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  1. John says:

    Hey Rob,

    At 6%, I think you made the right choice. Think of it as equivalent to being able to buy a risk free government bond yielding 6%: wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity to do so in this environment? The only difference here is that instead of buying the bond to get the cashflows, you are in a sense “buying back” the financing cashflows you would otherwise pay by forking over the cash up front. I love my stocks, but it would be pretty risky to assume that they will earn you more than 6% (remembering that you would pay your loan with after tax income) over the duration of the loan.

    I don’t follow the names you chose to sell, although I am a Freedom customer (on a grandfathered plan where I pay $39 for unlimited everything plus unlimited US roaming). I do agree that I would take Telus and BCE over Shaw in the mobile space, so kudos in keeping those names (full disclosure: I own both).

    I’m the polar opposite of you in a sense in that I live in the city beside good rapid transit, so I don’t drive much. But the new wheels sound solid! And I definitely support the inclusion of heated seats. These things are a game changer when it comes to comfort in our climate.

    Take care and enjoy the new wheels.

    • Rob says:


      Dam John im jealous of your phone plan! That is amazing.

      Glad to hear you agree about the sales, I know i was hearing arguments from both sides of the fence.

      No payments is really simple, i like the kiss approach.

      gotta love those heated seats.
      Go leafs/Raps Go!

  2. German says:

    Congrats on changing the car for the 2013 model. Good thing you didn’t buy the 2012 model because it was a crappy release. I remember how civic enthusiasts were complaining about it, but Honda quickly reacted and made improvements in the 2013 model. Enjoy the ride. It should serve you well for the next 10 years.

    • Rob says:

      wow German

      You know alot about cars! Great to hear as i was looking at a 2012 that was cheaper but couldnt get the bluetooth to work and was a burgandy red color which i hated.

      Glad i made the right pick!
      cheers man

  3. Hey Rob. My wife’s car is a 2006 Corolla. Like you, hoping to milk a few more miles out of it. When we need to replace, I have been thinking about a Honda CRV EX-L AWD compact SUV. Our other car is a 2009 Camry and we need something with a little cargo space. Tom
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    • Rob says:

      hey Tom

      My wifes first caR was a Corolla, also a great car!

      The crv sounds like a nice pick. Suvs are nice for their extra space for sure. Great for camping.

      Hope your car continues to roll along for ya.

  4. Hey Rob,
    It sucks to hear that you had to sell some stocks to purchase a car but I think it’s a good decision to pay in cash instead of financing it. At least you were in a position to have a choice!
    You probably won’t be familiar with the car our family has – 2009 Skoda Fabia. I don’t think they are selling in North America. I bought it from a friend for 3000 EUR and couldn’t be happier with the choice.
    Good luck with your cars. Hopefully you won’t experience any more big car expenses in the near future!
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    • Rob says:

      hey Broke

      Yeah i feel the same. Glad to not have any monthly car payments.

      I think I have heard of that car when I went to europe. Its crazy how Europe has all these small cars but here in North America we have big suvs……

      Hoping there wont be any big car expenses for a long time.


  5. May says:

    Congrats. Feels good to drive a newer car, right?

    So many people drive civic! My husband’s civic was more than 18 years old, older than yours. We debated for buying a newer car for a few years. Finally we decided beginning of this year to buy a brand new Nissan Leaf. Here in BC we can scrape the old car and get $6000 if buying a new EV. We got another $5000 from government. But we still end up paying $37K from pocket. But my husband now can drive on the HOV lane, which is the deciding factor for us to do it. The new car feels so good with so many useful features. We also save lots on gas as my husband charging it with public charger.

    We paid the car with cash. Well, I think it’s better to have a new car than having the cash not invested. I was not brave recently and did not buy anything yet this year.

    • Rob says:

      hey May

      Yeah for sure! Its crazy the difference it feels to drive a newer car. So many nice options and a lot smoother now since I was driving with those broken struts for awhile.

      Congrats on the leaf. Did you have to upgrade your electrical to 200 amp service for the plug in?
      Its so nice to hear what BC is doing to promote green energy. Its sad to see how much the provinces vary on these issues. Here in Ontario Ford keeps cutting shit and just cut a program to replant 50 million trees….

      That stuff drives me nuts. Arg!

      Anyways congrats on your new car as well. This market is crazy these days but you should be slowing investing that money. If you got room in your rrsp 3m just had a nice pullback. I might be deploying some cash there soon.


      • May says:

        Yes. I should deploy the cash especially cash is piling with our frugal life style.

        So far we managed to use majorly the public free charging station without having to install a charging station at home. We are reluctant to install charging station at home unless absolutely necessary as looks like quite a few holes need to be drilled.

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