Pipelines – A new Position

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  1. David says:

    Nice! I had an order placed towards my son’s RESP at $21 for 50 shares which covers the remainder of cash perfectly on his account. That order has been sitting there since the beginning of the month when I first noticed that last drop. It hasn’t reached 21 again but it might being the direction it’s currently heading at the moment. I don’t want to add any more funds yet until the New Year due to the gov’t grant.

    • Rob says:

      hey David

      Nice man. Yeah your right it does seem to be sitting sideways or slowly moving down.

      That would be welcomed by me since i would like to basically double this buy to get that drip!

      Got to love that grant $

      cheers man

  2. PCI –

    Congrats on making a movie and glad they have a track record for growth with free cash flow to spare. Enjoy them divvies!


    • Rob says:

      hey Lanny

      No movie yet, but im guessing you meant a move.
      Thanks, got to be happy buying a great stock and raising the dividend bar.
      cheers mate!

  3. Hi Rob, it is very nice yield. Looking at their three months ended September 30 report it is not clear to me how payout ratio is 54.5%? Net income per share is 0.44 and dividend is 0.42, it is not 54.5% they mentioned in the report. These days oil related assets scare me a bit. Thank you for sharing.

    • Rob says:

      hey income.

      Yeah that was something that threw me off as well, but if you look at their funds from operations its under 60%. While its a little high, its maintainable and even going up. Hopefully the next report brings these numbers down.

      Oil does seem to be down and out this year, all the pipes have gotten beaten down. But they arent building anymore of them, well rarely. Thats good news for existing pipes.


  4. May says:

    My IPL is almost 10% underwater now. Maybe considering to add some position and average down? I am a little bit worried about its high debt with interest rate rising.

    Meanwhile, added 400 shares of BPY.UN at @23.12 to average down the cost. My existing BPY.UN shares are in deep water.

    • Rob says:

      wow nice purchase!

      I keep debating starting a position in Bpy. they have came down quite a bit. If i do go with a reit artis looks really good though after that dividend cut. Really low payout ratio now and that price is 2/3rds of what it was. still a 5.6% yield.

      Sucks about ipl but im underwater now too. I want to add more so its not all that bad atm.

      Debts always a concern but i dont think that interest rate is going to go up fast. (if at all this dec)

      cheers May!

      • May says:

        One reason I bought BPY.UN is its dividend is in USD. Want to build a US dividend income stream from Canadian dividend stocks.

        • Rob says:

          hmmm interesting… in a rrsp?

          Is this just to take advantage of the usd price compared to cdn dollar or you buying us stocks with the money?

          • May says:

            In a non-registered account. I am buying using cdn dollars then journal over to usd account so that I can get dividend in usd.

  5. Certainly a nice buy, Rob. Eventually it will be a new position for me too. I like the fact that they are building Heartland complex to make high quality plastic. Plastic products are here to stay long term. So it’s a good move by them to diversify their business.
    German Korb recently posted…Portfolio Value Update – November 2018My Profile

    • Rob says:

      hey German

      thanks! Yeah seems like a good move.

      Plastic will be around for awhile but i do hope with weed legalized we start using hemp alternatives. It would be alot better for the environment.

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