Bce – Your the stock for me!

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  1. PCI –

    Nice job grabbing the big telecom and adding quite a bit of forward yield to the portfolio! For AT&T – wild at how high the yield is… scary, in a way.

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  2. Passive Canadian Income,

    With this transaction, you also become a part owner of a few NHL teams. The Montreal Canadiens and your beloved Toronto Maple Leafs. I believe Bell owns 18% of the Canadiens. I believe they own 37.5% of Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment, which is the parent company of the Maple Leafs.

    BCE pays a good yield to start. My position in BCE has been good for me for past several years.

    This stock will make you sleep easier at night.
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    • Rob says:

      haha love it pursuit

      I knew they owned some mlse but had no clue on percentages and failed to mention it.

      Thanks for pointing that out. Owning part of the maple leafs, thats just awesome!

      Go leafs.
      cheers man

  3. Nice pickup and purchase Rob. I enjoyed reading your thought process and love the income you actually added.

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  4. German says:

    Hey Rob, definitely a great stock that I will eventually own as well. Telcos will do good because of the growing demand for wireless data. All those heavy apps and youtube views require lots of data. Ten years ago most people just used wifi for their cellphones, but now most have data because they need it for gps, emails, and apps. Also, the introduction of uber, uber eats, lyft and many other various gig apps, have sparked big demand for data plans. So our telcos are positioned to reap the reward for decades to come. Great pick!

    • Rob says:

      hey German

      So true. I know both me and my wife had to add more data to our plans over the years.
      Got to love the telecos!


      • German says:

        Same here! I used only wifi for many years, and now have a data plan. It’s so much efficient when going out. I can compare prices online, read product reviews directly from the store before buying something, check the traffic report and do video calling. Internet on the go is very helpful.

  5. Jo says:

    I have both and love TELUS dividends!!

  6. Philip says:

    You’re the stock for me-typo

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