Why Am I Fighting To Live, If I’m Just Living To Die?

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  1. Helen777 says:

    Excellent article. Tip: You don’t need to buy a package to prepare your own will. There are instructions online for Canadians as to how to write their own wills. As I recall, it must be written entirely by hand, not typed. If I find the link, I will post it.

    • Rob says:

      hey Helen

      Thanks, Interesting to know, Our lawyers will is all typed out though. Well other than all the signatures. Look forward to that article if you can find it.
      Appreciate the comment, cheers Helen

  2. Hey Rob,
    I put together a Will quite a few years ago (before I’d really gotten the engine going on my DGI strategy). I’m thinking it may actually even be worth revisiting it to update what I had documented at that time as so much has changed in the eight-ten years since.
    Glad to see you got down to brass tacks and implemented this necessary component of any financial strategy.
    Take care,
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    • Rob says:

      hey Ryan

      Might be worth a revisit, I’m sure your estate has grown quite a bit in the last 10 years.
      Thanks, it feels good to have it done.

  3. Wally says:

    Hey Rob, Just wanted to say I admire that you are thinking and talking about this stuff. Its not an easy topic to handle sometimes, but its very important and shouldn’t be ignored. Maybe I should make a similar goal soon too, as I am a bit guilty of taking action on this stuff too. Also – love the creative title! It’s a great track. You can’t go wrong with putting Tupac and Biggie on a track and having it produced by Eminem.
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    • Rob says:

      hey Wally

      Haha glad you like the title. Old school hip hop was the best.

      Wills and pow’s are definately put off to the side alot of the time. It costs alot of money for a couple pieces of paper.

      The peace of mind makes it worth it though, you should try to do yours sometime soon. You will be glad you did.


  4. GYM says:

    Finally got a chance to read what this post is about (since I loved the title so much). I just watched All Eyez on Me on Netflix a few weeks ago (big Tupac fan).

    Great reminder- we have yet to do this, need to get this done. I think we are waiting for the second baby to arrive so that we won’t have to change any details again.
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    • Rob says:

      hey Gym

      Another great netflix show. Yeah makes sense. Would be frustrating setting one up and 9 months later bam. Time to change it. haha

  5. DivvyDad says:

    Love the post title, and your summary of actions taken. We still haven’t done ours, and while our kids are both older (youngest will be 18 and a legal adult in about 4 months) I would still want to be explicit about how our assets are divided so it does not become contentious among family members. The opportunity for money can sometimes bring out the worst in people, so best to have our intentions clearly defined–and then hope we don’t need anyone to execute on that for many, many years.

    One of my cousins asked me to be his POA for health, as he feared that everyone else would not be rational and want to hold out hope if there was even a 0.00001% chance of survival. It is a heavy topic though.

    Thanks for sharing the details of what you’ve done!
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    • Rob says:

      hey dd

      Yeah i found the poa for health to be the hardest thing to think of who would be my poa. For sure its a lot riding on them, but like you mentioned I wouldnt want to be ina long term comma just because their could be a very.minor chance i come back.

      Yeah money can definately change people and start drama real fast. Its nice to have it all written out and settled before you pass.


  6. MichelleVV says:

    This might be a silly question… you mentioned all the paperwork, including lawyer contact information being all together in the safe to make it easy to have everything safe and together in case it was ever needed (which definitely seems like a good idea), have you passed along the safe code to your Dad and/or Shella’s sister? Or would the lawyer have the code and they would have to contact him/her for it? If so do they already know which lawyer to contact for this information?

    • Rob says:

      Good points. we should make and give copys of the will and codes to the people involved for sure!
      …… whos shella? haha

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