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Good evening

Well all the delays of the transfers have now came through. Oh and we refinanced our mortgage and pulled out a nice chunk of change to start and also max out the wife’s tfsa! ( and other passive income, stay tuned) All of this has came into our account in the last 3 business days. It’s amazing how fast a bank can do stuff if they are making money off you… ie take over our mortgage. I think it took maybe 3 weeks total, from the first meet to the money in the account and the new mortgage balance. Transferring our sons RESP’s out of rbc mutual funds (2030 fund) and also transferring wifes rrsp from another broker took 2-3 months. Ahhh well time to stack some dividends!

With all this money sitting I want to just throw it all into the market but am a little leery of a pullback once I do that. So slowly but surely I’ll be investing it. Last week was our new position in General Mills. Today I jumped over TD bank.

TD Bank Purchase

I thought Td would be a great buy for the long term. All the Canadian banks pulled back after TD was called out for their pushy tactics (all banks do this). Also the threat of the Canadian Housing Market Correcting. I used to be a doom and gloomer back in my precious metals days, trust me it sucks. Now I love it, gives a chance to buy stocks cheaper! Bring it on.


Anyways we purchased 117 stocks in her TFSA. With the current quarterly dividend of .60 per share this will bring in $70 a quarter which will be dripped back into TD. Did you know? TD has been paying a dividend every quarter since 1857 and has been raising it every year since 1969. MMMMMmmmmmmmm OH YEAH!

This purchase will also boost my January, April, July, October dividend incomes which is great since they were still under 100$ per month (not no more). It also increases my US exposure.

I’m currently watching Extendicare, Chartwell Retirement Residences, Shaw and of course Enbridge. If I see a nice pull back you know I’ll be there. I’m sticking to Canadian stocks for our tfsas and Resp. The RRSP is for US Stocks that’s why you will see mostly Canadian stocks at the moment. What do you guys think? Any stocks I should be checking out?

curls for the girlz

Tri’s for the guys, Curls for the Girl’s – Time to pump up this portfolio!



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  1. I’ve read a lot of great things about Fortis lately (and have a position) but didn’t increase it recently. Instead, I purchased Transcanada and Enercare (previously held positions).

    I’ve been thinking about Extendicare for a while now as my ex used to work there and the boomers are aging. Which account will you be holding it in (I’m also Canadian)?

    Besos Sarah.

    • Hey Sarah thanks for coming by always nice seeing new faces. Currently I have exe in our tfsa if I got more it would be in either tfsa’s. I think the wife would prefer to have only rock solid companies in the resp. Shes more defensive of his schooling money then our accounts….

  2. Nice purchase I have been looking at TD as well. Enbridge is a solid company I have made purchases in the past two months.

  3. Hey PCI, what kind of rate did you get on the refinance? How’s that compare to TDs dividend?

  4. John R says:

    PCI, well done on the money manoeuvring that you’ve done for you & your family. Hope it works out for you all.

    On your next buys. Well stocks do go up, down & sideways & not always up.

    In the following, this is not a recommendation, just for research information & interest purposes only. Either the class A shares or the preferred shares in each of the following three links.

  5. Leo T. Ly says:

    I just bought a hundred shares of Enbridge today. When there is blood on Bay Street, I’ll be trolling my stocklist to see which one goes on sale. Today is Enbridge day. I still have five put Enbridge contracts with a strike price of $50 per share. If Enbridge stays below $50 till nex January, I will have to buy more.

  6. Cris says:

    Here you go… is under 50… I will buy more too.
    Have a good day ahead!

  7. Toronto-Dominion Bank looks solid. I might grab some myself.

    I wonder if there is an ETF for Canada dividend aristocrats

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