Blog-versary – 1 Year Online


Blog-versary – 1 Year Online

Canadian Passive Income is now 1 year old (The beginning of February). Thanks to all of you for following, commenting and viewing the pages. It keeps me motivated and I truly love working on the blog. I have learned a lot from following a bunch of you, here’s hoping you have learnt something from my page as well.

I have mentioned so many times now how great the community is. While we only chat online I consider some of you my friends, since we are always talking over twitter or commenting on each others pages all the times. Money is not something I can openly talk about with my friends, sadly. The community is how I get my fix and get better at investing.

I enjoy reading other bloggers anniversary posts, to figure out how the page is doing in various categories. Also to see what I can improve on. This post will summarize different categories for ease of viewing. Based on traffic on site, revenue generated online, plugins I use and what I should of done earlier.



Right from the start, the amount of people viewing the site was great. The site got 695 views it’s first month. I think most of the traffic came from me commenting on other’s blogs, as my seo game wasn’t good at all. Google barely even knew me my first month. Basically every month since the start has been a slow climb up. It looks like this month will be my first month over 4000 views.

My best overall day for views was January 13th when I posted How we increased our forward Passive Income by 12,000 in One Year. Twitter brought in 27 viewers, Search engines 17, Rock star finance 9 followed by an additional 16 different sources that day. Again thanks if you tweeted / retweeted me that day or even linked to my page in form or another.

Total views

Currently my total view count is 28,206. Yup a small town, Awesome! There has been 1,333 comments on the blog. I try my best to reply to all, so roughly half of those is me. I have 37 subscribers to the blog. (If you want to subscribe – look to the left or bottom of the page and enter your email) Thanks.

The top 3 pages on my blog year to date are My Dividend Portfolio, Fellow Bloggers and Our Income Sources. I know there’s  a lot of outbound traffic on the fellow bloggers page. If you don’t see your page on there and want to link back to me, I’ll gladly add you. This is a great way to increase our exposure for both of us.

Overall I’m thrilled at the progress this page has made. Traffic is most likely the number one indicator of how things are going and you can see the upward projection every month. Time and consistency seem to be the trick. Mark @ My Own Advisor mentioned the other day he got 12,000 views in one week. That’s awesome! Just like other’s, I enjoy the comments. Please leave a comment and let me or others know you came by.

Revenue From Website

Passive Canadian Income was not created to be a cash cow. I did it to be part of the community, document our journey and try to educate some people. But if I can make a buck to help cover the costs of running the site and just to make a dollar, why not?

  • Amazon Affliate – 0.18

This is less than I thought it would be, but I’m not pushing amazon stuff. You can look at my book reviews. One person bought a book from amazon from my affiliate. Thanks! (Note If you buy anything from amazon you can click one of my affiliate links and buy whatever you want. It wont cost you anything but would generate a small sum for me from the referral, if you wouldn’t mind supporting ) – Worth a shot right? =)

  • Google Adsense – $120

There are ad’s on this site and one of my past you tube channels. Whenever you scroll through em, click em or view them google gives us a little chunk of change. Thanks

  • Ipage – $0

I personally use Ipage for the website, they are a great web host. There’s a link to them on the sidebar and on one of my posts on why I believe Everyone Should Have A Website. Being a affiliate, we get a little bonus if someone signs up when they click from our links.

Some websites out there make a small fortune monthly. I’m not there yet, but would love to be one day. For now the income covers the cost of the website and a little extra investing money.


This site is a word press website and Plugins are little add-ons to help improve the site. Here are some good one’s I currently use.

  • Commentluv – This creates a link to the commenters most recent post. Promoting their website encourages comments and shows some love back to them. Only downside is you will get more spam comments since they get the back link.
  • Custom Twitter Feeds – Look at sidebar or bottom on phones. Creates a recent post of your twitter feed.
  • Ithemes Security – Security for word press.
  • UpdraftPlus Backup/Restore – You should be backing up your website in case anything happens. Get drop box and this plug and it automatically backups your files daily.
  • Yoast Seo – A good seo Plug. Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization. This helps your page rank in google or other search engines better.
  • Really Simple Ssl – A plugin to simplify the http:// process. I just got ssl, its that lock in the address bar. A little more security and search engines love it.

These are the main ones I think you should have. Plugins are always changing, so in awhile this could be outdated. Do you got any I should look into?

Social Media

O.k this is where I really slacked. I really had no social media presence until the start of December. Personally I only used facebook for friends etc. I didn’t see the value of having a Facebook account for the site and didn’t understand twitter.

Twitter – I created a twitter account in October or November and did nothing with it. Nothing…….. In December I thought I would give it another go and get the app on the phone. I got to say I love twitter! It’s a fast way of getting info and chatting with others. You can automate it so your page automatically posts to twitter when ever you make a new post as well. It’s a great way to hear of dividend raises you didn’t know about too! Since December Ive gotten over 125 followers and its a great source of traffic. Feel free to follow me on twitter @PassiveCndIncom

Facebook – I  started a Facebook page on Tuesday and post our new pages on it. I have no likes but can see traffic coming from the page already. People must be finding it through Facebook search or from my page link at the bottom of my website page. Seems like it could be a great addition. Once this gets going I might even try Facebook advertising, its cheap. I’ll let you know how that go’s. Again Feel Free to follow me here as well – Passivecanadianincome

I haven’t tried any other social accounts, I don’t understand them. I keep hearing how good pintrest is for generating traffic. Just like Facebook and twitter, I just got to start. What do you find to be the best social media platform for your website?


Well, one year later and I’m still here. Blogging has became a hobby of mine and I see myself doing it for a long time. I’m a open book, I share all this to help some of you and again to document our journey. Next year I’ll look back at this post and say………….

Thanks again to all of you for your continued support. Time to celebrate, crack a bottle.

Passive Canadian Income Is One Year Old!

Cheers, Rob

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  1. Many Congratulations Rob. I just started my own blog about a couple of months ago and I can learn a lot from what you shared here. Congratulations on 1st anniversary and I can see your growth has been phenomenal Good Luck and I wish you to best for continued success of your blog.

    Good Luck.

  2. Congrats on your 1 year Blog-versary!!! You definately had a good year in my opinion. Can’t wait to see your progress and successes in year 2! 😀 Congrats again! 🙂

  3. Congrats Rob. I’ve only been blogging since Sept 2017 and understand the slow churn upwards. You show nice steady growth. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it. I would love to do a blogroll swap with you. Please visit and let me know if you will add me in and I will do the same for your site. Again, Congrats. 1 year is a great accomplishment. Tom

  4. dividendgeek says:

    Congrats on completing 1-Year. Your growth has been phenomenal. I use blogger and I don’t get as many plugins as WordPress :(. I wish I had Yoast. Getting Google rank is really difficult. I earned a few dollars with ad sense. Was fortunate that some users clicked on my advertisements :-). Nicely done sir.

    • Rob says:

      Hey geek

      Thanks. Interesting I thought blogger.mighr be easier with seo since its google isnt it? Blogspot seems neat with their feed of recent blogger posts. I guess theres some advantages to each. Yeah some ppl click some ads but not too many.
      All the best man

  5. Frankie says:

    Congrats Rob! One year is a great milestone, and that steady growth in your traffic is fantastic!
    Must admit I’m not even thinking about search engine stuff or earning a single dollar from the site in the near future – just having good fun already getting it up and running! Hope you keep that momentum going through 2018!

    • Rob says:

      hey Frankie, well your doing a good job. I like your site. Maybe in time you will think of seo and ad sense or whatever. At the start there’s definitely a learning curve. One thing at a time. Thanks for the comments

  6. Congrats on the anniversary Rob. I enjoyed following your journey and looking forward to continuing to do so. Like you, I love the community and reading about other people’s journey towards financial independence. Kind of addicting actually. But congrats!

  7. Congrats on your 1 year blog-versary, Rob! Thanks for sharing your progress as there is definitely a lot of great information in this post. I believe I was roughly around the same for page views after the first year. You’re doing fantastic with comments though. And awesome work with Google Adsense! I have yet to get paid anything from adsense because I haven’t reached the $100 threshold. Also, thanks for sharing about the backup and Ssl plugins. I don’t have that lock in my web address, but maybe I should look into that if it helps with search. Best of luck with your 2nd year of blogging! Keep it up!

    • Rob says:

      Hey reverse

      Thanks alot. Glad to hear you got something from this post. I was debating adding the plugins, but i always wonder what plugins other sites are using. Especially when I was looking into backups and security. If it helps someone thats what its all about!
      Cheers and good luck implementing ssl!

  8. Hey Rob,
    congrats to your ONE-year anniversary and success with your blog!! – I know absolutely what you’re talking about. Sharing the journey to FI with a supporting community helps in many ways.

    The DGI community is really special. By reading these blogs there is so much to gain and learn from fellow bloggers (who often act like real professionals) …Your blog definitely belongs in that category!! – My blog is online since April 2017 and the support from all over the world was overwhelming.

    Keep it up,
    Greets to Canada!


  9. Congrats on the one year! Just hit mine a few months ago as well. The blog is coming along nicely. I like seeing the new features you add. Nice to see you on Twitter as well. I agree, it seems to be the best for engagement within the community. Looks like everything just keeps going up. Traffic, dividend income, etc. Keep up the great work! Here’s to an even better second year!

    • Rob says:

      Hey daze. Congrats to you as well although i think i already said that. Twitter is fun never thought id say that.

      Up and up, all the best to u as well

  10. Leo T. Ly says:

    Welcome to the one year old club. It’s a great accomplishment considering most bloggers quit blogging around six months. Great job of making $120 on Google Adsense. That’s 10 time more than me. If you want to get even more traffic, get on Pinterest. After two months of joining Pinterest, it’s brought me more traffic to my site than search engine, Facebook and Twitter combined. Oh yeah, I use Tailwind to automate my post. Let me know if you are joining, I can refer you and we both get a month for free ????

    • Rob says:

      Hey Leo thanks. Yeah got to look into pintrest. Seems like a bunch of work editing pictures and whatnot. If I do go with tailwind ill definitely let you know and give you the free month for the affliate!

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