Invest In The Future You Want. (New Buy)

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  1. Haha when I started reading that article, I was wondering where this was going. Brookfield group of companies are a great investment for a long term. I was recently watching a talk by Bruce Flatt and like the way he thinks about real assets — which will provide good long term appreciation and steady income flow. I dont own BEP stock, but own BIP and BAM.

    Congrats on the purchase.


    • Rob says:

      hey Road!

      Thanks for commenting. Yeah think I went on a little rant there, but it was related at least. Bam and bip are great stocks as well. One day I want to add BIP. As much as I like Bam, the Canadian banks hold down my financial sector at the moment!

      cheers man

  2. DivvyDad says:

    I do like Brookfield, however I’ve made a decision to avoid limited partnerships (at least for the time being) because of the tax implications with the K-1 requirements. I’m trying to keep my tax situation as straight-forward as possible.

    Are those treated the same in Canada?
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    • Rob says:

      hey Dd

      Great points. That is a huge factor investing. Luckily for us the TFSA is a tax free account. Since the money we put in is already taxed every cent of gains made in that account is tax free. Of course there are some rules and us stocks get a 15% withholding tax on dividends but Canadian stuff, 100% tax free.
      Cheers mate!

  3. Very nice purchase! Brookfield is a solid company with many great assets. I like the renewables, infrastructure, and properties. I’m looking into buying their infrastructure segment because they bought the company Enerace. So for me to get Enercare exposure, I would need to buy BIP. I already own BPY but will eventually own all their businesses. Its just world class. I enjoyed reading your post about the clean energy. Did now expect you to write about suncor at the end. Suncor is dirty gold ๐Ÿ™‚
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    • Rob says:

      haha German

      So true! I’m torn about suncor, but feel its probably a great dividend investment for at least another 10 years.
      BIP buying enercare was a smart move and just keeps their cash flow piling in. Like I said to Road, one day Ill start a position in them.

      Glad you enjoyed the post/rant
      cheers German!

  4. Don’t know too much about the company but sounds like it is a solid choice from your post. Nice yield too. Hope it pays off nicely for you!
    Dividend Daze recently posted…Dividend Update โ€“ October 2018My Profile

  5. The CFO says:

    I personally liked the rant part ๐Ÿ™‚ So much we can do to play our part and I like the angle on clean energy investing!

    • Rob says:

      Hey Chief

      Thanks for stopping by, love a new face around here!
      I’m glad you did, I’m sure some people didn’t. Clean Energy Investing maybe the simplest way we as a average investor can guide the industry. I enjoy investing in it.
      Cheers Chief

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