What Will Be Your Legacy?

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4 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Very interesting perspective. I did the Global Rich List and was surprised at what i saw. Looks like i have my work cut out for me to find my legacy in this world. All the best!


    • Rob says:

      hey Brian

      Yeah the global rich list is pretty crazy. Really opens your eyes to how well we have it.

      I still got to figure out what will be ours as well.
      cheers Brian

  2. Hey Dude

    While I agree that nobody should ever get shit for donating – I think what MOST people are upset about is not the 1%, or the money they give -it’s that we’ve let our system (capitalism) allow people to amass such massive sums of money. I’m a capitalist (for the most part) but there are HUGE problems with the system. There really is no reason why 1 person should be worth billions of dollars. When you think about it – it’s insane. And I get it – to some people in the poorest countries – they may think it’s insane to think someone could be worth 1 million dollars, or even 100,000 dollars….but when you start getting into BILLIONS, the amount of flex they have with governments/policies is downright scary.

    My beef isn’t with the Gates’ or Bezos’ of the world..it’s with the system that allowed it to get to this point. Did I read Amazon paid ZERO corporate tax? What the actual fuck..hah. You couple things like that with the amount of offshore loopholes, superPACS, and lobbying..and there is clearly some real big issues with capitalism. It’s been great for us in North America for the last 100+ years – but I think we need to see some REAL change/shift in priorities over the next little while, or we are all gonna be faaaacked.

    Just my opinion
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    • Rob says:


      wow great points Jordan.

      Yeah its crazy the benefits Amazon get. Especially when citys are bidding on the opportunity just for amazon to come setup in their city.

      I agree individuals shouldn’t have billions and they can push around the system. That is a big problem. Dunno how they would fix that. Higher taxes on those rich and then they move and take their business with them.

      Guess we’ll see if the system changes anytime soon.

      cheers man!

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