basically starting a massive trade war, get ready for some even better deals!
      Cheers man

  10. Hi DG. Terrific portfolio performance! I own Cisco, CVS, and PG, and am excited to see them grow. Your passive income machine is getting serious – I like that you have other sources of passive income.

    By the way – the photo of the guys with money raining down on them is hilarious ?

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Personal Alpha Investments says:

    Congrats on breaking the $1k Rob!
    What are your thoughts on the Tim Hortons franchise run in with Restaurant Brands? If anything, I think it brings a good opportunity to buy? I have this on my radar, but still haven’t been brave enough to press the buy button.

    • Rob says:

      Hey alpha
      Thanks man. I like them alot. Just added to them last month. Tim hortons dominates coffee in Canada but theres a little drama right now with minimum wage hike.

      At over 3% yield ill continue to add in the future.


  12. Leo T. Ly says:

    I am still chugging along with my dividend and trying to buy on the dip with my new contributions. I am actually looking forward to completing my income taxes and getting a huge refund.

    I wonder how all the noise about restaurant brand will play out in the next couple of months as there were some news of another upheaval with some franchisees.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Leo. Nice yeah our tax refund should be nice this year as well. As for the resturant brands thing. I dunno there has been drama with them and tims for almost the past year. All short term noise, hopefully it creates a nice buying opportunity if anything!

      Cheers man

  13. Caroline says:

    Nice report Rob, good progress.
    I also have Corus in my portfolio and really wondering if I should keep it.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Caroline

      Thanks, as for corus i really dont know. I think radio will be around for a long time and At this point i feel a dividend cut has already been factored in. Im gonna hold mine!


  14. PCI,

    Get out of here with that growth rate. That’s simply incredible. Keep up the great work my friend!


  15. Great job on your passive income for February, Rob! Thanks for sharing. The dividend amount of $269.51 and growth of %283.69 higher yr over yr is impressive. February was one of my lower months for dividend income, but it picked up again in March as you saw in the report. Got a few stocks on my radar right now PG, ENB and FTS mainly. Keep up the great work on your end!

  16. DivHut says:

    Now that’s a serious year over year increase. Try and keep that momentum going as long as you can because it does slow down eventually. As always, a nice list of diversified payers sending money your way. Of course, I always like seeing a Canadian bank in the mix as well even though I don’t have BMO nor NA. I’m happy with my TD, BNS and RY for now 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Rob says:

      Hey hut

      Thanks, yeah i expect that growth percentage to drop drastically by July. That when i really started throwing money at the market.

      Cant really go wrong with any of the canadian banks. Id love to add bns sometime for its diversity.

      Cheers Hut

  17. Wally says:

    Great Job Rob! Proctor and Gamble is a great choice! I own it as well.

  18. Bruce says:

    Hi Rob,

    What an inspiring post. You have really got me thinking. I will start researching these ideas and see what I can come up with. Also, I really like the story of how you and your wife fought the debt together and are now soaring high.

    Financial stress can be the wedge that drives a couple apart. It is therefore wonderful that you worked your way out of debt together and are now doing inspirational things. I will subscribe to your list and bookmark your site.


    • Rob says:

      Hey Bruce

      Welcome and thanks. Yeah its been quite the journey. Im lucky to have a women like her who was so open to the idea of radically changing things.

      No question finances break couples up ive seen it numerous times.


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