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Hey Hey Hey

Well last Friday we went to get a check up on our upcoming little one and find out the sex. I have a son so I was hoping for a daughter. (Secretively I just want the tea party’s and Barbie’s) Since finding out she’s pregnant I have been saying it’s a girl and even talking to her stomach calling the baby by the girl name I have planned.

Great News

It happened again. While watching the ultrasound the baby decided to spread for us, revealing that she was indeed a girl. When we had our first kid I was set on it being a boy. I wanted to catch frogs, play catch, play video games, build stuff and of course go top corner hockey on him! He gladly showed us at his ultrasound that he was a boy. People keep saying we have a million dollar family, I keep checking our account. Not yet! =)

I’m not a religious guy by any means.(I go to church a couple times a month with the wife because she likes when I go with her but I do like the community aspect of it)But I do feel that someone up there is looking out for me though.

I met my wife 13 years ago when I was definitely not looking for a relationship. (To be honest, I had no relationships longer than 2 months before her. I enjoyed the single life. Something told me shes the one and to pursue it.

Ask the universe

I always wanted a husky and when we went to the humane society there she was. A one year old gorgeous husky. She was crazy as a young buck but we got through it. I wouldn’t walk everyday without her, she walks me…….  It was meant to be – Man’s Best Friend.

The country life was always the dream, we owned a townhouse in a busy city before. When we decided to move into something else we kept looking in the same city. We looked for over a year but couldn’t find the right place to call home. While searching for the city on mls (multiple listing service for house’s for sale) our current house popped up because part of the town matched the city name we were searching for. Normally this house would of been out of our price range but this was a huge fixer upper. We made the move and after a lot of hard work. It’s basically the dream.

Clearly our finances really have turned around. We went from over 60k debt and a negative net worth to where we are today. It all started with that first book that someone gave me and for some reason I decided to read it. ( I did not read books before)

Ask The Universe!

All of these categories I have visualized and thought about. In no way am I trying to brag or what not, I believed one day they would happen. The law of attraction is real, watch what you are thinking about. Jim Carey has a speech about just asking the universe for what you want and it will happen check it out.

I wish nothing but the best for everyone. Fill that glass up, Think big, Dream Bigger!


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  1. Congrats! You know you can still get your daughter into hockey even though she isn’t a boy. Everyone should be into that. Season is fast approaching. I’m excited. Only thing I really look forward to in the winter time haha. But that is life when you live up north.

    • Haha thanks daze. Yeah its exciting. I have tried making a ice rink in the backyard the last 2 years but its been to warm! I love hockey though. Go leafs! Of course she could play hockey with us as well.

  2. That’s awesome PCI. Congrats on the baby girl. There is something to be said about the universe watching out for you.

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