January 2019 Passive Income Update

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  1. Way to go Rob, fantastic month!! Good way to kick off 2019.
    Matthew Freeman recently posted…Second Dividend Raise of 2019My Profile

  2. Good month and nice summary Rob. We bottomed out at minus 27 degrees last week and now it’s 50. What kind of electric razor do you recommend? Tom
    Tom @ Dividends Diversify recently posted…Procter and Gamble Stock – 62 Years of Dividend GrowthMy Profile

    • Rob says:

      hey Tom

      thanks man yeah these fluctuations are crazy its plus 12 out right now.

      Ive been using the phillips bodygroom for a couple years now.

      cheers man!

  3. Congrats on the great month PCI! Nearly 40% YOY increase in dividend income is fantastic! Altogether you have a very impressive passive income stream. Keep it up! 🙂
    My Dividend Dynasty recently posted…January 2019 Dividend IncomeMy Profile

  4. Caroline says:

    OMG I am with you on the weather, I am so freaking sick of it. Today it’s drizzling ice! Why I am not on a tropical beach right now????

    Sounds like you guys know how to celebrate, 100 guests for a one year old birthday party! Don’t forget to send an invite next time:)

    Nice January income. I still own Corus Ent. but not sure how much longer I will hold on.

    Caroline recently posted…Final 2018 – Income, Expenses And Goals. Finally!My Profile

    • Rob says:

      haha Yeah its plus 12 out currently… Freezing rain the next 2 days… arg!

      What you didnt get the invite? must of gotten lost in the mail! My wifes family is huge, they know how to party for sure.

      Corus may have another pop next earnings just that radio things set me off.

      cheers Caroline!

  5. German says:

    Loved this progress report! Happy birthday to your little girl! Do you plan to be stay-at-home dad until your seasonal work begins? Gotta love those credit card cash backs. We received $240 and change for the whole year. That took care of our costco trip this week 🙂 Free food!! It’s been very cold in Montreal as well. This year I invested to very warm gloves ($70) and wool socks ($30). They make a big difference surviving the winter. I can actually go out and enjoy the weather now.

    • Rob says:

      hey German thanks

      hmmm with those gloves if you need a balaclava matks has these thermal ones that are so thin for like 30 bucks. sooooo warm!

      yeah cashback cards are sweet! we might get a walmart one for her if they offer more cashback at their stores.

      thanks about the birthday. I worked some odd jobs and applyed a couple places but didnt hear much until the other day.

      When the wife went to work we took our daughter to our babysitter but she said she was too much work and basically denied her at the moment. So we decided that yeah id do the stay at home dad thing until work starts up again. She will be a little older and ill have her on a schedule.

      Definately makes being a salary employee huge when you get all this time off for things like this. Like a teacher but a crappier season to be off!

      cheers man.

  6. Those are some massive dividend increases, congratulations! I love the fact that you guys are able to DRIP shares, I’m so jealous of that. Great report and keep up the good job, and good luck with the cold!


    • Rob says:

      hey dutch

      yeah im a huge fan of drips. it would suck without them. unforetunately Canadians cant do partial drips like the states.

      Still good though!

      Thanks man, it was a nice month for dividend raises for us.

  7. DivHut says:

    Nice update. That income is coming in from a variety of sources. Great job with that year over year gain too. As you said, “we be dripping.” Keep up the good progress and stay warm!
    DivHut recently posted…February 2019 Stock ConsiderationsMy Profile

  8. Congrats on the impressive month. It gets addicting after a while LOL.

    Curious if you are going to write about your thoughts about the cashflow game you bought? You can buy a kids version also. You could get your oldest kid into that game and he can say things like, “Dad, what are you doing? That is not an asset! ”
    Investing Pursuits recently posted…Dividend Income Update – December 2018My Profile

    • Rob says:

      hey pursuit

      thanks man, yeah im addicted to dividends. i got a problem.

      I havent thought of doing a writeup about it, its a good idea though.

      cashflow for kids would be fun, but we havent even played a game of monopoly yet. Hes almost there.

      cheers man!

  9. PCI –

    You… KILLED IT this month. Think about how much you would have to invest to get the new income from the dividend increases alone. So awesome.

  10. Brian says:

    Another fantastic month. Great call on selling out of Cjr in my opinion as more of a value play with shrinking revenues in the future with Disney comes on to compete with Netflix. See you next month

    • Rob says:

      hey Brian

      true true but i think they own the Canadian rights to disney shows. So maybe disney would have to buy that out….

      But yeah im excited for disney either way.

      cheers man!

  11. Divs4Jesus says:

    Great progress PCI! This month last year was my first dividend payment — so at the end of Feb I’ll finally get to see yoy increases — of course being a new portfolio the percentages will be dramatic but it’s good motivation
    Divs4Jesus recently posted…A Recap of Divs4Jesus 2018 Dividend IncomeMy Profile

    • Rob says:

      hey Jesus

      thanks man. Hey you got to start somewhere. Those first yr over yr comparison’s are fun. massive numbers as a percentage.

      keep it up, the snowball grows fast.

  12. Great month and nice dividend increases too!

    Wish we had cashback for our credit cards. The only thing we have here is monthly handling fees!

  13. You have some well diversified income. Great breakdown and thanks for your income insight. Ever consider writing a book? I wrote a small one and see a few dollars from Amazon here and there.
    Frugal Fortunes recently posted…Universal Basic IncomeMy Profile

    • Rob says:

      hey Frugal


      Thanks its nice to be diversified. They say everyone has a book in them, so id be lying if I were to say I havent thought about it.

      Thats awesone about your book, hopefully I can find out more about your book and the process on your site.


  14. DivvyDad says:

    Haha, loved the comment about the mini wedding / birthday for your daughter. Happy belated birthday to her!

    You’ve had a great month, and I really like how you’re shuffling some things up as well. That drop from December to recovery now really shows why it is so important not to try and time the market. Had someone panicked and sold things in December, they likely would have missed most of the recovery in January. It is great to see how those other passive income sources are doing as well. I’m getting close to reaching the threshold for a $500 cash back check from my primary card, and once I get it I am thinking about switching over to the Fidelity card to have those rewards go straight into my brokerage account.

    Love the moves, love the results! Keep crushing it!
    DivvyDad recently posted…Dividend Income Report :: January 2019My Profile

    • Rob says:

      hey dd

      interesting card with fidelity. Would it offer a bigger return or just faster access to capital?

      Yeah birthdays are always fun around here.

      Great point about those market movers. That would be brutal to reenter a month later and eat a huge loss.

      cheers dd

      • DivvyDad says:

        The Fidelity card offers a straight 2% reward on all purchases and can be deposited directly into a Fidelity account; the card I use now is a standard 1% but then offers quarterly incentives where certain categories are 5%. The challenge is that you have to remember to activate the incentive, and some stores don’t count in that category (e.g. buying groceries at Target won’t count as a grocery store purchase).
        DivvyDad recently posted…Dividend Income Report :: January 2019My Profile

        • Rob says:

          cards with those kinda gimmick rewards sound annoying. I dont want to change my spending habits to get a tiny discount.

          sounds like a good move trading cards!

  15. Fantastic start to the new year, Rob. Love the YoY growth rate.
    Those 3 dividend raises were all solid… a nice boost of forward dividend income from just 3 companies. How’d you like to see that every month?
    Looks like you’ve got plans to add some additional U.S. companies to your mix. Your list includes 3 winners. I’ve owned JNJ and PEP for over 2 decades, but MMM for only 1 month. Needless to say, I like them all. Have any price targets established where you might make a purchase splash, or will you just stick to the plan of easing into them over time?
    Congrats on the excellent start to 2019.
    Engineering Dividends recently posted…Monthly Dividend Income (Jan. 2019)My Profile

    • Rob says:

      hey e.d

      man would i ever love to see months like these every month. The compounding would be massive!

      Ill start buying them after march (rrsp deadline for last yr)

      I have some targets set on them (think pep 100 mmm 180 and jnj 120) if they get hit ill deploy money into them no matter what time of the quarter it is.

      If not im planning on buying one at the ex div date. (which ever seems the cheapest at the time) and just slowly build a position.

      In 20 years i doubt id complain about buying them with a p/e ratio slightly over 20.

      Got to factor in this canadian dollar though, hopefully it strengthens a bit.

      cheers man!

  16. wally says:

    Great job Rob! Love seeing the progress. What are some of the other books you have lined up for the year?

    • Rob says:

      hey wally thanks!

      im currently reading jab jab right hook and got 2 others in que chris hogans new one – everyday millionaire and another dividend dad recommended – the compund effect.

      There was a long que for them at our library so dont know when ill get to them though.

      Are you reading anything good?


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