Can Hoarding Give The Best Return On Investment?

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  1. Great post (aside from making us picture you in the shower :P)

    I tend to buy multiples of certain things when they are on sale – basically things that i KNOW we will use – and things that don’t expire. I don’t take it to the hoarding extreme….but I usually have a couple extra sticks of deodorant, 5-10 boxes of juice in the pantry, a few tubes of toothpaste etc…
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    • Rob says:

      Hey Jordan

      Thanks, I guess.. My shower body is actually pretty nice and the dove creates a nice lather. It really brings out my eyes?

      Nice that you have been doing this as well. Deoderant I always have been doing as well. Got to keep a stockpile of that.

      Ive never done the juice thing. Got to start stockpiling.


    • Wally says:

      I do the same! If it’s on sale and I know I’ll use it, I’ll stock up! As long as I don’t go through it quicker because I know I have more, then we are all good, I think.

  2. I’m absolutely a huge fan of stocking up on items we know we will keep using for years. I probably get more excited when I see 50% off paper towel (staple item with kids!) than when I find an awesome stock investment! It’s guaranteed returns!
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  3. Rob, I’m guilty of over buying when consumable stuff is on sale at WalMart. It’s a balance. You don’t want to tie up to much cash in inventory. I think they call it optimizing the economic order quantity in supply chain management. Whatever that means? 🙂 Tom
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  4. Pellrider says:

    I love sales too. But, will avoid the buy two get one half off things though. I love having enough shampoo, soap and paper towels in my house. I buy Colgate more than two when I see them on sale. Tuna and sardines are nice to have too.

  5. Getting items in bulk does reduce cost. We do most of our shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc. But, we don’t get things just because they are on sale. Even if it means buy one get one free 🙂
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