My portfolio’s Diversification Just Improved.

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  1. DivvyDad says:

    Haha, love the reference to Sim City!

    You’ve made some nice moves here, and it is hard to argue with shuffling things around to reduce the exposure. I’m in the same boat with Apple as I bought that many years ago and was the only stock I held for quite some time. As a result it is also far overweight, but I have opted to leave it be for now and focus all of my purchases elsewhere to slowly lower the exposure over time.
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    • Rob says:

      hey dd

      man sim city took alot of my time back in the day… lol.

      I hear ya, but it would of taken a tonne of cash to knock that down.

      time to check your dividend month!

  2. Hey Rob, nice post. I certainly understand your reasoning to reduce your position in Enbridge. I am probably in the same position that you were just in with Enbridge and Inter Pipeline. Either this week or next I will write a post about my portfolio so I will definitely find out. Thanks for sharing.

    • Rob says:

      hey Matt

      Enbridge is a solid company and i loved having them but everytime i looked at my portfolio, i thought dam thats a huge holding… Glad to have things more evenned out across the board.

      Lets see what your up to.

  3. Hey Rob. The new website design is great – really nice. The BPY purchase should be excellent – they are on my watchlist. That company is extremely well-managed and the financials are very strong. Reducing your ENB was a good move. As to Interpipeline, did you give any thought to diversifying out of that sector to replace it? I’ve got a few stocks that are overweight but I’m trying to avoid selling because of the taxes, so I will try to build up other positions instead.

    • Rob says:

      hey Fire

      thanks man, its a litle different but hopefully alot faster.

      Bpy im really happy about.

      Interpipeline seems like a good buy but i dont like how both them and pembina are creating a poly plastic plant at around the same time.

      As for diversifying out of the energy sector? I dont know I really dont have any issues here and have actually debated adding suncor at current levels.

      Why do you ask? The risk associated with energy stocks or the trend to clean energy?

      Thats what stops me and keeps me just in the pipelines. Id love to see electric come faster but i still think we got some years to go.


  4. Great move to diversify your portfolio. IPL and BPY are great businesses. Remember, that BPY owes a luxury resort in the Bahamas. I would buy that stock every month just for that resort. Gotta feel great to have a little portion of the Paradise Island. Anyway, both picks are great and you got them at the great price!
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  5. Hey Rob. I would have expedited the diversification like you, rather than waiting for it to happen organically, especially considering how overweight the ENB position was. Thus, it all made sense to me. 😀
    It certainly sounds like you are more comfortable with the current weightings, and that’s important.
    Wishing you an outstanding year of DGI in 2019!
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    • Rob says:

      hey E.d

      Thanks man, Maybe I should of timed it a little better though.. Enbridge has shot up since new years! Well I guess everything has but enbridge a little faster.
      I feel really good about how it looks now. Maybe eventually get rid of the non dividend growers, but for now Ill keep them.

      All the best in 19 to you as well.

  6. Hey Rob, sounds like a wise move – probably a bit harsh calling it a rookie move letting it get that big! It all depends on what you want your portfolio to look like, and your obviously being mindful of concentration risk which is great. Hope the extra diversification pays off for you in 2019!

    Cheers, Frankie

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