Another Portfolio Swap

Another Portfolio Swap

Good Morning

Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend. It Tuesday morning and pouring rain, time for a new post. I have been trying to cut the fat out of my portfolio this year and basically have eliminated all the holdings I didn’t want anymore. On Thursday I decided to remove the one holding I didn’t like anymore.

portfolio swap


We sold our entire position in Cineplex. Yes we broke Warren Buffett’s rule of not losing money. We took a loss of just north of 200$ on the sale of Cineplex. Now there are a lot of reasons I like the company, They basically have a monopoly on the movie theater experience in Canada. There is some competition but really not that much. Cineplex is also trying to diversify their income away from the Movie business. They have opened a couple rec room’s and partnered with top golf to start making those.

Ultimately though Cineplex has been at the mercy of the companies actually making the movies. The last couple years haven’t been loaded with solid movie titles. When I think of what’s in theaters currently only Black Panther comes to mind. I cant think of one other movie. I want to see Black Panther so I’m not knocking it, just I normally can think of 2-3 movies. They say they don’t make much on the ticket sales, the profits come from the snacks. Well when I have to pay more than 20 bucks for a pop and popcorn its a cost I factor in while going to the movies.

The trend is clearly changing, T.v shows are really getting a lot better. Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Vikings? All solid high profile shows. You no longer need to go to the movies to see that high quality content. Netflix and android boxes make it really simple to stay in the comfort of your own home and have your own snacks. When Disney starts their streaming service, things may really change. Maybe pay a small fee and watch the movie at home as it hits movie theaters?

Cineplex Dividend

Cineplex’s dividend has looked like it could get cut for awhile now. It hasn’t but I decided to get out, in case they do. With all the negative press on Cineplex stock a dividend cut, could really knock that price down. The cut might be good long term, as it would give more money for other endeavors though. They might decide to keep the dividend but I don’t see a dividend raise soon.

I still go to the odd movie in the theater as a date night, but just thought it was good idea to move on without it being a stock position. We had 80 Shares which brought in $134.40 per year. This sale puts a nice dent in our consumer cyclical sector – my most hated sector to invest in……

Utility Stocks

While its hard to find good companies at a value, Utilities have really been smoked. Emera and Fortis both looked really tempting after their pullback. We decided to pass on fortis for the simple fact they pay their dividend in the MJSD (March, July, September, December) months. I know the payout date shouldn’t be a big factor for a long term investor, but I’d love to even mine out more.

We have Algonquin paying us in the JAJO (January, April, July, October) months and Canadian Utilities and Brookfield Renewables paying me in the MJSD months. My lowest dividend months are the FMAN (February, May, August, November) months. Right when Emera pays their dividend.

portfolio swap


I was debating just holding the money and waiting for another pullback before Emera’s ex dividend date most likely April 30th. I have been reading Tony Robbin’s book – Unshakeable. He actually states that’s a common psychological behavior. It has a name for it but basically after a pullback you don’t want to buy because you think the market will keep going down. No one knows for sure and Emera could be back up in price by the end of April.

I have definitely been doing that as I have cash to invest but am wondering what will happen. It could of been a little correction the market was waiting for and now the market will take off. Who knows? One thing you learn the more you invest is how hard it is to time the market. So I put that money from the sale right back to work!

The Buy

We added 61 shares of Emera to the portfolio. They are a power and gas company operating in Canada, U.S.A, and 4 Caribbean Islands. Emera have raised their dividend for the last 11 years and have a 10 year average dividend growth rate of 9%. We bought at a yield on cost of %5.46 and will bring in $137.86 yearly. Like I stated earlier they pay their dividend in February, May, August and November.

Emera is currently 20% below their 52 week high and 5% above the 52 week low. Partially because of lowered than expected earning’s, a 317 million one time tax hit was charged last quarter. The rising interest rates also hurt utilities, reits and teleco’s.


Emera seems to be doing some great moves, is at a nice price point and increases our off month dividends! Utilities, Teleco’s and Consumer Defensive are also my favorite sectors as you basically need these. I think this will be a great move long term for the portfolio.

What are your thoughts? Are you holding or buying cineplex or emera at these lows?


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  1. Nice buy Rob. Emera sure does look tempting with their recent pullback. I have the same issue with dividends received FMAN is my lowest months. I do try to balance what I receive per month. Thanks for sharing all the best with Emera enjoy that nice dividend.

  2. May says:

    I don’t care when I get the dividend. I plan to have a cash wedge when I retire so it really does not matter.

    Since January I began to buy quite some utilities including EMA and lots of them still under water. No worries though I am buy and hold.

    • Rob says:

      Nice May

      Yeah its true they could go underwater but those dividends should continue to pay out quarterly! Thats what its all about!

      Congrats on your new additions


  3. Nice buy Rob! I never heard of Cineplex but your reasoning for selling sounds solid, to bad it was on a loss but for sure the redeployment of cash in Emera will make up for these losses!
    All the best!


    • Rob says:

      Hey independence

      Thanks. The loss sucks but these are learning mistakes. As long as i learn something from each mistake its worth it. Could of been worse!


  4. Wally says:

    Thanks for sharing this Rob. I own Cineplex, but plan on holding on for now to collect the monthly dividend. However, the stock has really been struggling as of late, so I see why you made the move.

    • Rob says:

      Hey wally

      Np. The monthly dividend was nice for sure. Hopefully cineplex just evolves into other forms of entertainment!

  5. dividendgeek says:

    I don’t know much about Emera, but I think selling Cineplex was a good idea. Your reasoning is sound. Not sure of the future for theaters.

    • Rob says:

      Yeah emera seems good. People will still need some form of entertainment. Hopefully cineplex just evolves into the other forms they want to build on. Ie top golf playdiums and rec rooms

  6. I own both Cineplex and Emera. Owning Emera is a lot easier on the mind than Cineplex as people need electricity to “live” their lives.

    If I was not down so much on Cineplex, I would strongly consider selling it. Hopefully, the earnings release in the next couple of days is not too bad.

    • Rob says:

      Hey pursuit

      Yeah thats true! I was debating waiting for the 4th quarter results before selling. Should be positive for them but there might be alot of sellers waiting for this point too.

      Hope it works out for you.
      Cheers man!

  7. May says:

    Forgot to mention ever since we set up home theater with a 120 inch screen, the entire family feel no need to go cinema anymore. I run out of microwave popcorns quite fast because of that. Yeah, I think your sell is a good one.

  8. Russ says:


    Yeah Cineplex was on my maybe list for a long time i never did buy it pretty much for the simple reason that it seams like a industry that is dieing / changing and im not sure what the future could be for it. Maybe very very bad.

    I have the same worries for Cours .
    I want to sell that stock but im down like 40%

    Not sure what to do.

    • Rob says:

      Hey cineplex is interesting. I have actually read somewhere that they are contemplating splitting the stock. Ie movie theatres and entertainment ie rec rooms, top golf, playdium parts.

      As for corus i still like it. I think a dividend cut is factored in. If they cut it in half its still a 8% yield! I have actually debated adding more. A div cut could actually make the stock pop in value. They still dominate the radio space and canadian tv.

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