April 2017 – Stock Picks

April 2017 – Stock Picks

Its that time of month again. What to buy, what to buy. I want to add something to my lowest sectors. I missed the boat on Extendicare when it fell to $10. Technology stocks aren’t that good in Canada and the conversion at the moment is horrible. Currently I’m watching 2 stocks to buy this month, but anything can change. Here are my April 2017 Stock Picks.

april 2017 stock picks

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (Basic Materials)

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. (PCS) is a fertilizer producer producing a range of primary crop nutrients, such as potash, nitrogen and phosphate. The Company operates through three segments: potash, nitrogen and phosphate. No question potash prices have been getting killed over the past couple years. While most stocks are up potash really hasn’t done much but cut their dividend. The merger with Agrium will be fantastic and definitely will make the company more stable. The world keeps getting less and less farm-able land as we build houses everywhere and with the potential legalization of dope, Fertilizer should be in High demand (see what I did there?) ZING!

  • P/E ratio 43.9
  • Dividend Yield 2.37%
  • Current Price – $22.19
  • 52 week high – $26.62 (currently %16.64 below 52 wk high)

This could be a great buy at today’s prices for the future. I also already have a position in potash so always like adding to existing positions.

April 2017 stock pics

High Liner Foods Inc (Consumer Defensive)

High Liner Foods Incorporated is a Canada-based company, which is engaged in the processing and marketing of frozen seafood products. The Company produces a range of products from breaded and battered items to seafood entrees, which are sold to North American food retailers and food service distributors. From what I read it missed a couple projections and the stock tumbled. I think fish is a great source of protein and we eat high liner fish at our house.

  • P/E ratio 12.8
  • Dividend Yield %3.12
  • Current Price $17.94
  • 52 week high – $27.62 (currently %35.04 below 52 week high)

I’m really leaning to this, I have 0 positions in consumer defensive. I think a stock like this 35% below their 52 week high screams buy. It has also maintained or increased its dividend for 9 years in a row. One of the downsides personally is its dividend is paid in the months which I currently receive the most March, June,Sept,Dec which shouldn’t be a factor. haha but I wanna get each month to $100

Well there it is, 2 stocks I really have been debating. The dividend income isn’t going to make me a millionaire anytime soon but there is great potential in each. What are your thoughts? Do you think I should look into something else? Let me know!


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  1. dividendgeek says:

    Hola, I had a question for you. I was comparing S&P/TSX Composite index versus S&P 500 index and it seems TSX has trailed S&P 500 considerably.

    I understand the importance of income … but are you not missing out a lot on growth? Why not invest in CAD hedged S&P500 ETFs? Sorry for the newbie question.

    Google finance: http://tinyurl.com/mxqch6s

    • Hey geek. You are right. I have been looking into etf but hate their dividends. I would rather buy the us company itself, altho with current exchange rates it’s not worth it. Maybe it’s market timing but I feel with markets at all time highs I Don’t want to buy a basket of companies. I rather find ones that have a good bargain. Great point though just waiting for a good opportunity. Like I have always said I’m not a expert and appreciate everyone’s points.

  2. Currently, I am more interested in the stable and non cyclical companies like ALA, ENF and IPL. They all pay a very decent yield and have been increasing their dividends. Boring companies that pay you a good dividend and they continue to increase it every year is great to own.

    • Hey Leo I agree I love enbridge it’s probably my favorite stock. Altagas is great but would prefer enbridge. Interpipeline looks good too. Just want to diversify to my lower sectors

  3. These both look like really interesting ideas. I’d probably personally lean towards Potash only because I feel like people are trending towards fresh seafood over frozen. But that’s just a personal observation vs. any hard numbers.

  4. DivHut says:

    I looked at POT a long, long time ago but never invested in that name. Fertilizer should continue to see strong demand but remember, like oil, POT is a commodity play as you mentioned potash prices getting killed etc. Be ready to ride out commodity price storms form time to time. Never heard of High Liner but I do like the sector it’s in. I just added to my GIS and am looking at more HRL too. Food staples tend to solid over the long haul. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Div, yeah potash would be a long term buy. Yeah after seeing your post and everyone asking why I dont have u.s stocks I have been looking into GIS, like I said I love my honey nut cheerios daily. Just don’t know if the conversion is worth it at the moment.

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