6 Months Online

6 Months


Woot so it has been 6 months since I decided to create my own website. (while proofreading this I realized It is actually hasn’t been 6 months. Fail……)  Got to say I have been really impressed with the outcome. I was really debating if I should for a couple reasons.

  1. Would people even see my site?
  2. Does anyone care about my finances?
  3. Is it bragging?
  4. Will there be trolls bringing me down? (Stock picks or failures)
  5. What could I gain?
  6. Should I tell friends/ family?
  7. Should I spend the 150$ to get the site started or invest it?
  8. Will I post enough?
  9. Should we post our real numbers?
  10. Security. Obviously riskier posting about my finances.

I’m sure there were other thoughts going through my head at the time, but I loved reading other peoples journey’s. It inspired me to be better, I learned from them. I have read a lot of finance books the past couple years and really am shocked how easy it is to become wealthy, if you have your eye on the prize. I think I also wanted to help people who might stumble on my site and learn something. (like I did with your sites)

Sites Income

To date it hasn’t really matured into a big money maker. I have had 156 clicks on my affiliate Web Host Canada but 0 sign ups to date. Amazon has brought in a couple sales but not even enough for a Extendicare stock. I think I have made approximately $20 off of google adsense since the site started up though so that’s great. Thanks to whoever clicks the ads =)

I don’t use google analytic’s though. Is it worth it to setup?


6 months

I have told some close friends and family about the site…. Most of it tends to get brushed off. Why is money so Taboo? Maybe some people view it but only one of my sisters will talk about it sometimes. One friend kinda got excited that’s awesome and was shocked when I told him I had 1,000 views. Its pretty amazing really how fast that first 1000 came!

To date I have received 6,664 views and have 433 comments! The most views I have gotten in one day was 182 which I achieved last Saturday after the 400 stock post! I appreciate the love. This beat my previous record of 161, which held it down for quite a while. It was a monthly dividend post that set that record. Again on a Saturday. Is that the day you get the most views as well?

  • January (6 days) 72 Views
  • February I had 695 Views
  • March brought in 1,012 Views
  • April amassed 1,223 Views
  • May recorded 1,831 Views
  • June so far is 1,907

I can’t stress enough how great it feels to see these results. Sometimes I get a bunch of views and no or only a few comments though. Try leaving a comment it makes my smile big. Clearly the trend is upwards and with time online I should move on up in views. Shout out to all of you who have me on your blogroll or ever link to my site. The community is fantastic. Feel free to check out my fellow bloggers often as I’m always adding new blogs to the list.

At the beginning I kept track of what countries people were viewing my site from, but I stopped. The web is worldwide and I think I have been viewed in most Countries now. It is awesome. Hi to everyone all over the world!

Passive Income

I forget what my original yearly passive income was when I first created Passive Canadian Income but I think it was like 1,100 per year. Last year I brought in just over 500$ from dividends. By joining the community and sharing with everyone it has made me better, motivating me to be the best I can be.

I have learned some new things and currently my forward dividends are $2,668.60 a year. Add in the new investment we made and cash back from the credit card (never had a cash back card until I read one of your blogs)  and we now have a forward passive income of $8918 per year. ( If everything go’s well) A 1683 % increase over last year and we are only halfway into the year =) That number will only go up with more dividend investments and the approval of our solar panels…. If only I can increase it another 1683% next year, I think I may be living on the lake soon enough.



My goals I made shortly after I started this site (beginning of February 2017)

  •  To generate $2000 in passive income by December 31, 2017 – %34.13 so far
  •  To develop a passive yearly income stream of $7500 by the end of 2019
  •  By 2025 muster up 20,000 annually in dividends and other passive income
  • Create a new income stream by the end of this year. Currently only 3 – Employment income(me)(her) and Dividends. Ads and Affiliates?

At the time I thought these were big goals, seriously I did. The first one should easily be done now, The 2nd one is done. My 3rd Goal doesn’t seem to hard anymore. Creating a new income stream? I did 2 the ads and affiliates as well as the private investment. Remember I’m really gunning for the solar panels so maybe I can get 3 this year. I still haven’t made a new goal list, which I said I would do after reading The Power of 100. Its taking some time to write some really hardcore and Y.O.R.G goals for each category.

It really goes to show you to dream bigger. Like Les Brown Says – There’s Greatness within you!


Well that’s it, Thanks everyone for all the support. Personally I enjoy reading when you guys post your updates about how your site is doing so thought I would post my first half year post. How many views do you average a month? Whats your adsense income? Any tips for the site? Do you back your site up?


6 months

13 Responses

  1. Congrats on your progress! I remember when I started my site. I had a lot of the same feelings you had when you started yours but regardless, here we are! Sometimes we just need to realize that our insecurities are just that and they can stop some from doing what they are meant to do. Thank you for sharing and I’ll be following. Take care and good luck moving forward!

  2. desidividend says:

    Nice ,it takes time to get some momentum,even my blog which is started in april,so far recorded close 2k views,i noticed that when we comment on other blogs we pickup lot of traffic.

  3. Pellrider says:

    Congrats! I am still doing the free blogspot blog. may be i should consider starting my own website. Your posts are really interesting. I am receiving some dividends too. amazed at your ability to find more to write. I think, you are in the right track to making a big income from your website. Keep the good work!Google analytics is not a bad idea though.

    • Thanks Pell! Love the comments. Yeah I think starting your own is a great idea. Its nice to have your own site. I like to have control of things I guess. Will look into analytics. Thanks again for the vote of confidence

  4. Congrats on the progress of your blog PCI.

    I created my blog over a year ago and I still don’t have numbers as impressive as yours. I pretty much suck at SEO and generating traffic to the blog, but I try to write frequently in hopes of generating interest. I kind of took a break from blogging for months though but got back into it in earnest earlier this year.

    What do you use to track the page views by month? Did you just add them up yourself? I think I use Monster Insights which I believe is Google Analytics. Perhaps I just don’t know how to use it that well, but to get the total for the month, I have to manually add the views, which you inspired me to do for the first time. So, I added the page views in June and the total I got was 1565. And June isn’t over yet!

    Now, I’m guessing some of those views was because I was checking the site, but I don’t know if the software is smart enough to discount it when I check the site myself.

    I agree with you that the dividend community is great. I love reading posts for inspiration, including yours.

    • Hey thanks port. Hey 1500+ is still really good. My site is a WordPress site so jetpack keeps track of my comments and views. It sorts it daily weekly and monthly. It also keeps track of best day views. If you run WordPress I recommend it. I do the Sri thing from some seo plugin I have but sometimes question it. If I find my site on Google for instance I doesn’t show the meta tag. I created to give an idea of what that page is about. For some reason it still shows a couple on my first sentences.

  5. John R says:

    Congrats on your website & journey. Enjoy reading your blog. Slowly but surely it seems to be all working out for you & your family.

  6. Leo T. Ly says:

    It takes a lot of hard work and dedication in order to see any results on your blog. A couple of months ago, I started to work on search engine optimization for my site. I am starting to get more traffic from Google. I would recommend you do that if you want long term results. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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