Beefing up a Position – bce stock

bce stock

Beefing up a Position – bce stock

Hey everyone

Hope you all have been enjoying September. Time continues to fly by and the weather continues to fluctuate consistently. Not much has changed.

Anyways I thought I would update you with our latest addition to the portfolio. Last week I created our watch list for the month which included Bce stock, Suncor, JNJ, LyB and finally disney.

Well the market continued to do its thing and all those stocks are now a little more expensive…. Fun, Fun.

Anyways based on the picture you probably know which stock I decided to go with. Incredibly boring, I know.

BCE – Bell Canada

We decided to keep working on our position in Bell Canada in our kids Resp account. The government matched our previous contribution by 20% and with their ex dividend date quickly approaching it was time to put that cash to work. Also with the end of 2019 near we need to max this account asap.

After watching the stock hit new 52 week highs last week and hoping it would pullback Monday it did a bit. We added 24 additional bce stock at 63.50 per share. Unfortunately this is the most we have paid for their shares to date but we feel Bell will continue to be around for a long time. In 15 plus years I think with the power of compounding we won’t regret this decision.

This purchase adds $19.02‬ per quarter or $76.08 each year.

In total we now own 64 shares which bring in $202.88 of dividends yearly and covers just under 4 monthly cell phone bills. A nice chunk of change, but we need to add some more shares to get this one to drip and let the compounding really do it thing.


A quick short post. Not a new position and I have talked about them before. Investing can get really boring sometimes. The longer I invest the more I realize that’s the way I like it. Add to solid blue chips (or as Dale calls them moaty stocks), ignore the noise and accumulate their dividends.

Dividend Portfolio has been updated.

What do you think of this purchase and what stocks have you been buying or thinking of purchasing?

As always, Have a great day


10 Responses

  1. German says:

    Nice, Rob! I knew it!!! How many more shares you need to buy to drip 1 share per quarter?

  2. Brian says:

    Nice purchase, definitely a company you can sleep with owning and a great pick for an RESP

    All the best!

  3. John says:

    Hey Rob,

    BCE is a good one for sure. It seems like most of the real quality stocks are pretty sticky on the upper end of their range of late. Recently I initiated new positions in Royal Bank and Emera. The banks had pulled back this quarter so the price for RY was decent, but EMA feels like it cost the earth. I do really like the idea of USD rate base in a low interest rate world though, so time will tell.

    Cheers Rob, and here’s to BCE’s next dividend payment date!


    • Rob says:

      hey John

      Nice buys. While bns is starting to run back up the other banks haven’t done much and bmo really pulled back for a bit. I was debating adding to them when they did, but didnt pull the trigger. Currently I own a lot of the banks and would like to lower that as a percentage of the overall portfolio.

      Nice buy with Emera, its done well. Like you said it seems expensive but all the utility’s have ran right up. I want to eventually start a position in bip and its now over 62 bucks…. Arg!

      Luckily this is a long term game, eventually I’ll make a move. Like you mentioned the usd base is very nice at this time.
      Always appreciate your comments

      cheers John!

  4. PCI –

    Always like adding to current positions. Further, seeing this BCE stock cover 12 months will be a fun journey. Reinvestment should help the cause, as well as dividend increases!


  5. Great work, Rob.

    BCE is a staple in my portfolio and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Nice high dividend yield with a pretty consistent 5% annual bump. That’s the consistency we like.

    Take care,

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