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Book Reviews

My goal is to read a book a month. The best books I read will have a little write up here in the book reviews.

Of all the books I’ve read my favourite genre tends to be financial. I do enjoy biographies, self help, business and health books as well though.

As you can see the books I read focus on one thing. Living a better life. This is what its all about. Life’s short, live it to the fullest.


If you are just starting to get interested in your finances, I highly recommend Dave Ramseys Total Money Makeover. This was the first book I read (and I didn’t read before)

We had a tonne of debt and after reading this book I saw a way out. We implemented the debt snowball and after 2-3 years we were debt free. It was a incredible feeling. You can do it too.

Investing and Saving

Someone told me to read The Wealthy Barber shortly after and it was great. Paying yourself first seems so easy and yet no one does it. Read this and learn to pay yourself first.

The book is written like a story, so its a easy read. Its also not full of technical terms, which is great for someone just starting out.

Other Reviews

Those are my top 2 favourite finance books but I will try my best to continue doing new reviews for other great books I read.

I hope you enjoy these books and implement something life changing from each of them.


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