Current Dividend Portfolio

Dividend Portfolio

Dividend Portfolio

I believe dividend investing is one of the best ways to achieve a great passive income. The growth of the companies and the reinvestment of dividend’s will snowball into a nice chuck of change. Compound interest is a great thing when its on your side, working for you.

My portfolio is strictly for entertainment. While I hold these stocks , they may not be a good buy at the moment. Things change and prices are always fluctuating. Do your own research before you make any purchases.

Here’s a list of the current Dividend Companies we  own in our Registered savings account.
  • M = Monthly Dividend
  • JAJO = January, April, July, October Dividend
  • FMAN = February, May, August, November Dividend
  • MJSD = March, June, September, December Dividend

I try my best to update this monthly but may not be exact with current yields. Feel free to check out our past dividend incomes.


I try to diversify our Portfolio by sectors, since we aren’t to diversified geographically.

I also have a bunch of precious metals. Keep in mind I used to be a metal “stacker” before learning about dividends. It’s return on investment isn’t good but we keep our physical position as a insurance on the markets and further diversification.

Global Diversification Currently
  • 75.1% – Canadian Equities
  • 22.9% – US Equities
  • 0.01% – International Market
  • 2% – Cash

This is horrible and needs some work. I Would eventually like 40% Canadian, 40% US, 20% International. The Tfsa is a fantastic account for Canadian’s which I want to max out first. That’s a big reason why we are so heavy Canadian Stocks.


What do you think of our current portfolio? Would you sell any of these positions and why? The longer I invest, the more I realize not to chase high yields. Buying dividend Aristocrats and Kings, seems like a solid way to go!

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  1. The allocation looks pretty good. For me I also have som infrastructure such as SNC Lavlin. You have aecon, so I guess it’s almost the same.

  2. First time stopping by! Hope to follow your journey! Keep it up!

    -The Dividend Mogul

  3. Stockles says:

    Very interesting to see some canadian DGI stocks. Most are US, and for us non-americans, the dollar is another factor that one need to think about. Americans are so lucky in that way. Great blog!

  4. Nice looking portfolio, PCI. A couple of new names that I am not familiar with — i’ll have to take a look at those.

    Best wishes
    Roadmap2Retire recently posted…Passive Income Update – Mar 2017My Profile

  5. Portfolio looks good. Nice site overall. I may stop by here and there. Good luck.

    Dividend Seedling recently posted…Eleven Months from this Coming Thursday I Bought my First Stock.My Profile

  6. Nice to see that this is slowly growing, exciting for you.
    Buy, Hold Long recently posted…2017 Q1 Review – Net Worth Update – 60% Increase?My Profile

  7. John R says:

    Enjoy reading your blog and that you have gone from a negative in 2011 to where you are today – well done & hope it continues for you.

    Is there any reason why you are holding almost individual stocks rather than going with an ETF, a closed end fund (CEF), a mutual fund or a ‘slit share corp’?

    For any of the positions, have you or would you consider selling ‘covered call’ options on anything so as to give yourself an income boost with a maybe downside protection?

    On the positions how did you select what you have and do you have a strategy to add to or at some point sell?

    Appreciate any response

    • Hey John thanks for swinging by. Appreciate the comment. I honestly never even heard of a closed end fund or a split share Corp. As for mutual funds their fees are insane and lately haven’t done as well as my portfolio. My sons resp is a mutual fund and averaged 9% last yr with a 2.3% fee. So it only returned 6.7%. Last year my stock portfolio averaged 30% including dividends. That was a massive difference. I met with my banker and they stated the fund went heavy bonds when the us election was taking place because they thought the market would of pulled back I’d trump won. Boy were they wrong! I went in to transfer to a direct investing fund for his resp a couple months back but they convinced me against it. I think I will go back and switch to my own investments. Warren buffet even stated recently people should just buy index funds vs mutual funds since the fees are dramatically lower.
      As for covered calls and options I would love to but don’t know enough about it and from what I understand can’t do them in a tfsa or rrsp.
      As for my portfolio I try to keep it somewhat balanced and buy when people hate the company or if I feel they are a great company. Being a dividend investor I look at their payout ratio, dividend yeild, dividend history and dividend increases. I’m long on most of them. Corus dividend scares me a bit and tv is dying Imo but when I listen to the radio most stations i like are corus entertainment! I have thought of selling Sienna Senior and adding to extendicare but it’s a small position and retirement homes will do very well either way. (With all the baby boomer retiring) That is probably the biggest response I have ever written. Ha haha hope I answered all your questions

  8. John R says:

    thanks for the reply

    You can do covered calls in the TFSA & RRSP, speak to your broker & read up on them on the investopedia website.

    also on the TMX options page*

    As for corus, I’ll give you my 2 cents worth. I do not hold a position on it nor am I affiliated with the company in any way

    Corus stock is currently discounted 50%

    Future cash flow value is around $30 from its present $13

    next 3 years estimate 20% return on equity

    That said, stock trading is a crap shoot. Every analyst & his brother cannot predict the future.

    When picking any investment use your own judgement & take what anyone tells you as ‘just information’ & go from there.

    As an investor buying stocks, my take is to get the dividend & try to protect any downside, usually selling options on the stock is one way. There are posters on your blog above that do this.

    If you are a long hold on any of the good quality Canadian companies, then in the long run you will likely do OK collecting dividends. Consider at some point if you have a ‘pop’ to maybe sell some of what you are holding or maybe the lot & move to something else.

    The above is not a recommendation, nor is it a stock tip – just a discussion

    Good luck to you

    • Hey John thanks for the quick reply. Good to know about the options. The more you know! (In that tv sound voice) I believe corus to be a good buy just wondering about the dividend with the shaw deal. I watch the options trades on a couple bloggers pages and gets me really intrested for sure. Again I don’t know much about options trading but should learn more

  9. John R says:

    Its easy to buy a position, not always easy to sell…. right?

    So, you have corus (or any other stock) at a certain price believing the stock will keep on going up & continue to pay dividends?

    At what point do you sell, add to the position or simply sit & do nothing?

    There are no rules, everyone has a different take on what they do, folks will give you all kinds of recommendations when its not their money.

    What does your gut tell you to do with corus?

    • Corus I’ll hold and see what happens after the shaw deal is fully completed (I think there was something like the stocks shaw got in the deal don’t pay dividends until day x) and see how the dividend payout percentages are. If they are unsustainable probably sell my position. Time will tell.

  10. WL says:

    Good to learn some colleagues strategies! Thanks for sharing. However, I see that you’re not too much in to the higher dividend yields? Cheers!

  11. Nice looking portfolio we share a few names, and you have some stocks that I am interested in buying. Keep up the good work.

  12. May Peters says:

    Best Wishes. Some ideas below for the portfolio:

    1. You have SIA and EXE – might as well add CSH.UN considering the demographics – Chartwell is also the best among the bunch.

    2. Would high recommend BAM.A or BIP.UN as a long term core position in the portfolio.

    3. Sun Life has been coming down and is getting cheaper – not a bad idea to take profits in Manulife and move to Sun Life.

    4. Would be a good trade to sell Altagas shares (ALA) and buy the subscription receipts (ALA.R) which are trading below the $31 issue price – today traded around $29.50 or so – collect the dividends and if deal does not go through you get $31 back otherwise in 2018 if deal goes through for WGL then the receipts convert to shares (outside of TFSA or RRSP – part of distribution could be interest)

    5. Some high yielding names with some risk worth looking at – Dream Global (DRG.UN) – Diversified Royalty (DIV) – Alaris Royalty (AD) – Inter Pipleline (IPL)

  13. We talked a bit about the Canadian utilities on my blog. I see you own Algonquin and Hydro One. But you don’t own Fortis. Is there a specific reason for that?

    I’m researching the company now. So far I like the dividend history and the future dividend growth prospects. A utility would also fit well in the portfolio since I don’t have them yet.
    Pursuit 2 Freedom recently posted…Dividend income of DecemberMy Profile

    • Hey pursuit. Honestly i have thought of getting into either fortis or canadian utilities. Just never have seen a good price when im looking at buying a utility. Hydro one could be biased since I live in Ontario and all the power is hydro one. Algonquin dipped way down when i bought them but also are in the water business. My favorite thing about algonquin though is the 5% discount on drips… Thats huge. I dont think you really can go wrong with fortis though. Lets see what you decide. Cheers

  14. Nicely diversified portfolio, aiming to do the same with my portfolio. Potash, I sold my holdings in Potash when they reduced dividends twice about two years ago. As for me it becomes not reliable source of income when a company reduces its dividends and I am trying to replace it in my portfolio.

    • Rob says:

      Hey income.

      I held potash during one of the cuts. That hurt, But kept adding to it. Actually up 18% before the nutrien merger. I like buying stuff down and out when the market is this high. The merge between the 2 companys is going to be great too once the dust settles.

      Agrium will add to the stability and then once potash prices shooot up again, watch out!

      Anyways thats just my opinion cuts always make me debate the stock.

  15. Max says:

    Recently found out you can have US stocks in your Tfsa. TD Waterhouse just added it with a phone call. You can also contibute US$ if you have them. Also, these don’t count towards your 100k of foreign property.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Max

      Yes you can have them but will get charged the withholding tax having them in your tfsa. They are better in your rrsp.


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