2 Years Online – Thank You.

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  1. 2 years – congrats man! I think I’m about a year and a half right now…i’ll have to check. I was always curious what kind of traffic other people get.
    Personally I enjoy sites like yours, and others that are more of a personal journey vs the ones that are clearly just blogging to try and make money off the blog. Keep it up my man!
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    • Rob says:

      hey jordan.

      Its almost your 2nd then as well.

      Im the same as you. Its awesome seeing everyone elses progress and what they watching and are buying.

      Its funny i now go to bnn or other investing sites and the author screams this is my pick of the month, huge headwinds etc etc and at the bottom it states the author has no position in that stock.

      We are like i like this stock for this reason etc etc and i bought this many shares. Its different when the author has some skin in the game.

      keep doing you man. Love your site as well

      cheers Jordan!

  2. Congrats on your two-year Blogiversary! 🙂 Those are great site stats. I just checked mine and while views doubled since i started, they are nowhere near yours, lol. I don’t post as often as you, but I do enjoy blogging and interacting with other members of the DGI community. You always have great posts! So yes, here’s to another 2 years! 😀
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    • Rob says:

      hey dynasty

      Love it thanks, yeah the community aspect is huge and had improved me a tonne since joining it.

      Great to hear about your traffic doubling as well. Thats probably because of your massive dividend months!

      haha cheers Dynasty.

  3. George Yeung says:

    Congrats on your 2nd anniversary. As a retiree who depends on dividend income to supplement my old-age pension, I can attest to the fact a diversified portfolio of dividend stocks do make your life more comfortable and secure. If have been in this game a number of years now. While I can count on the dividends to pay for the living expenses, the bull market has so far provided me with the extra money for my annual vacations. My strategy is really quite simple: diversification, beta less than 1, yield at least 4%, dividend paying history at least 7 years (preferably increasing yoy). Your blog not only is pleasant reading, it sometimes provides good insight. You know what, we have quite a few stocks in common in our respective portfolios! Keep up the good work. I would be most disappointed if you ever stopped blogging.

    • Rob says:

      hey George

      thanks alot man, love comments like that.

      Your living that dream we all wish to achieve on day, congrats to you!

      Seems like a great strategy. I love yields in the 4-5% area. They seem pretty secure. I plan on adding some under a 3% yield pep jnj and mmm this year but generally like that 4% rule.

      Thanks again for the compliment.

      cheers man!

  4. German says:

    Two years passes by so fast. I’m a happy reader of your blog. Never a dull moment here:):) Being able to share and read other people’s progress is great. Cheers to two years and many more to come.

    • Rob says:

      hey German

      so True! Time is flying by. Soon enough we will all be writing about our couple thousand dollar months.


      hahha cheers man

  5. PCI –

    Congratulations Rob, love following your journey this far and looking forward to years to come! Cheers my man!


  6. Congratulations PCI!

    I have been following your blog for about 8 months and it’s been an interesting journey so far. Can’t wait to see what will happen in the next two years!
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  7. Congrats! Quite the accomplishment. Always love looking back and seeing how far we have all come. I just hit my 2 year blogiversary at November I think. My stats are not quite as high as you but I don’t really focus on that. I also don’t post quite as often when I am in school. Keep up the great work and here’s to the next 2 years! Cheers!
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  8. Congrats on reaching 2 years, Rob! It’s a big accomplishment for sure. There are so many bloggers that stop at the 6 month to 1 year mark. I’m hoping to see your blog around for years to come man! Keep up the great work.
    Reverse The Crush recently posted…Forward Dividend Income Projection – February 2019My Profile

    • Rob says:

      hey Graham

      yeah its surprising how many ive seen go. I feel the site has helped us out tremendously on multiple fronts, so i dont see us dissapearing any time soon.


  9. You’ve accomplished a tremendous amount in just two years, Rob. Your site stats are impressive, too, which speaks to the effort you’ve put in.
    I enjoy visiting PCI, checking out your posts, and hearing your thoughts and insights.
    I’ll keep stopping by if you keep posting. 😀
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  10. Nice work Rob, just shows how persistence really pays off – and you’re only 2 years in! Much bigger stats coming in the next 2 years I suspect..

    Just keep having fun!

    Cheers, Frankie

  11. Hey Rob,

    Great job on sticking with it over two years.

    I agree that blogging is one of the best ways to be held accountable. When you are putting your real numbers out there for the world to see, you both feel motivated to improve them and also get the benefit of having other people critique/share other points of view.

    Keep up the momentum and I plan on being here for the years to come with you!

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  12. DivvyDad says:

    Congrats on the 2-year blogiversary! I’m way behind in my reading (and posting) but am happy to have found your blog and connected with you here and on Twitter. It’s great seeing the growth you’ve had in stats, and here’s to the next 2 years of continued growth for both the blog and your passive income!

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