Elon Musk – Book Review

Elon Musk
Elon Musk – Book Review

Recently I finished Ashlee Vance’s book all about Elon Musk. I find biography’s are actually really good reads. I have read Steve Jobs and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s  book in the past and absolutely loved them. For me personally I think Steve and Elon have been the entrepreneurs of our generation.

Now a days you cant go anywhere without a smartphone and while Elon’s invention’s are not part of my personal life yet, he’s paving a way to the future that we need to get to.

Elon seems to be a incredibly smart guy. Have you seen the interview with Joe Rogan? The media blew it up because he hit a joint during it but if you watch the whole video you would probably be thrown back by just how his mind works. Seems to me that he is always looking at how we as mankind can improve in so many aspects. Check out the interview with Joe on youtube if you haven’t seen it, well worth your time.

Elon’s Business History

I’m sure people know or heard of Elon from his various companies he runs or takes part in. Some people have remarked that Elon is the Tony Stark of today.

  • He started x.com which eventually became pay pal as we all know it today.
  • Tesla, which has really got the ball moving for electric cars and created a lot of interest into the idea.
  • Space X – Which now reuses shuttles and controls for each takeoff, something that people never thought could be done. Therefore cutting the costs of space travel, exploration, satellite launches and overall space expedition.
  • Solar city – He has always loved the power of solar and is taking solar power industry to another level
  • The Boring Company – Flame throwers and just random things he wants to create.
  • Hyperloop – He recently got approval to start digging a tunnel in a parking lot experiment. Who knows where this is going to go, but we all know traffic is brutal and is only going to get worse.

That is a pretty dam impressive resume! There is no question with the way the world is currently going we need Musk. His ideas and visions are to rid or slowly eliminate the need for carbon combusting sources of power. Space X does burn a lot of fuel though, but I think he has stated there is no other way at the moment.

Elon Musk – Tesla, Space X and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

The book was a fantastic read, highlighting his childhood and his journey to what he has become today. There seems to be so many key points in his childhood or teenage years that make him stand out from others.

Ashlee Vance does a great job to highlight the up’s and down’s of almost everything both in his personal life as well as each of the business’s. The teams and all the hard work they endured, Elon’s drive to just make it work! (and extremely hard working work ethic himself), the finances and lack there of, all the failures, as well as the successes.

The similarities between Elon Musk and Steve Jobs seem really close, although I think Elon liked to wear shoes! They both lived for their jobs, believed in what they were doing and wouldn’t take no for a answer. The people they had working for them were crucial for their success as well. I think Elon gives pretty good credit to the key players in each industry and really got himself educated in each field. He really knew what they were talking about when there was a problem.

During the summer I worked 60 plus hour weeks and whined, then I would read this book and be like dam. This guy works extremely hard and spends most of his time between all the offices. Kind of puts it into perspective, maybe I shouldn’t complain.


Musk decided to better mankind by focusing on the problems we have today. He really believes fossil fuels are a major problem, renewable energy is the way to go and that we need to also colonize in space. He has challenged the automobile, space and energy industry’s and from where I sit I think he’s doing a great job and changing it as we speak.

Elon is one of the greatest inventors/innovators/entrepreneurs of today. We all try to improve our lives a little bit – piece by piece, day by day. Reading how the winners did it or are doing it is a fantastic way to start. I highly recommend this book and it would most likely be in my top 10 for books I have read.

As always feel to purchase this book off Amazon through my link if you would like. As a amazon partner, I get a little cut from the referral but it costs you nothing extra. Thanks!

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future


2 Responses

  1. I know Elon from Tesla, but didn’t know he started the PayPal. I guess eBay bought the company from him?

    • Rob says:

      hey German

      Elon started x.com which got bought for cash and stocks. That company sold to ebay and Elon was the largest shareholder… I think he made north of 150 mil on the sale. =)

      yup im in the wrong business… haha

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