Why You Should Have A Dream Board

Why You Should Have A Dream Board


So we are 23 days into the new year. How are you doing with the goals you set for the year? I’ve been working at mine, but to be honest I haven’t done one workout. I hate excuses, so I’m not gonna make one. I find working out comes down to breaking the ice. Once I do my first one, get the pump and start flexing in the mirror again I will be hooked.

We set our goals at the beginning of the year and maybe write them down once. What else should we do to help solidify those goals in our minds? I know Grant Cardone states he writes down his goals on a pad of paper every morning he wakes up and before he go’s to bed. I don’t do that. What else can you do?

If you haven’t noticed I’m a big fan of motivational videos, positive reads and generally anything that will help improve my life. I believe in the law of attraction. This is basically the idea that your thoughts attract what ever your thinking into your life. Negative thoughts bring shitty things and vice versa. I learned this from reading the secret as well as watching the movie. One of the other things I got from The Secret was a Dream Board also known as a Vision Board.

dream board

What Is A Dream Board?

A Dream Board is basically a place on the wall where you walk by a lot or generally see often. This way multiple times a day you will see all your goals and instill them into your mind. You fill it with all your goals and  dreams. Short term and long term. Some of my stuff seemed far off when I first created it but now doesn’t seem crazy at all.

Our Dream Board is just a standard bulletin board on the wall between the master bedroom and bathroom. It is full of text and pictures. Very simple. Print off some pictures from the net and cut the wasted space. Find a dream home in the real estate paper and cut it out and place it on there. Type out some goals in large font and print and place them on there as well. We want this to somewhat resemble a collage.

Personally ours has a lotus car, stacks of money, a breitling watch, bullion, a fit guy, a cruise boat (love cruises), pic of Hawaii, a house with its own pond, a heart, a pic of our family and some typed out goals.

What About S.M.A.R.T?

I’m sure you have heard it before. Your goals should be made in a smart format.

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Achievable
  • R – Realistic
  • T – Timely

Someone else’s perfect Dream Board

With a dream board, you don’t need it to be smart. Have fun with this! You want it to be something you look at daily and want the board to be fun to look at. I wouldn’t want to read a short novel on my wall every time I walk by. You can do the smart format where ever else you wrote your goals. Online, on paper or just a notepad on your phone or laptop. Whatever you feel works best for you.

Again, make it fun. It should be constantly evolving. Was the fingerling the top toy you wanted last Christmas? Throw it on there! You want that gucci purse? sure why not? Just because you wouldn’t buy it now, doesn’t mean you can’t or wouldn’t one day. I’m a watch guy, love em. We cheaped out my wedding ring she got me and got a nice citizen eco drive watch. I just value watches over a ring!  I’d love a nice Breitling watch. Wouldn’t buy it now but one day, yup I’m gonna have one. Let that inner kid out. Bring it back to middle school when you were rocking some sweet collages…. Mine definitely isn’t as neat as the sample one above.

I know some people who have introduced these to their kids as well and had some great results and found out stuff they never knew their kids wanted. Place a board in their room and see what happens.


These boards really do work. Anything that simple, is fantastic. Its nice to see your spouses dreams or goals on there as well. Any time you can get closer to being on the same page helps. Just don’t let them cut this massive item out and cover your stuff! Throw that new tantric position on there and see what happens……..

Have fun with this, you can’t go wrong. Just remember Dream Big and Attract Big Things……

I’m curious how many of you have heard of these? Do you have one? Any other ways to solidify your goals? What do you do?

All the best in 2018!


10 Responses

  1. Frankie says:

    Fantastic idea! Never heard of this before, but I could definitely have fun with something like this! For some reason written goals just don’t really do it for me…

    Pics of Hawaii would definitely be on mine too – particularly some of their beautiful golf courses 🙂

    • Hey Frankie
      I enjoy ours and definitely think its “funner” than a list of stuff to do. A picture says a million words right? Maybe mini golf for me, never been a huge fan of the bunkers when golfing =)


  2. Haven’t really heard of this before PCI, but I guess it makes sense. Honestly, I visit my blog everyday and that helps me stay motivated. So, in a way, it’s kind of my dream board, but I guess that’s cheating! I’m in support of whatever makes people motivated to stick to their goals. With that said, you got to get back to the gym! Don’t think about it. Just go.

    • Haha thanks port. Did my upper body on tuesday before hockey. Abs yesterday and then ice hockey. Today my triceps are screaming at me, since its been so long. So i took today off. Ahhh well im looking better in the mirror already! The ice is broken. Time to feel the burn.

  3. PCI, I don’t exactly have a physical board, but I do have a vision of the future in my head. It often includes things that do come to reality several years out. I’ve just always had it in my head and it works for me. Tom

  4. GYM says:

    You know where I first saw dream boards? I saw it at a Lululemon store!

    That’s a good idea, I usually just write things out though but a nice picture would be nice. That would be a fun project to create on Canva or something like that.

    • Rob says:

      haha That’s crazy. Well it must be working for them. Always super busy. Never heard of Canva, interesting! I seriously am going to look into this. Thanks

  5. Jakes Pietro says:

    I am happy I stumbled upon this blog. I want to do a vision board for my children and was looking at ideas. Thanks.

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