Sold a Bunch of Stocks, Got a Car.

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  1. Charles says:


    I know it hurts to part ways with investments that are rewarding you but having an unreliable vehicle is much too stressful. Sometimes dollars and cents are not the be all/end all.

    As for a CAA membership…I swear by it. I have had one since I bought my first car around 1981 – 1982. You may not require road side assistance that often but when you really need it you are certainly grateful to have it. CAA is also a great place to get information if you are planning a road trip.

    Hope you at least bought your Dad whatever he wanted to eat from Tim’s.

    • Rob says:

      hey Charles

      Definately! That is so true we save for financial freedom so when we need it we have it.

      As for caa i always thought it was a waste of money but after this issue it paid dividends!
      It was sooòo nice to have. I will definately be renewing from now on!


  2. With kids you definitely have to have a reliable vehicle.
    You need to have a reliable and newer vehicle with young kids.

    I have an emergency fund through Tangerine. It is not as big as before. Also, I have one ETF that yields between 6 to 8 percent that is around $3000 market value.

    I had CAA premium membership before and it definitely lowered the stress level.

  3. PCI –

    Damn… so sorry to hear about this. Understand you don’t want to borrow, but wouldn’t the rates be fairly low, potentially? Agh, you know me – just hate seeing that dividend income go down, which I am sure you do, as well. Will you face any tfsa penalties at all? Thought to ask. Glad you and your family are safe, and hopefully you can rack up another 150k km’s on that new ride of yours!


    • Rob says:

      hey Lanny

      Finance rates would of probably been around 5% if i applied for them but then i got another monthly bill…. Dont want that.

      Sucks to see the forward income go down but its all good long term.

      I hope it lasts that long as well
      cheers man!

  4. Rob,

    sorry about all the mess you had to go through. I would do the exact same thing. The stocks are expensive now so I would sell some of it to buy a newer car. I’m done with monthly car payments 10 years ago and never looked back. I still drive my 14 yo civic that I bought brand new (big mistake, but i was young and stupid), but the car served me for 14 years and still does. So the 20K that I spent on a new car already span out for 14 years. I don’t know how much longer I’ll able to drive this car, but I already put aside 10K cash just in case I need to buy another car, so I won’t need the loan or sell stocks. The good thing about TFSA, when you take some money out, you can put back next year. So you just increased your contribution room for next year. WIN-WIN bro! No worries!!

    • Rob says:

      hey German

      so true, got to love the tfsa account!

      Our other car is a 2006 civic. Best car ever 330,000 clicks on it and only had issues with the air conditioner. Once we replace that there is no question it will be another Civic!

      thanks for the other comment too. So far we love it just got to figure out how to get my podcasts app linked up.

      cheers man

  5. And by the way, the car look very nice and you deserve the upgrade!

  6. I have 3-4 problems on my car. Its a 2003 Camry with 142k miles on it. I think I can squeeze a few more miles out of it. But, in the meantime I am also looking for a new “used” car. My biggest worry is safety … especially with kids.
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  7. GYM says:

    Man what a big headache you had to go through! It’s good that your problem got fixed very quickly though. And the CAA membership! What a good purchase!!!
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    • Rob says:

      hey hey hey

      That caa membership was definately a life saver! Life works in weird ways…. Everything came together perfectly. It was probably a sign to get that new car!


  8. MrSLM says:

    Completely understandable, been thinking of getting a new car myself. Driving around in a used suv with some pretty crazy mileage on it, I feel your pain. Stalled out on the highway earlier this year.
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    • Rob says:

      hey Mr

      Thats the luckiest part of the whole story. We didnt stall out right along the shoulder of the highway. That would be beyond scary with the kiddos!

      The way you guys are going financially, you easily could upgrade your car. Would be only a couple months of dividends to pay it off! haha


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