February 2019 – Passive Income Update

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  1. Brian says:

    Nice month and those increases are huge!

    Welldone buddy

  2. Love those dividend increases. Your passive income reports are always very impressive! It is nice to see double-digit growth rates as well. Keep up the great work PCI! 🙂
    My Dividend Dynasty recently posted…February 2019 Dividend IncomeMy Profile

  3. Investing Pursuits says:

    Congrats on the raises and passive income total. How do you feel about Shaw (SJR.B) these days. I do not see them raising their dividend anytime soon with them attempting to expand their Freedom Mobile services to new markets.

    • Rob says:

      hey pursuit thanks man

      I like shaw. They have alot of potential and i was reading something on friday about Canada possibly changing the teleco laws to let smaller players use their infastructure. Who knows if that will happen though.

      The lack of dividend increases from them sucks but I think at current prices they are a nice buy long term. so ill let them do their drip thing.

      Im thinking more about highliner, russel metals and possibly sienna or extendicare.

      cheers pursuit!

  4. PCI –

    Love that your Solar Income is cruising and paying you steadily. Keep it up, inspiration and love seeing your journey, that’s some serious income, man.


    • Rob says:

      hey Lanny

      thanks, cant wait for those panels to get to the couple hundred mark again though.. until then ill keep stacking on those dividends.


  5. Awesome job, Rob! I would say 6 raises and 7 drips is a pretty solid month for sure. And it’s amazing that you’ve already added over $131 in dividend income this year from raises. Excellent month for passive income and YoY growth overall. I am also tired of the winter. Cant wait for spring now. I have been noticing that it is harder to find stocks to lately as well. Looks like you’ve got some big passive income months coming up based on the charts. Look forward to reading them man!
    Reverse The Crush recently posted…Dividend Income Update for February 2019My Profile

    • Rob says:

      hey Graham

      thanks man, yeah the raises this year have really started adding up. Its great to see and shows the power of dividend growth investing.

      Ill most likely be adding to my bns position this month to get that dripping.

      cheers man!

  6. Dividend Daze says:

    Nice write up. I own a few of those that increased as well so that is nice to see. You have to like that you are averaging a little over 1k passive income per month. I can’t wait for winter to be over as well. Bring on summer!
    Dividend Daze recently posted…Dividend Update – January 2019My Profile

    • Rob says:

      hey Daze

      Thanks, congrats to you on those raises as well.

      Yeah the passive income has really started snowballing into a nice stream monthly. Its great to see the growth.

  7. Excellent month Rob. That Solar income is weet, the dividend income is sweet, all the dividend increases are sweet. Man, as you can see, I am pretty darn pumped for you this month!

    Dividend Diplomats recently posted…Lanny’s February Dividend Income SummaryMy Profile

  8. God damn man…that’s a lot of raises! I got 2 and I was dancing around like a drunken fool…

    A few more months and that solar income should start taking off too! Looking forward to patio weather (beers on the patio)
    [email protected] recently posted…February Dividend Update: Record Breaking Month!My Profile

    • Rob says:


      Yeah it was a pretty impressive month for sure, raises just kept coming.

      Last year td announced in March and it was my only raise, so this may be a quite month..

      Yeah look forward to those bigger solar months. Give me that vitamin d with a couple cold beers.

      cheers Jordan!

  9. You’ve got it working on all fronts, Rob. Nice results this month.
    My focus on dividend growth has led to some nice organic income growth which you mentioned in your conclusions. Here’s to more of those dividend raises.
    Engineering Dividends recently posted…Weighted Dividend Growth (2018)My Profile

    • Rob says:

      hey E.d

      Thanks, yeah while these companies may have a decent yield I am missing out on the growth of the dividend, in 20 years I will most likely regret not switching them up earlier.


  10. German says:

    Hey Rob! Everything is going to the right direction! That’s a big list of dividend raises! Congrats! We share some of the names. You save me work so I don’t have to write about raises. Looking forward to bigger solar payments within the next few months. You wrote you busted some GT’s with the kinds… what the heck is GT? My guess is good time but I don’t know.

    • Rob says:

      haha hey German

      Man you don’t know what a gt is? Hopefully they are just called something else there or you missed out as a kid. lol. Its a type of sled, cant post a pic but google can show ya. Man they were the best growing up, chinese downhill battles kicking each other off and taking their sleds. Oh man good times!

      Thanks about the income, Its great to just watch and document this thing continuing to multiply.

      All the best, cheers

      ps Go get a gt!

      • German says:

        We didn’t bust GT’s in my youth, lol. I had a regular type sled to go downhill. I guess we didn’t have that game in my area. But it sounds like lots a fun!!

  11. GYM says:

    Great job this month! My February dividend income was kind of crappy but maybe next month will be better. I like your new chart for your dividend income!
    GYM recently posted…GYM March 2019 Dividend Income Update $7913My Profile

    • Rob says:

      hey gym

      thanks, yeah February seems to be the lowest months for most canadians. I think the us side of things has some good paying companies and February and plan on adding some of them to even things out a bit.

      keep it up gym

  12. DivvyDad says:

    Great month, and that boost to forward income from the raises is phenomenal! Putting all of the passive income sources together tallies up to a nice chunk of change. In another couple of months, that solar income should be pretty impressive!
    DivvyDad recently posted…Dividend Income Report :: February 2019My Profile

    • Rob says:

      hey div

      thanks yeah that was a record of dividend raises. Great to see for sure. The weather is definately turning nicer and i can see the watts improving. I cant wait for the warmwr weather


  13. Very nicely done, looks like you are steadily getting along this year… very nicely infact!
    Awesome stuff.
    Buy, Hold Long recently posted…4 Day Work WeekMy Profile

  14. Caroline says:

    Great month Rob!
    My February dividend income wasn’t very good and was 14% less than last year!! All because of Crescent Point and Corus:(
    I am publishing my report later this week but almost didn’t want to!
    Caroline recently posted…Do You Keep A Travel Log?My Profile

    • Rob says:

      haha thanks Caroline

      In the past I have thought of trying a stab at crescent point but glad i didnt.

      I think im going to take a loss on my highliner position before they cut their dividend next quarter…. Noone knows but really seems like it will happen.

      Again shit happens. Its just short term noise and we move on.

      All the best, look forward to your report.

  15. PG says:

    Hey PCI, love your story and progress.

    One recommendation for an article: Canadian Dividend Tax credits.
    Have you written about this yet?
    An Ontario couple in retirement can make ~$100K in Canadian dividends, and pay little to no taxes.

    • Rob says:

      hey Paul

      Thanks man, love seeing a new face around here. Welcome

      No that isn’t something I have wrote about, because all my stock investments are tax sheltered at the moment. TFSA’s, RRSP’s and RESP’s. It may be something I look into writing about, but I know there are a couple other Canadian bloggers out there who are a lot more knowledgeable about taxes than me. Of course if I did research the subject, it would make me smarter. hahaha

      As you mentioned I know that there are ways out there to make your taxes as efficient as possible and pay little to no taxes.

      Cheers Paul

  16. Samuel says:

    Nice Income report Rob, It’s very inspiring to see what you are achieving. I hope to create profitable reports like this myself in the future. Excellent month!

    • Rob says:

      hey Samuel

      Welcome to the site.

      Thanks, Before I started investing I followed a couple other people and their income reports got me inspired to start as well.

      Glad to be helping/inspiring others.

      Best of luck, I look forward to following along your journey as well.


  17. Tom says:

    Hi . i have a suggestion for your consideration. Why not include in your calculation the reduced electrical and gasoline bill (if any) resulting from the nice solar power station you invested in? Just a thought.
    the solar

    • Rob says:

      hey Tom

      welcome man.

      Our solar panel system is setup to sell all the power it produces, so we get paid for that.

      Our power bill is separate.


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