Some of My Favorite Books

Favorite Books

My Favorite Books

  Over the last couples years I have developed a desire to read and keep reading about finances, business, self help and biography’s. Here is a list of my favorites, as well as a link to amazon to purchase them if you wish. Some I have written book reviews on, while others I still need to. If you prefer to listen to books you can Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Financial Books

The Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey

The Book that started it all for me. I can’t stress enough how much this book changed my life. If you are new to learning about finances this is my #1 recommendation. His system helped us pay off over 60k debt! Check out my book review of
Dave Ramsey’s – Total Money Makeover.
The Wealthy Barber – David Chilton

A Hometown Author from Ontario and also now a member in the Dragon’s Den. This is probably my #2 finance book for beginners. Written as a story its a really easy read, filled with great information. Read my Book review on

The Wealthy Barber.

Unshakeable – Tony Robbins

I’m sure you have heard of Tony, the man who get everyone to a emotional state to walk across fire. Now he has decided to go the financial route and start teaching everyone about money. Amateurs to experienced investors should get something from his 2nd financial book. He will teach you to stay in the market instead of getting shaken and leave at the worst time. Check out my recent review here. Unshakeable – Tony Robbins

Entreleadership – Dave Ramsey

Another Dave Ramsey book? Who is this guy? Like I said I’ve drank the juice =) This ones about business, how he started from nothing and created his empire. Ive used a lot of things for our company and it has paid dividends, well not literally heh……. If you looking for way to improve your business this book can help.
Retire Inspired – Chris Hogan

This is another financial book, from the Ramsey studios. Written by another host of the show – Chris Hogan. Let him guide you and lead the way to a great retirement! There’s more than just saving money. Check out my book review here


The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas J Stanley and William D Danko

A book full of facts, most millionaires live way below their means. Reminds you to save and not try to show off to people. I can honestly say the richest clients I have, don’t really drive fancy cars and look like average people.
Multiple Streams of Income – Robert G Allen
Multiple Streams of Internet Income – Robert G Allen

After reading these books I made this site. Simple as that, results! Great reads he teaches and explains various ways to make passive income and how to help you make money online.

Self Improvement

Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins

If you like self help and motivation, I’m sure you have heard of him. This was a great book, I read this years ago and still try to live with C.A.N.I – Continuous And Nonstop Improvements. I have his money book too but haven’t read that one yet.
Laws of Success – Les Brown

Les Brown has always been one of my top 3 motivational speakers, I watch on You tube. He is fantastic and his energy really keeps you engaged. His book – Laws of Success is full of motivation as well as steps to take you to the end goal.

Check out my review of Laws of Success here.

The Power of 100! – Shaun King

A book about setting 100 life goals in 7 different categories. Read my book review here.


Steve Jobs – Walter Isaacson

Oh man, this was a big read for me. People didn’t think I could do it. 600 plus pages. I loved it and probably spent half our trip to Bahamas reading it. Steve was a character and changed the world as we know it. Its fascinating to hear about all his stories growing up and how he changed/created the computer, phones, tablets and even animation. This book makes me want to read more biographies. I think I’m going to read the Elon Musk book soon, as he is also changing the way things go as well. Solar Tiles and electric cars For The win!
Elon Musk – Tesla, Space X and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

The Biography of Elon Musk. A guy who is on a mission to make the world a better place. I’m a huge fan of what Elon is doing and really enjoyed this book. A book on the challenges and successes of his various companies.

Check Out My Review of Elon’s Book Here.


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