April 2021 Passive Income – 36.13% Dividend Growth

April 2021 Passive Income

April 2021 Passive Income

  • 3 Dividend Raises
  • 3 sources of passive Income
  • $819.93 from dividends
  • 14 stocks dripped in April

Hey hey hey!

Finally we see big tech starting to pull back and money going into value stocks. While that’s great, it also means deals are even harder to find. Luckily there is always something to buy though. We also tend to see more and more articles about how the market is about to crash blah blah blah. It’s always the same story right? If I was a pure growth investor this maybe would concern me as I wanna sell at the top, but with dividends its cash flow and lower prices mean more drips. Bring it on if it happens.

Covid Life

We have been in basically a solid lock down since November now. On and off since last April. Every time they say it will only be 3 weeks and then add another 3 weeks etc etc. Case numbers have barely even dropped since the winter. Imagine if they said in November, we are going to lock you all down until Early June at the earliest? Would things have went differently?

Let’s be completely honest. Nothing is based on facts or science now…. Golfing is banned, fishing is debatable, boat launches closed, tennis is banned schools closed etc etc. They even tried to ban kids playing at playgrounds but took that back once people went crazy. Show us some tests that prove these outings are spreading covid…

Vaccines are picking up but its still a total mess. People who got their first dose of astrazeneca don’t even know what they will get for their 2nd. There is even talks about their 2nd dose being pfizer or moderna.. I’m not a doctor by any means, but mixing 2 different kinds of drugs sounds like a bad idea to me. (Canada says it will now stop administering Astrazeneca due to blood clots. Remember when they said they were good when lots of other country’s stopped giving them due to blood clots?)

But hey here in Canada you can get your first dose of whatever is available and then in 4 months you can most likely get your second, even though pfiser suggests the 2nd dose 29 days later..

Personally I’m waiting for once the shots are readily available and I can get my 2nd dosage in a reasonable time frame. I’m actually a little worried for my wife to get her 2nd dosage from pfiser. 4 months in between, how will she react to a higher dosage?

That’s my covid rant of the month. Just remember we only got 1 life, go out and live it as best as you can. There are so many studies about all the negative impacts on both adults and kids with these lock downs and yet none showing playing golf (I don’t even play) contributes to the covid case numbers.

Life Highlights of the month

  • Hit 189 pounds. I was 211 in early March. Diet is massive, carbs are bad. Heard it all before, but this time I listened.
  • Got a amazing fish aquarium light. Blue tooth and you can change the led settings. But the coolest thing about it – You can set your times to run it and it slowly starts up and shuts down. Basically you get sunsets and sundowns now. Also got cloud functions. Super realistic and I think the fish love it. =)
  • Bought the kids a pretty sweet playground. We have been shopping for them for awhile but they always sell out or go fast. We saw a couple on kijii but they were pretty beat up for the prices these days. Haven’t got it yet but this weekend will probably be setting it up.
  • Went Fishing for trout. Caught that brown in the picture and lost a pretty solid rainbow

Alright, Let’s Get To Our April 2021 Passive Income

Raises or Cuts

  • pg 10% raise adds – $7.62
  • jnj raise 5% adds – $8.60
  • ibm .6% raise adds – $1.12

Ibm with a tiny raise, but a decent quarter. Still waiting for the turnaround to happen. Jnj was nice but boy oh boy did PG come through. That 10% increase was huge and just makes me want to grow that position moving forward.


Total Added Income from Dividend Raises in 2021 – $92.38

January 2021 Passive Income

April 2021 Dividend Income

14 Companies paid us this month.

StocksApril 2020 IncomeApril 2021 Income
Restaurant Brands33.7573.98
Nutrien30.64 27.77
Couche Tard05.95
Inter Pipeline29.36 (2 Drips)8.32
Riocan30.12 (1 Drip)sold
Extendicare18.24 (3 Drips)sold
Cisco48.24 (1 Drip)51.06
Transcontinental26.10 (2 Drips)27.23 (1 Drip)
TD Bank98.75 (1 Drip)101.91 (1 Drip)
BNS88.2 (1 Drip)91.80 (1 Drip)
Smart Centers24.36 (1 Drip)26.05
Rit Etf064.53 (3 Drips)
Tc Energy0114.84 (1 Drip)
Bell Canada72.43 (1 Drip)79.63 (1 Drip)
Telus57.09 (2 Drips)79.98 (3 Drips)
Algonquin Power42.53 (2 Drips)66.08 (3 Drips)

14 stocks Dripped in April – woot woot!

First time breaking that 800 mark! Sweet… Lots of companies this month dripping, while a couple have ran up in price and unfortunately didn’t get dripped. I guess that’s a good problem to have. Overall the income grew by 36.13% compared to last year. Fantastic stuff. These month’s definitely are now the highest income months and with recent purchases will continue to grow moving forward.

If your interested check out our Previous Dividend Income Reports.

Our Drips (Dividend Reinvestment Program) added $20.06 to our yearly forward dividend’s this month.april 2021 dividends


Other Income

Private Investment Payment – $500.00

Nothing new here, just our regular monthly payment. (I don’t even have to edit this part every month) Steady Eddy…….

Solar Panel Income

In March (We always get paid a month later) our solar panel system generated 1,050 kWh. Since we bring in a fixed rate of 28.8 cents per kilowatt hour, Hydro One deposited $302.40 into our chequing account this month.

Last March the system generated $200.16. A huge gain and shows just how nice March was. April wasn’t unfortunately.

Total Income for 2021 – $447.55

System Installed January 2018

Total System Cost ——–$32,396.46

Total Income Received ——–$7,934.36


Amount to Break even —- $-24,462.1


april 2021 passive income pie

Total April 2021 Passive Income – $ 1,622.33

April 2020 Passive Income – $1,298.91

Total Passive Income Increase over last year. – $323.42

A huge growth rate overall. Stick to the plan and the total grows.

april 2021 passive income

Totals For 2021

Dividends Year To Date Total – $2,696.64
Other Passive Income Year to date – $2,863.01
Total Passive Income for 2020 —– $5,559.65
Year End Goal – $17,390.71 ——– %31.96

A nice overall boost, but still behind of the goal if we look at it monthly. We should be getting 8.3% a month and with 4 months done we should be at 33.33%. Time to get cracking and boost that income!



April 2021 Purchases

After seeing us missing out on the drip program with smart centres for 2 months now, it was time to get it back. We added to that position earlier this month.

  • 40 shares adds $74.01

Algonquin Power continues to drop in price and we gladly grew our position at these prices.

  • 61 shares adds $39.70 usd (more if you include the recent raise =)

In total we added $113.71 to that forward income with new purchases last month.


Financial Goals Update


Increase Dividends by $1,680.19 this year. (bringing our forward income from dividends to $8,329.13 a year)

  • With New Purchases, Drips, and Dividend Raises we continued to grow the size of our dividend Portfolio. Total increased so far in 2021 is $437.95. 26.06% of our goal.


Etf Monthly Minimum Purchase of $250

  • This month we added 10 more units of xaw etf.
  • Questrade* is great because it offers free etf trades and cheaper stock trading options than most Canadian brokers. $250.00 a month would kill us if we needed to pay high trading fees.
  • * Note the questrade link is a affiliate link and at no additional cost to you, I would get a little payment if you were to sign up. You could get $50 in free trades by using my link though.

April 2021 Passive Income Conclusion

Overall a great month. Its fantastic to set new records and just watch the compounding taking over. New capital, drips and raises is a powerful trio.


How are you doing both with your passive income sources and how are things with covid where you live?

“People Begin to Become successful the minute they decide to be” – Harvey Mackay

28 Responses

  1. Congratulations Rob for your $819.93 in dividends for April ! 🎉💰😃👍 I would love to have passive income of $302.40 from solar panels as well, that’s so cool ! ☀️😎

  2. JamesB says:

    I got Pfizer and am not worried about the suggested 29 day gap. When the vaccine data was being collected as part of the trials – Pfizer was in a conundrum of waiting for x days vs. getting the approval as quickly as possible. They could have continued testing for 4 months, but it would have meant vaccines being delayed by an extra 3 months. So, it may actually be better to wait four months…they just didn’t have the data to hand off to the relevant health authorities.

    • Rob says:

      hey James

      Thats true, maybe its better. I guess we will see, I had a great conversation with a pharmacist on twitter and may actually go book my first shot.


  3. Always love to read your updates Rob. This is an excellent year over year increase to your passive income, and those DRIPs are just going to get bigger and bigger!

    • Rob says:

      thanks Olf

      I appreciate that. Reading blogs like yours, who have been in the game longer really shows the power of drips. I cant wait!
      keep it up as well

  4. Congrats on the new record. It would of been ever higher, if the banks were allowed to raise their dividends again. Hope to be their shortly. Need to pass $700.00 in a month first.

    Here in Alberta, we are back to almost a lockdown. Online learning for all students. Restaurant closed except for takeout and delivery. Retail, grocery, and malls are suppose to be at 10% capacity with respect to fire codes. I don’t see that happen at West Edmonton Mall for the common areas, but lineups for all their individual stores. Gyms going bankrupt. Lots of people still not wearing masks properly.

    • Rob says:

      hey Pursuit

      sad times for sure.. Here’s hoping we are at the end and things start to trend down. I just hope things in the winter don’t flare back up. I definitely can not wait for these financial stocks to start raising those dividends again!
      cheers pursuit

  5. SavyFox says:

    Hey Rob
    Congrats on that solid month, your three passive income sources are working for you at full steam. Always nice to see organic growth from wonderful businesses like P&G etc.

    • Rob says:

      hey Savvy

      thanks alot, pg in particular was a surprise. Its not a steal at the moment but I would love to add to our tiny position, gotta reward that 10% raise with a bigger stake


  6. Any thoughts on initiating an investment in Extendicare at present ? I´ve been reading and linked to your blog for some time now. Thanks for interesting influences/Northernlightsinvestment (Sweden).

    • Rob says:

      hey Northern

      Appreciate the support. I recently sold off our exe position due to the political nature of the business, no dividend increases and general lack of growth from the company. At around 8 bucks a share their may be some capital gains there but i think there are better opportunity’s out there. Ie algonquin power atm

      cheers, cant wait to go to sweden one day!

  7. Tawcan says:

    Solid month you had Rob. Congrats. And nicely done on the weight loss.

  8. Congrats on breaking the $800 mark and nice YOY growth! Always great to achieve a new record. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  9. Norm says:

    Hey Rob I bet it feels great to cross that $800/month dividend mark for the first time!

    Of the 17 stocks that paid you dividends I only hold 5 of them. That’s the beauty of investing, there are seemingly limitless ways to tailor investments and reach one’s goals. It’s like building a house, sure you could buy the same cookie cutter one as everyone else, or customize a house to meet your lifestyle and goals.

    That solar power income is awesome, and you’ve got a sweet deal with Hydro One. I’m not sure how they can stay in business when paying people 28.8-cents per kWh!

    • Rob says:

      hey Norm

      thanks its a great new milestone. You are so right, that’s why they call is personal finance. So many great companies and investments out there, gotta pick the ones you like.

      Its true about hydro one, actually there’s people out there getting over 80 cents per kwh. (That’s when the microfit program first got introduced)
      cheers Norm!

  10. John says:

    Hey Rob,

    Awesome month of dividends. Watching those payments come in is always super satisfying. Congrats! April was a pretty big month on my end as well. The sale of BPY (and to a lesser extent IPL & HYI) hurt in Q1, but this was the first month where dividend increases started to be felt from reinvesting proceeds and new capital in BCE, TRP, AQN, TD & POW. Power doesn’t always pay in month 1 of the quarter, but thanks to it doing so this time, I collected above $1k in divs for the first time (other than June/December when ETFs like XEF make semi annual payments). Been recently buying Telus and AQN on this most recent pullback, along with US Total Market Index; so hopefully July will turn out to be even better.

    Cheers to a great quarter,


    • Rob says:

      hey John

      Thanks and congrats to you. Pow is finally getting some respect when it comes to stock price. Congrats on those gains and those raises. I like those buys as well, Telus and algonquin are up there for our buy list as well.

      Sounds like July will be great for you.
      keep it up John! cheers to you as well

  11. May says:

    Wow, such a big increase. Congrats.

    Have friends working at IBM and they suggested me not to buy the stock. The dividend is attractive but according to them, there is not much growth. Just for your reference. They might be wrong.

    I prefer AAPL, MSFT, AMAZON and GOOGL over IBM. Already have AAPL and MSFT, aiming to start on AMZN and GOOGL. I know, very low yield or no yield. But if the total return is high, one can always switch to higher yield stocks when needed.

    • Rob says:

      hey May, thanks

      You are right about Ibm. It has been a laggard but I continue to hold our position but wont add at the moment. I actually just bought some more microsoft after that tech sell off last week. Nothing wrong with google and amazon. We need to focus on total return as well and those 2 companies are best in breed.

      That’s why I grabbed microsoft, big tech is just so big and powerful they can just continue to purchase other companies and grow.
      Low yield but high growth.

      cheers May

  12. Once again a solid month, Rob! I like that organic growth.
    Keep it up and let the ball roll!

  13. Another fantastic month Rob. On the dividend front, you absolutely crushed it. On a personal front, you also did as well. I be the kids are loving the playground you built them.


    • Rob says:

      thanks Bert

      Actually just got the playground built, its pretty safe to say the neighbourhood loves it! turned it into a waterslide as well
      good times.

      cheers man

  14. Hey Rob,

    That’s a banger of a month. Dropping the +20 pounds so quickly is probably even more impressive than the huge dividend growth.

    And, I’m pleased to say at the time of writing that golfing is back on the menu (not that I golf, but I do love the sport… nice weekend by Mickelson also).

    Take care,

    • Rob says:

      hey Ryan

      Thanks man, it really does feel good being soo much lighter. I didnt think I was that fat, but now the cuts just look better!
      Nice to see things opening up for sure, this wkend is going to be great.
      cheers man

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