2019 Goals – Get It Done

2019 Goals

Get It Done – My 2019 Goals

2019 Goals – A new year, well actually half way threw the first month of 2019. Time is flying by. It is time to establish our goals for this year. By writing them here it makes me accountable to all of you. This drastically improves my results and even gives me that extra kick in the ass to get it done, if I failed.

In 2018 I did o.k. with my goals. You can see that post right here. There was a lot of room for improvement though, which actually isn’t really a bad thing. Some goals I created a little too general and they were hard to track. While others I can admit I half-assed. ie working out…. Its time to be just a little better and get them done. Well let’s go!

Create A Will

Oh the thing everyone should do, and tells you to do. Ask them if they got one and most respond nope! Well I failed on this goal last year. I kept putting it off. But after reviewing my goals last year I got called out on it. Divy Dad, Tawcan, Greg, German, Steps to Early Retirement and Gym called me out on it. We all need one. It was time to do one.

Well I haven’t done one yet, but we did talk to our lawyer and for me and my wife it will be 600$ for wills and power of attorneys. We know who our kids will go to if we pass away and basically the estate will be divided to them. I wouldn’t mind giving like 20-40k to some charity at our death as well. Me and the wife need to talk a little more, but the lawyer is on vacation until the end of this week anyways.

We plan on getting this done in January. We have put it off long enough and I don’t want you guys telling me to do it again! haha….

Read More Books!

I’ll be honest. Buying books from thrift stores is my retail therapy. (well and buying stocks) My bookcase has a tonne of books I have bought, but yet haven’t read. I tend to read a lot of bloggers, news or get stuck in the social media black hole on my phone. It’s time to cut back on screen time. My goal is to read at least 10 books this year. Just a little over a month to achieve that per book. Bonus points if I read 12 and just hammer one per month.

I’m currently reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s book – crushing it. Absolutely awesome book and hope it improves my social media game. The library just informed me his book – Jab, Jab Right hook is now in stock for me as well. No pressure, but I definitely need to read faster now….

Books Read so far in 2019

  1. Crushing It – Gary Vaynerchuk

Pick Up More Garbage

Pick up garbage? huh? sup with you? It may seem weird but I used to do it. It blows me away that I can be walking my dog in a forest that I rarely see anyone in. Yet there is garbage along the trails… Some of the neighbour’s don’t really keep up with the neighborhood and don’t clean their garbage that fly’s from their garbage or recycling bin. Go to a beach and notice how much plastic is along the shore line… It honestly makes me sick a little.

Anyways a while ago I used to bring a bag with me every time I walked the dog, just for picking up garbage. It is so much nicer seeing a clean neighborhood or walking in nature and not seeing water bottles or wrappers. Id like to point out that if there is a lot of garbage I wont spend hours cleaning it up but maybe pick up the odd piece every 10-20 feet.

This was something I used to feel really good doing, takes no money, makes the world better and can be done by anyone. Bonus if your kids are with you and help or watch you. They will learn to emulate or not pollute.

Me and the misses briefly talked about this, just after new years. We donate to the odd charity and fundraisers. Id like to commit to a certain amount monthly, and set it on auto pilot. The problem I have is how much of my money will actually go to benefit the cause, and not be spend on internal costs. We have thought about the ocean cleanup project or some other charity to support jungles and or animals/birds. etc.

World vision is another option, that would not only benefit the kid/s we are supporting. But we think would also open our kids eyes to how great they really have it……. You don’t want to eat that onion on that pizza? Don’t like that pork chop? Come on!

Increase Our Forward Dividends By $1,100 This Year.

We currently have a $5,412 forward income from dividend’s. By the end of the year I would like that number to be at $6,500. This may seem a little conservative but it also comes with diversification. My lowest 2 sectors Basic Materials and Industrial’s don’t pay out the highest yields. And I would like to pump those 2 sectors back up. Hopefully dividend raises, continue to grow and help us reach our goal.

Finish Our Vegetable Garden

I didn’t finish this project last year because I ran out of patio stones. I get them for free whenever we do a new interlock job at a clients place, so I refuse to buy them. In 2018 I got the whole perimeter setup with raised flower beds and drip lines. We had that all planted up and its great picking your own vegetables. To finish I just need to create a middle raised bed and finish the pathways with patio slabs. Ideally this will be done before planting time May 24 weekend.

Reduce My Screen Time Before Bed.

I have thought about this but saw roadmap to retire had this as one of his goals and it made me want to focus on this more. There are a lot of benefits to not staring at a screen all the time in general, but before bed its huge. Your brain relaxes and makes it a lot easier to sleep that night. I try dimming the screen but I don’t think that really helps. I plan on shutting the phone off and reading for at least a half hour or engage in some other extra curricular activity before bed. =)


Well there ya have it, 7 new objectives in our 2019 goals. As I mentioned above, by making them public and writing them down it motivates me to keep on them. Slowly but surely, things get done and improvement occurs. It doesn’t happen overnight. 2019 will be another great year, full of successes as well as challenges.

What are your goals for 19? Do you donate to any charities already?

26 Responses

  1. Hey Rob,

    All excellent goals I need to do some of these as well for example a Will I have been putting it off as well. I think your goals are all very achievable and I wish you all the best in accomplishing them.

    • Rob says:

      hey Matt

      Thanks man, they will be done. I don’t think you need a will that bad. Your single looking to mingle! With no dependents. Lol. Of course it would make it simpier for your estate though. My kids need me to make a will…


  2. DivvyDad says:

    Great goals Rob, and at first I did do a double take on the pick up garbage goal but that makes a lot of sense and is a great thing to do for the betterment of the community. We had been doing regular contributions to a handful of charities via payroll contributions, however now that I have changed jobs I need to re-create that manually.

    On the screen time, I started doing that last year (although tailed off over the holidays) and it really helps. Reading was usually my go-to as it helps tire me out. As far as reading, I’d like to make a recommendation of The Compound Effect–both because I think it will help towards your reading goal but I think it is also applicable towards some of the other goals.

    While I didn’t include it in my goals, I will state here that I too will adopt the goal of creating a will this year. It is hard to call someone out on it when I haven’t done it myself. 🙂

    • Rob says:

      hey dd

      haha. I hear ya. You didnt exactly call me right out, but pointed out yet again that i need one…

      Thanks for the book recommendation I’ll check it out for sure.

      The garbage one is kinda unique but sometimes i see people doing that on the side of the road and think dam thats awesome of them

      cheers man!

  3. p2035 says:

    Good luck with your plans especialy the garden. Trying to make one at home in apartmant as we havr 3 m2 glassed balcony 🙂 My plan is 20% saving rate, cash accumulation and lose weight. Other goals are more or less technical nature 🙂

  4. Great set of both financial and personal goals! I have set financial goals for myself, but not personal goals… That is something I will have to look into more and set some. Best of luck with your goals for 2019! 🙂

    • Rob says:

      hey dynasty

      Yeah its great to do both. Financially there is only so much you can do. Personal is a huge array of options.

      good luck to you as well


  5. Nice list of goals. I had Make a will as a goal for 2018…perhaps i’ll get it done in 2019…haha

    Regarding the dividend income goal as being conservative..I don’t think so…to achieve an increase of $1100 this year, assuming a 4% yield, that would require an investment of $27,500. If that is conservative…i’d love to see your aggressive goals…haha

    Always good to read more – and do your part to clean up the neighbourhood…good luck! Looking forward to seeing some pics of the garden when it’s done too!

    • Rob says:

      hey Jordan

      haha thanks man. That will is my #1 goal. Hopefully I learn something and can share it with all of you.

      Its true about that dividend goal, hopefully the dividend raises help out quite a bit in that front as well.

      Ill get some pics up once its all done.

      cheers man!

  6. German says:

    Great set of personal goals. I like that you focus more on personal goals rather on financial goals. Once you plan the financial aspect – you’re done, because you’re just executing the plan monthly. But personal goals help you balance out your life for the better.

    • Rob says:

      hey German

      Thanks man, you are right. Finances have almost gotten to be on auto pilot. Things change all the time, but hopefully we can keep the financial side going up.
      There’s only so many goals you can make on that side of the equation.

      Cheers mate!

  7. Nice list of goals, Rob! I want to make a more personalized list of goals for this year too. So far I only have blogging and financial goals set. It’s really cool that you’re including charitable donations as a goal, and I want to focus on reading more this year too. I also want to focus on health and diet. I have not been donating to charities for a year or 2 but I have in the past. I donated to the Children’s Aid Society. Good luck with your goals man!

    • Rob says:

      hey Graham

      Thats a great charity to donate too! Nice work.

      I saw your blogging goals, its a great list. I didnt include any blogging goals this year. Just got to keep doing what im doing and improve along the way.

      Traffic seems to follow. Id love to have more active conversations on the chat though.

      Im almost done my first book it sure feels good to get back into that routine!

      cheers Graham, lets hammer on these goals this yr!

  8. GYM says:

    Am I the only one who noticed this goal:

    “some other extra curricular activity before bed”

    Lol 🙂

    Great list, I’m trying to reduce my total screen time or limit twitter time to 15 minutes a day. My iphone tracks the screen time and Twitter time, does your Android have that setting? I think you have an Android from what I recall

    • Rob says:

      hey Gym

      that is a great goal! The black hole that is social media definately sucks up quite a bit of time.

      I dunno if my phone has that timer/setting. Dont think i wanna start tracking it! lol

      You are the only one who pointed it out. haha, Good for cardio and a great relationship booster!

      cheers gym.

  9. Wally says:

    Love the list of goals Rob and thanks for sharing them with us.

    Any goals in relation to the website? I set a few goals as well on NYE, so I definitely have some work to do! Great way to keep your vision in check.

    I think it will be a great year for the both of us!

    • Rob says:

      hey Wally

      thanks, yeah 2019 should be a great year.

      No this year I didnt set any website goals. The site is doing pretty well, hopefully it keeps its upward trend. But i didnt set any traffic goals or anything.

      cheers Wally!

  10. Hey Rob,
    Very nice list of goals and quite different from other lists. I like that some of them are based on helping others/nature (donate to charities, pick up garbage). It made me feel a little bit selfish 😀 Picking up garbage when running/walking is definitely something I could give a go to. It would be a great example for my growing baby-girl as well.
    I feel you with the book-buying thing. I thought that last year could be the year when I read more books than I bought. Unfortunately, I ended up with reading 12 and buying 15 😀 I set the goal to read 15 books this year 🙂
    Good luck on achieving the goals!

    • Rob says:

      hey Broke

      Thanks. Got to love hearing that. Its nice to be a little different. I think picking up trash is something so simple that everyone can do while out for their walk.

      Theres no question kids start to emulate what we do, so its nice if they are watching what you are doing!

      15 books is a great goal, time to head over and check your other goals.


  11. Divs4Jesus says:

    Hey PCI – I’m hoping to hit around the same increase in dividends from roughly $1200 in 2018 to $2500 in 2019 – I think it’s doable if all goes well. Best of luck on all your goals. I’ll check back to review your progress.

    • Rob says:

      hey Divs

      Welcome man, never seen ya around before
      Seems like a awesome goal, more than doubling your current income. Love it.
      All the best to you as well, Now let’s get this!

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