2019 – A Look Back In The Past


2019 – A Look Back In The Past

2019 is almost over. Another year is passing us by already, time fly’s when your having fun. I hope you all had a wonderful 2019 full of little yodas, ice cream and good times.

Every year I wish I had some kind of post to look back on in the future and see all the growth of a year all summed up in one post. This is it.

2019 Finances

Year End Forward Dividend Total – 5,786.58. A little disappointing as there wasn’t a massive growth rate this year. To many sales in the last 1.5 years for our 2 new cars and then Dream Global Reit just got bought out and I haven’t redeployed the money yet. (this lost about 250.00 to forward income) The cash is sitting idle waiting for a good opportunity to put it to work.

Stocks I bought in 2019
  • Added 136 shares of Interpipeline
  • 107 shares of Dream Global Reit
  • 245 Shares of Brookfield Property Partners
  • 43 shares of BNS
  • 12 shares of 3m
  • 86 shares of bce
  • 15 shares of Abbvie
  • 26 shares of Nutrien
  • 11 shares of Disney

All together these purchases did add $1,435.46 to our forward income. This would be fantastic but unfortunately we also made quite a few sales to pay cash for our car in 2019. People debated if this was a smart move, but I prefer that versus a 6-8% line of credit. We also sold some stocks to re-allocate the portfolio and remove some of the non dgi stocks.

Stocks I sold in 2019
  • 146 shares of Enbridge (just wanted to lower their overall % in the portfolio. It used to be 11%)
  • All our Corus Entertainment shares (I forget the amount we had and didn’t record it, sold right before the dividend cut)
  • 32 shares of sienna senior (wanted a better dgi healthcare stock)
  • 150 shares of Highliner (sold before the dividend cut – things didn’t look good.)
  • Took a nice profit in Russel Metals and sold our position. (No dividend growth)
  • Sold our shaw position (no dividend growth)

Altogether these moves lost $939.05 in forward income. While more than half of the funds were allocated back to the portfolio we lost nearly 450.00 just from the sales for the car.

No question all these sales are not good for the long term growth of the portfolio and looking back sucks……. But moving forward me and the wife both bought a new car in the last yr and a half, so this shouldn’t happen again for a long time.

I also sold 2 stocks that were about to cut their dividend. (and did after) Little learning lessons we learn along the way, stick to the blue chip – wide moat companies!

Looking at things now I really like the looks of the portfolio and don’t see many stocks I’d consider selling. Extendicare may be the standout, but I love the space. Just hate the lack of dividend growth.

Dividend Raises
  1. Canadian Utilities raised their dividend by %7.5
  2. Restaurant Brands International kept it going by boosting theirs by %11.11
  3. CNR came through with a massive 18% dividend raise
  4. Brookfield Property Partners (BPY.UN) – Raised their dividend by 4.8%
  5. Brookfield Renewable (BEP.UN) – Raised theirs 5.1%
  6. Cisco (CSCO) – Boosted their dividend by 6%
  7. Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) Raised theirs 5.79%
  8. Td Bank (TD) increased their dividend 10.44%
  9. Transcontinental (TCL.A) – Bumped up theirs 4.8%
  10. Proctor and Gamble raised their dividend by 4%
  11. IBM raised their dividend by 3.2%
  12. Telus raised their dividend %6.81
  13. Algonquin Power bumped theirs %10
  14. BMO added 5.9%
  15. National Bank raised theirs %9.01
  16. Emera raised their dividend 4.3%
  17. Abbvie raised theirs 10.3%
  18. Enbridge came through as stated, raising their dividend 9.8%

We added $274.08 in forward income this year from dividend raises alone.

Fantastic stuff. If you were to invest new money to get that you would need roughly $6,750 invested at 4% to get that. That’s the power of dividend growth investing!

Considering our year end total for forward dividends is 5,786.58 we achieved a overall dividend growth rate of 4.73% this year. We currently have 28 different stocks in the portfolio, so 10 didn’t raise their dividend this year. (Some did, but I bought them after the raise) This clearly has a impact on that percentage. Room for improvement in that department.


Ahhh drips. The simplest way of investing. I love my drips. Don’t know what they are? Read more about them here.

As the portfolio grows the amount of dripped stocks should increase and the magic that is compounding really starts to grow those numbers. These are the stocks we dripped in 2019.

  1. Dream Global Reit x9
  2. Telus x4
  3. Transcontinental x 4
  4. Td bank x 4
  5. Bank of Nova Scotia x3
  6. Shaw x 4
  7. Riocan x 12
  8. Extendicare x23
  9. Algonquin Power x8
  10. Emera x4
  11. General Mills x4
  12. Canadian utilities x8
  13. Interpipeline x10
  14. Brookfield Renewable x6
  15. Brookfield Property Partners x14
  16. Enbridge x9

Altogether we dripped 126 various shares. Our drips added $184.94 to our forward income this year. I did nothing but choose to reinvest versus taking the money. I look forward to watching this list grow each year moving forward.


One of my goals this year was to give more. I feel really fortunate to be where we are today and encourage everyone who is financially fit to give back in some way or another.

In April we committed to giving 50$ a month to the nature Conservatory of Canada. It comes right off our credit card, so we don’t even notice it. Getting their mail and email’s is an incredible feeling. Your money is truly making a difference to the world.

Altogether we donated $450 to them this year and 100$ to Movember. We will discuss what we will do next year, maybe increase these numbers.


I’m not going to get into all my goals for the year. Generally speaking I have been updating them every month in our passive income updates.

Altogether we increased our forward dividend income by 955.43 in 2019. Not bad, not bad at all. I hate looking at all these sales, ultimately you don’t want to keep playing with your portfolio. Set it and forget it!

In March I did a post called Dividend Growth Investing – Looking 30 years into the future. I tried to project where the portfolio would be and did 2 charts based on a 5% dividend growth rate and a 8% one. This post opens my eyes as we are behind where I wanted to be. (although I didn’t know we would be buying another car lol…) But it also shows that our overall dividend growth is even lower than the 5% which I thought was conservative.

There’s still some work to be done moving forward….. and you know what, that’s alright. We are still early into our investing journey and have lots of time on our side. I’ll focus on higher dividend growth rates moving forward and possibly eliminate the stagnant dividend payers.

2020 is going to be another fantastic year on all fronts. I wish you all a wonderful new years night. Don’t drink and drive.

Cheers to 2020! Thanks to you all for the support and motivation in 2019.

How was your 2019? Did you achieve the results you set out at the beginning of the year?

13 Responses

  1. That is some impressive growth even after the sales and purchasing of the 2 cars. Gotta love those dividend raises, which are easier to come by compared to receiving raises from an employer.

    Keep it up!

    • Rob says:

      hey Pursuit

      thanks, while its disappointing seeing all the sales the progress and writing down all those raises sure puts a smile on my face.

      Wish you all the best in 2020!

  2. Brian says:

    Very impressive year. I love seeing the dividend raises and how much it adds to next year with the reference to over $6,000. Keep it up and have a great 2020

    • Rob says:

      hey Thanks Brian

      For sure writing down all those raises in one place is pretty cool, and kind of highlights which companies I should keep on focusing on.
      cheers man

  3. Great job Rob, lots of buys and sells. I just went through my transactions and I had far to many sells as well hopefully we don’t sell as many stocks in 2020. Love seeing those dividend increases for you all those raises without having to work for them. Can’t wait to follow your investing journey in 2020.

    • Rob says:

      hey Matt

      same to you man, the journey has been a fun one. There should definitely be less sales (if any) Ill just focus on the companies that did give us a raise!
      haha cheers man

  4. Happy New Year Rob! I was also holding into Dream Global Reit and replaced it with RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust. Nice organic growth, thanks to DRIP and dividend hikes.

    • Rob says:

      hey income

      Thanks same to you. House full of sick kids and I’m getting something, so we just stayed in this year. pretty boring night to say the least. woot! haha

      True organic growth lead the way, proving how good dgi works. I keep debating my riocan position. Great company and solid but really lack of dividend growth starts to make me wonder if the money would be better off somewhere else.

      Keeping it for now, but if o or something along that line drops. I may transfer it.

      Anyways keep it up, you guys are killing it.

  5. John says:

    Hey Rob,

    Congrats on those nice investment numbers and DRIPs. Gotta love adding shares like BPY that pay you 7% (plus a coming 2020 raise!) to wait for their assets to come back into favour. Curious what your total return numbers look like?

    Happy 2020!


    • Rob says:

      hey John

      Thanks man, yeah love bpy at these levels.

      At the start of the month rbc always re tabulates our total returns, so Ill know for sure in the next couple days.
      All the best in 2020!
      cheers John

  6. Hey Rob
    I wish you a fantastic NEW YEAR!
    2019 was really amazing and we are looking forward to forther growth and progress! I like the positions you bought in 2019, particularily Disney and 3M and you have many very strong dividend grower in your portfolio, you will see a very nice boost to your passive income.
    Keep it up and all the best!
    Financial Shaper

    • Rob says:

      hey Shape

      Thanks alot, I love those ones as well. (although dis didnt raise that dividend! arg haha)
      2020 should be another great year, cheers!

    • Rob says:

      btw I cant comment on your site, It wont let me click that box and requires it to be clicked to comment. great yr for you though, keep it up

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